Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update : Vibhutis show shuts down


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu ironing Anitas saree says this women troubles me a lot, its my bad karma biting me i have to suffer, Anu calls Vibhu and asks what are you doing, Vibhu says ironing your saree, Anu says look i told you saree will dry, Vibhu says i really worked hard to dry your saree, Anu says its just a saree, and do video call me later when saree is ironed bye. Helan says this lady doesn’t leave you alone for a minute, Vibhu says did you leave dad alone, Helan says he left me alone, Vibhu says because even you didnt gave him space like Anu does, i love my daddy, Helan says where was he when you were to marry i paid, Vibhu says that was your responsibility you didn’t do anything out of the world, Helan says and doesn’t a son have any responsibility, Helan and Vibhu argue, Helan gets angry and leave.

Tiwari walks to Tilu at stall and asks is all good, Tilu says around 1500-2000 daily, Tiwari says this is less, Tilu says its just two days calm down, Tiwari says first media people are behind me dont irritate me, people start protesting in front of stall, Tilu slowly sneaks out and joins protestors, Tiwari asks why are you joining them, Tilu says i dont want to get beaten up, Master calls Tiwari a terrorist fir supporting Enemy country.

Vibhu drinking abd practing his debate, Prem walks to him says we dont want to be high on TRP keep that in mind.

Vibhus show begins, everyone at thei houses, watching it in television, Master Prem and Gupta in panel, Vibhu says he is ubder pressure from celebraties, Ministers. Vibhu says breaking news is Saxena had called and there were fresh activities from ground zero let’s see what Saxena says. Vibhu asks Saxena what is the situation, Saxena says its foggy today, normally i take 2 shocks but in cold weathers i take 6 shocks, Vibhu says tell me about activities on ground zero, camera man shows twi women, Adil camera man gets diverted by girls, Saxena asks him to focus and shows a pot whole filled with water, Saxena says theres tunnel digging started from here and the other end is at neighbour country president’s channel, a man walks to Saxena and addressing him and Vibhu says minister has asked to shut the channel as soon as possible and Saxena is taken away to mental hospital.
Vibhus sound goes away and his channel shut.

Tiwari drinking, Angoori says eat something stop drinking, Tiwari says here you have some, Angoori says you are drunk its against my religion, Tiwari says you are acting as if i have COVID19, Angoori says till when will thiss virus trouble us, but one day it will go, this alcohol kills families, so leave it, Tiwari says you are right, today its my last day of drinking, Angoori says i hear it 7-8 times a day. Vibhu walks to them, Tiwari greets him, Angoori ignores him, Vibhu apologize to them, Tiwari says so am I, both in way of apologizing to eachother start insulting each other and get in argument. Angoori says god these two are so confusing.

Anu gives Vibhu a call. Anu asks what did you do with saree, Vibhu says saree is ready, Anu asks what is this design, anyways cut this saree pieces, we will use it as soare clothes for cleaning, go ahead quickly. Vibhu says this is my karma.

Angoori cooking, Tiwari says this aroma pulled me close to you, Angoori says cooking bhindi fry, Tiwari says fried foof isnt good for me, Angoori says its cooked in mustard oil, from Bail Kohlu and has lot of nutritions. Tiwari says you are so intelligent.

Pre cap: Tiwari says to Gupta and Saxena that he is ready to give 51000 but I will shoot Ravan and will be featured in newspaper. Vibhu says I will give 52000, Angoori says then the right to shoot Ravan will be yours.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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