Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update : Model colony gets into their respective role plays.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says scolds Vibhu and says you unemployed,Vibhu says look you cant call me that,tiwari says i will,vibhu says then i shall get pandit ramphals topic. Teeka tilu malkan in their respective costumes walk, Malkan says you look so like ravan,teeka says im Apsara,tiwari says dance a bit for us,vibhu sees foreigner and saxena and starts acting, Tiwari joins him,and insults him by calling unemployed and get in argument. Angoori in character asks them to calm down, vibhu says bhabhi mandodhari i love you, Tiwari asks what nonsense is this,vibhu says its contemporary can do anything,saxena walks to them and praises them.

Hapu in police station in his costume, commissioner walks in and asks who this is and where is hapu,hapu says here i am, and says i can explain and tells why he is

dressed this way.comissioner says go join a drama company, hapu says i always wanted to but my father forced me to join police force. commissioner says anyways this is Mr Arora a very honest bima agent note his FIR im leaving.

Tiwari in pain due to carrying 9 heads and says i have to do this of i want to go london and then calls Angoori and asks for tea,she gets 10 cups, Tiwari asks why,Angoori says you have 10 heads now,tilu walks in and says theres bad news,shop caught fire, Tiwari asks how did this happen, tilu says i was going to sleep and then went to play cards with teeka and malkan, and lights went off and then i light up a lamp and the shop cuaght fire when i droped oil by mistake, Tiwari gets angry, angoori says calm down,go see insurance agent asap.

vibhu restless due to gas,Arora asks him for address, Vibhu says i have seen you somewhere,he says but i have never,Tiwari walks and says I’m ravan the king of lanka,Vibhu says why are you so loud keep quite, Tiwari says stay in your limits,Arora says you mad people, Tiwari and vibhu get mad and slap him.Arora gets angry and leaves.

Gulfamkali in her costume performing in bar, prem as ahiravan says very hot, boys say now we will have your performance in London,saxena and foreigner walk in, hapu says what a timing see we were practising, saxena says very good and remember not to loose your character.

tiwari says i shoudnt have accepted this role,let me take this off,angoori says dont,tiwari says how will i sleep with this,Angoori says think about London and relax, we will have fun in London,saxena and foreigner peep in,saxena says look they are so in character, they are so good,Angoori and Tiwari practice a piece.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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