Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhuti treats Tiwari like dog.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu asks Hypnotised Angoori to look at him and say i love you,She does so, Vibhu says i swear i will die, and i love this pendant and the person who made it, Angoori asks any more orders,Vibhu says blush as if you saw your dream man,Angoori does so, Vibhu says okay now say it was mistake to marry Tiwari, and you wish you would have met me before,Angoori does so, Vibhu enjoys it and sings for her, Prem walks in and shooks Vibhu, Vibhu asks what are you doing here, Prem says my pendulum, for my wife i want to control her, vibhu says shame on you, Prem says you fool don’t tell me what to do, Vibhu says okay wait and calls Tiwari and says let’s have a drink prem is here,Prem asks drinks at this hour, Vibhu says cmon there’s no time to drink.

Tiwari walks in and starts hitting prem, Prem runs out, Vibhuti says im impressed and you are Tommy from today and treats him like a dog.Tilu walks to Tiwari and Angoori, and aska for salary, Angoori says leave he will hit you again, Tilu says I’m very hungry, Angoori says he said not to give you, Tiwari says shut up and treats Tilu with respect and serves food, Angoori gets very impressed, Tiwari shares plate with Tilu,and feeds him, Tilu in shock, Tiwari hands him 5000₹, Tilu says all this money in one go, Tiwari says never mind you can go if you are done, Angoori very impressed.

Boys at Police station, Hapu walks to them, Malkan says here’s sweets for our first report bulletin, Hapu slaps them, Teeka asks why angry, Hapu says why didnt you stop,Teeka asks when did you ask to, hapu says i did sign,Teeka says we didn’t get it, Gulfamkali walks in, Hapu asks how come, Hapu says i did go, investigation is going on, Tiwari is little scared and so will take time, Gulfamkali says okay dont bother come till you find my bracelet.

Angoori walks in Mishra house, Vibhu insults tiwari again, Angoori says actually i went to Tiwari spoke few romantic talks but he said go to vibhu,Vibhu says then do what he says, Angoori says quite i can do only woth Tiwari, a woman can be romantic only with wife, first I’m upset but look at you, he even denied for fare, Vibhuti says come with me,tiwari will be jealous,Angoori says good idea, Vibhu says wear yellow saree, Angoori says no no he gifted me new saree i will wear that,vibhu says anything i will get scooty, angoori says no no we will go with pelu,vibhu says okay, but dont have food, we will have it there,Angoori says nothing necessary we will just jave ice cream and one request lets ride in giant wheel, Vibhu says sure and will you have tea, Angoori says sure add ginger

Master taking tutions at Tiwari house, Hapu walks in, and calls Tiwari, Tiwari walks out,Hapu says with full respect i would convey I have no wish to fight abd request you to return Gulfamkali bracelet, Tiwari starts hitting him again,Malkan and Teeka start recording again.Vibhu enjoys it from his balcony.

Tiwari leaves, Teeka addresses his audience and says we begin here a new pooling where you vote how badly was Hapu beaten by Tiwari,it will be a contest.

.pre cap : Tiwari troubling Angoori and she shouting fir help, Vibhu gets in and sees Tiwari about to stab her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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