Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update angoori fooled

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Happu covered himself in blanket eyeing on raw mango,tikka tilu Malkhan begins him,tilu says now we will find who he is and hits him with stone,Happu says hitting on duty officer,master walks out and asks what’s going on here,everyone makes excuse,master says I very well know why you guys are here no one gets this mango and dare you eye on it get out.

Anu says Tiwari why did you fight with him,Tiwari says I can give life it’s just a mango,anu says that’s so sweet of you,now go take rest,Tiwari says I’m fresh,Anu says angoori must be waiting and laddu must be waiting for studies,Tiwari makes excuses,anu asks why are you making excuses,Tiwari says I wanna have mangoes with you so cmon let’s have them,anu says not now,tonight I will immerse them in water then I shall have mangoes.

The person calls boss and speaks in code language and leaves.anu on call with Meenal and says what affair,vibhu says if anu doesn’t sleep how will I take bhabhiji to have mango,vibhu goes and cuts the call and says baby why aren’t you sleeping,anu says you cut my call and what’s wrong with you,vibhu says I’m worried you may have dark circles,Anu says I’m not sleepy,vibhu what can I do to make you feel sleepy,anu says there are mangoes in kitchen go get them let’s have them,Vibhu says I can’t I have gas problem,anu says okay you go stroll around and then come to bedroom.vibhu leaves.

Malkhan at masters house and says it’s the right time let’s have the mango and touches the tree and gets shock,master comes out and says I knew it,get out now.
Tiwari asleep,angoori waiting for vibhu and says how long should I wait for him I’m sleepy,vibhu at window and says it’s so sweet she is waiting for me and calls her,angoori says oh you here,vibhu says slow he will wake up,angoori says no he won’t I made him food full of ghee,he had it and so he won’t wake up,vibhu says why are you so decked up,angoori says because amaji says you should dress well while visiting temple.

Anu waiting for vibhu and thinks where is he,I’m thirsty too,I have to go kitchen and have water in anu kitchen she hears him talk and gets him and says you are the same person fighting with me you are here to steal my mangoes,he says madam I’m not thief,anu says let me hand you to police and starts hiting him,he jumps out of window and gets into tiwaris bedroom through the window,anu follows him.

The man sleeps beside Tiwari,anu Wakes Tiwari,Tiwari asla you here in my bedroom at this hour,anu says wake up there’s thief in your house the same person who fought with us in market,tiwari says cmon tell me the truth why you here,anu says wake up,Anu looks at the shoes and asks angoori sleeps with shoes on and that to gents,Tiwari removes blanket and finds the man lying beside him.

Anu starts hiting him but he jumps off the window again,Anu says why is he behind mangoes and where is angoori,Tiwari and anu start looking for angoori.

Vibhu says look at this tree,and it’s said when you come here in couple are wishes come true,angoori says but we aren’t here in couple,vibhu says doesn’t matter,angoori closes eyes and prays,prem dressed as mango comes and stands in front of them,angoori says he looks like prem,vibhu says don’t focus on that pray now,angoori says just kee your blessings on me and my husband.

Prem says bhabhiji,angoori says why is his calling me bhabhiji,vibhu says he is god right and he is just creating relationships with you,prem says you are always blessed,just dance for me and I will be happy,angoori says but I remember no song now,prem plays a item number,angoori says this isn’t any worship song,vibhu says don’t focus on that remember you shakily worship by heart and go ahead.

Vibhu says bhabhiji dance or he will get angry,angoori says no no I don’t want that and starts dancing and Vibhu has fun.

Pre cap: vibhu says bhabhiji here I got mango for you.
Anu and Tiwari together,boss comes there and says one of the mangoes in the box has diamonds.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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