Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,amaji asks anita to come and leaves while anita asks what kind of smell is this and vibhuti says tat I have kept dal to cook and he goes inside. The baby program shower has started and saxena comes and congratulates anguri and tiwari asks saxena where is gift and saxena says wat is there in a gift like for example amaji is wearing so much gold but if she dies now there is no use of the gold she is wearing and amaji gets so angry tat she slaps saxena and he then sits aside and comes tilu and gives a lolly pop to anguri and she asks wat is this and he says tat it is for ur baby and tiwari says tat tats in the stomach and tilu says tat u eat the baby will get it and amaji asks hw r u tilu and he says tat hw I will be ok as I don’t get salary and tiwari says y u always talk about salary and tilu says co everything will get ok only after I get salary and I wish a baby boy borns at ur place so tat u will give me salary in that happiness
Then comes anita and vibhuti and tiwari welcomes them and anita wishes anguri and gives her a gift and then she asks vibhuti to go and wish anguri he goes and whispers I said to u don’t do this and anguri asks loudly wat u said and he says congratulations and goes and sit and then tiwari asks saxena to start singing and saxena starts singing songs and then tiwari joins and he starts praising anita and tease vibhuti and he gets so upset tat he leaves and goes and stands outside anguris house tika and his friend comes and they say tat they are going to have some drinks can u lend some money and tikas friend says vibhuti is himself unemployed wat money will he give us and vibhuti gets more angry and hits both of them badly and leaves and then tika nad his friend after getting hit get up and leave.
Next day vibhuti goes to tea stall to have tea and he talks on phone with his friend santoshi regarding changing the hose and vibhuti says tat it is ok inkhidwahi nagar and even if the rent is more as when anguri will have baby she will ask me to look after baby and cook food for tiwari he cant see this and asks santoshi to tell him soon all this and hungs and there comes tiwari and he hears tat vibhuti is leaving house and asks him y and he says tats none of ur business and tiwari asks have u asked anita and vibhuti says tat I will take decision and let anita know tiwari says u cant do this and vibhuti says u r interfering in personal matters and tiwari says now anguri will need more help in these days vibhuti says then u have amaji at home and tiwari says tat she is an elder person and if u wana leave u go anita will not go and tiwari leaves and vibhuti shouts wat did u say as he didn’t hear him properly.
Anguri comes to anita and tells tat actually she is not pregnant she vomited as she ate stale rice and amaji thought tat she is pregnant but in real she is not pregnant and I saw amaji happy so I didn’t tell her the truth and anita says this is not fair if u cant I will tell her the truth and anita goes and she tells truth to amaji and amaji gets and heart attack and dies and anguri wakes as this was dream and runs shouting amaji and tiwari calms her down and anguri then tells tiwari truth tat she is not pregnant and she lied because she could not tell truth to amaji as she is weak at her heart and tiwari says ok but some how we have to manage and tell her the truth and amaji hers this from behind and tiwari says pls don’t hit me as it was not my mistake and then amaji says to anguri tat u lied because u could not see me upset wat if u r not pregnant now u wil get some other day but I love u so much and it is ok .
While at anitas place vibhuti is sitting with inspector where he gives him 20,000 rs as advance for the new house and the inspector says tat this is very less and anita hears it and asks wat is this going on and vibhuti tells tat we are shifting from this house and anita asks y didn’t u ask me and some days ago u loved this house this area and the people here and vibhuti says it was few days ago not now and tiwari comes in and says tat he has a bad news and anita says tat wat are u going to tell tat anguri is not preganant and vibhuti gets very happy and anita looks at him surprised.

Anguri tells tiwari tat the season of mangoes has arrived and she is very eager to eat mangoes and tiwari says tat ya he remembers once u ate amas cheeks considering it as mango she has marks on her cheeks and then anguri is seen giving hot milk to tilu but tiwari stops him and scolds anguri tat y does she serves other people and tilu then plays a trick and asks time to tiwari while he tilt his glass and gets all milk in another glass and drinks it while tiwari looks in a surprise.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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