Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhuti turns classical singer

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu hears vibhu singing, Anu mesmerized, Anu says vibhu you are fabulous, vibhu says im trained baby, Anu says you never told me,vibhu says remember our annual meet,i was performing classical and you were the one hooting the most, Anu says see Vibhu you are a trained singer teach me please,i will sing with you,Vibhu says im busy, Anu asks whats work, Vibhu says whole of household.

Anu says look vibhu whats your sleeping schedule,vibhu says i sleep 6 hours, Anu says spare one hour for me, Vibhu says im sorry. Angoori watching movie, Tiwari walks to her,and says ita a famous film Padosan,Angoori says its my favourite i like this teacher in it,and its my wish to get trained in music, vibhu over hears it, and says i will be her south indian music teacher and imagines himself dancing with Angoori on South Indian song, Tiwari says dont dream of all this Angoori focus on house, Angoori says you always do this to me, vibhu says i will fulfil your wish.

Anu singing, Tiwari walks to her and says you sing so well, anu gives him cold look and says you lying, Tiwari says theres innocence in your voice, Anu says i want to learn classical, Tiwari asks who is stopping you,Anu says Vibhu, Tiwari says divorce him then, Anu says are you mad, Tiwari says sorry got carried away,but i insist on you singing and learning classical music.

Vibhu disguised as classical singer walks to Angoori, he says im Iyer South Indian classical music teacher,you can call me Darling thats my first name, Angoori says okay i will call you darling. Tiwari walks in and asks who is he, Angoori says classical teacher,Tiwari scolds her, Angoori calls amaji, amaji scolds tiwari. Angoori asks whats the Vibhu says i charge 10000 per day but i wipl charge you 5000 per lesson and leaves.

Boys at tea stall, hungry, tilu says im very hungry,teeka says same here, Malkan says im numb, teeka says atleast buy some biscuits. tilu says no money,malkan says let me ask him if he can lend, they see his face and leave it.saxena walks to them and asks whats wrong,im here dont worry, and asks tea person to give them tea, and he shall pay. teeka says i need 10000,saxena says i cant help with that but with food, come to dinner tonight.Boys very happy.

pre cap : Vibhu teaches Angoori music, Tiwari asks for food. Angoori denies.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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