Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti wakes up with lipstick mark

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari and Anu having coconut water, Tiwari says to her that I love Angoori and I have always said that. Anu laughs and says unbelievable.
Gulabia walks to them and geta vegetable and asks Anu wants vegetables, Anu says yes. Gulabia tells Anu how an insect bit her lips and now its swollen. Anu asks why didn’t she go to doctor, Gulabi says I went to doctor but entered someone else’s bedroom by mistake because I was in so much pain. Anu says I should leave.

Anu wakes Vibhu, and says you just have to get me some food and clean house what else do you need to do
Vibhu says its lot of work and wakes up. Anu sees lipstick mark on his cheeks and asks how did this get on your cheeks. Vibhu checks in mirror and says Anu it’s you, you get so wild in the night. Anu says not possible, these are not my lipstick marks. Vibhu asks whoes are these then. Anu says I hate this shade. Vibhu says I was right here next to you, Anu says I didn’t kiss then who did. Vibhu says how would I know. Anu says how could you not know. Vibhu says okay you kiss below it and then lets compare. Anu gives her lipstick mark on his cheeks. Vibhu says God it doesn’t match. Anu says exactly tell me whose is it. Vibhu says I swear on you. Anu says I went jogging and I know you met Gulabia and did this, get lost I. getting very angry. Vibhu says you are mistaken. Anu says just get lost.

Gulabia goes to Tiwari house, Angoori says I was waiting for you, Angoori asks her to pack vegetables she wants. Angoori asks Gulabia why are her lips swollen. Gulabia tells her an insect bit her. Vibhu walks to them and says insects are biting and we humans are bearing consequences. Angoori looks at marks and says I know these are Anu’s. Vibhu says no and Anu thinks it’s Gulabia’s. Gulabia says what do you think of me, I don’t roam around kissing people. Vibhu says okay you kiss on this side and we will compare. Gulabia scolds him and leaves, Angoori scolds Vibhu for misbehaving with Gulabia.

Tiwari walks to them, and asks Vibhu about the marks, Vibhu says Gulabia gave them. Tiwari gets confused and leaves.
Gulabia walks to Vibhu and asks where he wants kiss. Vibhu says this cheek. Anu sees her kissing Vibhu and shouts Vibhu. Vibhu says let me explain this is not true.

Vibhu walks to Anu and says listen to me, Anu says I don’t want to talk to you. Vibhu says look Gulabia kissed me not because we are having an affair. Anu says you do have affair with her and I have seen it and if I am wrong prove it. Vibhu says I asked her to check if they match, Anu says great because they are matching and get lost.

TMT at tea stall, Rhusa walks to them and asks I am calling you guys from yesterday where were you. Tilu says we were watching a film, interest on kissing and this film has only 2 kisses. Rhusa says okay did any girl kiss you ever. TMT go mute. Rhusa says this is unbelievable, your names should be in Guinness World records and leaves.
Gupta and Prem join them talking about kisses. Prem asks master did he ever get kissed. Master tells about Hindi teacher Kavita and how she kissed him and leaves shy. TMT says look these old people also getting kissed and look at us. Malkan says our lives are useless.

Anu tells Meenal about Vibhuti’s kiss. Tiwari walks in. Tiwari tells her about how he met Vibhu and lipstick marks.

Tiwari watching TV listening to patriotic song. Tilu walks and switches off TV and asks for his salary. Tiwari denies and says shop is closed. Angoori walks to them and asks whats the noise about. Tilu says Tiwari is saying shop is closed. Angoori says its because its Independence Day and lets celebrate together as we are proud of our nation.

Pre cap: Anu asks Tiwari to keep an eye on Vibhu.
Tiwari keeping an eye in Vibhu through his balcony. Vibhu trying to convince Anu.
Tiwari gets kissed by a woman in ghungat

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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