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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hapu says look Angoori bhabhi adopt me i will ve needed nothing more except a bit for extra food you need to cook for me, Ahuti sags you dont understand let me and pushes him out of the house, Tiwari and David at the gate, David says he is not my brother, Ahuti says i am Vibhutis father, David says he is neither vibhus father nor my brother, Hapu says i shall take a seat i can’t stand, Ahuti says i am me,and you aren’t the one you should be to me,Anu in balcony and greets David, David says he says i am not your uncle and he is your father in law,Anu says yes he is someone in disguise, Angoori says oh god hapu singh arrest him ,Tiwari says first lets hit him,Vibhuti says it’s me,All shocked Anu asks why did you do so,Vibhu says i was bored and thought it will help me

and Angoori bhabhi too,Hapu says now adopt me.

Angoori upset leaves with Tiwari,David tears the will and scolds Vibhu, Hapu coughing and sitting near a shop, baba walks to him and starts laughing, Hapu looks at him,baba says you done this to yourself, remember you threw me out and so i gave you this aging medicine,Hapu says please give me my age back, baba says don’t worry here have this medicine and you will be back and leaves.

Angoori buys vegetables,Vibhu greets her,Angoori says I’m short of 100 can you lend me please,Vibhu says i forgot my wallet,boys make fun of vibhu,tikka helps Angoori with money,Tilu says no tika i will help bhabhiji, Malkan says let me its bhabhiji after all. Angoori says i will return money soon,tilu says please dont its your blessings we earning so much,Angoori leaves. Vibhu asks who are you stealing from,Tilu says we arent,we working in finance company that doubles the money,Vibhu says tell me which company is that,Tika says that wont help you and you will spoil our business too,Vibhu says i wont, Malkan says come lets take hin.

Boys take him to the finance company that doubles the money, they see hapu and Gulfamkali walk out of office, Hapu says you made good decision by investing here,and now you dont have to work, Gulfamkali says you are right i have worked so much and danced a lot too.

Vibhu and boys get in the office, and meet Dimple,Vubhu whispers i hope he isnt fruad, Tilu says he is loyal than you are, Dimple on call says we take no cheques only cash so send your 1 crore in cash. Tika says hello sir we had send cash yesterday so its return,Dimple says yes your names,and says oh your jackpot is here and have invested your 15000 and your returns will be 4 times,boys very excited, Dimple hands them cash,.

Tika introduces Vibhu to dimple, Vibhu asks details of the scheme,Dimple says that will take a lot of time actually, and explains its like investing and enjoying returns,Vibhu says oh i get it and would like to invest.

Anu checking expenses and very upset about increase and says he doesnt work abd keeps spending,Tiwari walks in and asks why is she so upset,Anu says nothing much you say,Tiwari says your face soeaks a lot and avout vibhuti he has unemployment all iver his face,and till when will you bare his burden just finish it off

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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