Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th May 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhuti and Angooris soul swapped.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba hadbadanand arrives at accident spot, Tiwari says she was coming to take your blessings and look what happened, baba says i knew this would happen so i came here,and with my powers i will get your wife back, boys ask what about Vibhu,baba says step back i will get them both back to life.

Angoori and Vibhus soul start traveling down,both panic. Baba says their souls are back,they are unconscious,go take them to hospital they will be fine. In hospital, tiwari and boys waiting for Vibhu and Angoori to gain conscious, Gupta says dont worry baba saved their life, Tiwari scolds teeka, Angoori gains conscious calling Anu baby, Tiwari sayz what’s wrong with her, Vibhu wakes up calling tiwari, all are confused. Vibhu calls Tiwari in angooris voice and hugs him, Angoori says someone

please call my Anu baby, all are confused.

Angoori and Vibhu see eachother and are confused too, Vibhu says bhabhiji is in my body, Gupta says i figured it out their souls got exchanged, Angoori says my body is there and voice here,vibhu says i love this body but and then smiles wickedly and thinks oh god its a delight.

Master complains commissioner about Hapu Asking for bribe, Hapu apologies, commissioner sees gulfamkali and says how come you here,master says talk to her later first sort my case.Comissioner asks Hapu is that right, and listen if he doesn’t get his 15000 he wont teach ny child and if that happens you will face consequences.

Tiwari in confusion says god what shall i do, Angoori in Vibhuti body walk down stairs wearing saree.Tiwari gets scared, Angoori asks whats wrong, tiwari says you don’t have to do this, Angoori says i felt incomplete without this get up. Angoori goes close to him,tiwari says look it feels weird, angoorj says so you don’t love me but my body, Tiwari says im not used to this yet calm down, angoori mames Tiwari uncomfortable and he rushes away.

Master and Hapu visit Mishra house, Angoori dressed in Vibhutis attire opens the door. master and hapu and shocked. Vibhu asks why are you starring, hapu asks whats wrong with you bhabhiji,vibhu says im not bhabhiji I’m Vibhuti, hapu says she is kidding today, Vibhu says shut up and come to the point, master says how is this possible, vibhu narrates them the story and closes the door. Vibhu says gosh bhabhiji saved me today.
Hapu says master what nonsense is this.

Boys at tea stall, teeka very upset, and in guilt,tiwari walks to him and slaps him hard. tilu and malkan calm him down, malkan says he already is in depression leave him, tilu says angoori bhabhi is fine why get angry, tiwari says their souls are swapped, angooris soul is in mans body, tilu says you love her soul and not body. Tiwari says shut up. Tilu says dont torcher him let him, Tiwari gets angry slaps him and leaves.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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