Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th March 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti kidnap

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Singhania says I’m president of UP business association president and I sale coffins ,he is chandani and she is anguri and all greet CM,and the CM before you had taxed us,anu says you do business you have to pay tax,Singhania says but I haven’t been into sales since long as people don’t die not even the one is nineties.

Tiwari asks what’s your ahe,Singhania says 50,Tiwari says ok I shall pass and in 30 years it shall pass and even you will be applicable to it if you don’t pass,next.
Anguri says I sale lingerie and profit margin is less and so please raise the prices ,Tiwari says very correct I make it to 10000 a piece,anu says that’s not done people will give up on lingerie,Tiwari says oh no I shall make it 1000 then ,done with meeting,Singhania says my issue,tiwari

says give him appointment secretary I shall see it later.
Tiwari asks anyone has questions,saxena says please give me a chance,anu nods yes to Tiwari,happu allows saxena in,saxena says Tiwari a cheap man like you is CM is shame on democracy and applies black colour on his face,all shocked.
Anguri says oh no my CM.

Anguri watering plants,vibhu wala to her and says good morning,anguri asks how do you do,vibhu says just planning to trap a beautiful bird but she doesn’t get into,anguri says really have you shown her love and given her food.

Vibhu says leave it I have hot fresh jalebi,anguri says I don’t have them they got fat,tikka takes the packet and says bhabhiji is right and all three wash their hands and eat jalebi,Vibhu slaps them.

A van comes and kidnaps Vibhu,anguri shouts for help but no one comes,Tiwari comes with anu jogging and with guards,anguri says come here quickly few men just kidnapped Vibhuti,Tiwari starts laughing,anu says oh my god,tiwari says don’t worry what will kidnappers do with him he is useless,anguri says CM sir do something.

In a meeting,tiwari says I’m not getting why did they kidnap Vibhu,anguri says yes they should have kidnapped you atleast they could have earned something,anu says what’s behind Vibhu kidnap,do they want to black mail me to poison CM and kill him but Sir don’t worry I won’t disrespect my post,Tiwari says wow I’m proud of you,happu says me too.
Tiwari says you can give away your husband for me wow,anu says hello I didn’t mean that I’m doing my job and you do yours ask police to get to work and free vibhu,Tiwari looks at happu and winks and says start looking for Vibhu,happu winks back and says sure Sir.

Anu gets a call from kidnappers and puts on speakers,kidnapper says if you don’t do as I say I shall kill your husband,anu says go ahead but I won’t do as you say,vibhu listens to anu words and gets dishearten and hurt.anu cuts the call.

Kidnapper says Vibhu what person you are,useless your wife doesn’t love you,we will kill you,vibhu says go ahead she doesn’t love me,kidnapper says no we won’t kill you but beat you and start hitting Vibhu.tiwari says anu I’m proud of you,and even if vibhu doesn’t be here I’m here and also anguri,anguri says but husband is husband,anu says getting my vibhu back is your duty,Tiwari and anguri and look at each other.

Tiwari on call discussing few profiles. Anguri walks to him and says laddu ke bhaiya,Tiwari says call me CM now,anguri says ok and I have a problem,tiwrai says get to my secretory and I shall review it later,anguri says I’m your wife these rules don’t apply to me and go free Vibhuti he is innocent,tiwrai says I have spoken to happu he will,and now it’s time to serve me,anguri asks what you want,tiwari says I want love and if your love impressed me I will give you MLA ticket,anguri says I want to be PM,tiwrai says that’s too big dream and both hug each other.

Door bell rings anu opens the door and happy to see vibhu,vibhu all injures,Vibhu says sad to see me alive,anu says what are you saying I was dying when you weren’t here,vibhu says you wanted me to die right,anu says I did that so that Those kidnappers think they can get nothing from you,and look it worked you are here,vibhu says and if they would have killed me.

Anu says how could they I would tell my CM to rescue you,vibhu says enough it’s all clear just leave me alone,I need a drink and don’t touch me,anu says I will get you a drink,vibhu says just my leg is broken I can manage and leaves.

Pre cap: vibhu gets a call from kidnapper if you don’t kidnap CM,don’t forget you and anguri are on my gun point if you don’t you know what may happen.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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