Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update:Vibhu jealous of Anurag. Vibhu up to new business ; Doberman security agency

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meenal says Vibhu you cooked so good,I wished Anurag could cook but he is travelling all the time and he was in Tokyo and was there to plant gobar gas and will be in new York too,Anita says Anurag you are a surprise package,I never thought you would do it,Vibhu says he use to copy my palest,Anita says and look at you,Meenal Says Anurag has achieved so much in less time,Anita says he is so hardworking,Meenal says yes and sincere too,we are so proud of you,Vibhu says enough of this Anurag,Meenal says I have no other topic than him,and let’s leave, we have to pack for New York bye.

Vibhu says Anu what why are you starring,Anita says what problem you had when I was praising Anurag,Vibhu says he copied from me and now look where he is,Anita says he worked had and look at you,and look at Anurag,Vibhu says enough, if you say it again It would be bad,Anita says I would say thousand times anurag,Vibhu says shut up,Anita says how dare you,shut up and get lost from my house,you have nothing in this house,Vibhu says I have no contribution in this house,you hurt me a lot,Anita says you never get hurt,if you did you would have worked,Vibhu says today you have and I shall show you what I can,Anita says nothing just drama.

Tiwari says Anguri enough,Anguri says are you on diet,Tiwari says no no just keeping a check on food look at my belly,Tilu walks in and says this is because you ate all my salary and bhabhi please give me food I’m hungry.anguri says sure and leaves,Tilu says give me my salary,Tiwari says is this the time,Tilu says no you never have right time and you have eaten my salary and if you don’t give me my salary you won’t be spared and it wouldn’t be good,Anguri walks to them and says here’s dinner,Tiwari says don’t give this useless food,Anguri says he is hungry don’t do this,Tilu says he won’t understand,I shall eat and keep plate outside.

Vibhu angry over Anurags success,and is very jealous says with that face of anurags I won’t buy all that,he sees Tilu pass and asks why are you angry,Tilu says this Tiwari useless man hasn’t given me years salary,but now I’m shifting my job I shall be a watchmen or even beg but won’t work with him,Vibhu says wait what did you say,Tilu says I said Tiwari is bad man,Vibhu says what else,Tilu says I shall work as watchman,Vibhu says yes watchman,Tilu good idea,now listen you got a job and I shall give you one job,happu says you work first then give others job,Vibhu says mind your own business,happu says I am just worried for Tilu,Tilu says did I ask you too,Vibhu says go and look after your wife and 9 kids,happu gets angry and leaves.

Vibhu says now Tilu we are going to have an security agency here and you will work for it. Anita on call says Meenal, what have you done to Anurag he is so good but this Vibhu,Tiwari walks in,Anita cuts the call,Tiwari asks where is the excitement,you look upset and it’s Vibhutiji,Anita says you are so right,look at Anurag,he use to stay with us,couldn’t talk,study and use to copy from Vibhu but still wouldn’t manage to pass and Vibhu always topper and Anurag now has four bungalows,property in Delhi,many cars,imports cars,Tiwari thinks this bhabhiji is all of Anurag,Anita says Anurag is genius,Tiwari says I shall see you later and leave,Anita says these men are so jealous.

Anguri in kitchen,Vibhu walks to her,Anguri asks how are you,Vibhu says god in love with you,Anguri asks what,Vibhu says I mean Kanpur isn’t safe anymore,I mean a woman was been kidnapped by goons but then I saved her,Anguri says I cant believe,Vibhu says even I don’t Kanpur is so unsafe,Anguri says no I mean you fought,Vibhu says I’m complete black commando,and so you need security too,I mean beautiful women like you,Anguri says I don’t need a body guard,Vibhu says he will guard you,you ho alone,Anguri says no I’m always with laddu key bhaiya ,Vibhu says no you aren’t safe with him,he will be beaten too,Anguri says he protected me and also I’m no less I shall beat them to death if they touch me.

Vibhu at tea stall for interviews,Saxena reads Doberman security agency,Vibhu says I haven’t appointed anyone,Saxena says I’m in,Vibhu says you aren’t sane I’m sorry,Saxena says I was part of American commando,but I was departed because I had soft corner for my head,I was bathing with shock and he hugged me to save me and then you know and in this job,i need no salary but shocks,Vibhu says ok but you need to work for us to,go you are appointed.

Tilu joins Vibhu,tikka malkhan arrive and Vibhu says you are in,tikka says but interview, Vibhu says have you ever given interview,just do as I say,malkhan says where is training,Vibhu says not decided, i shall message,tikka says salary,Vibhu says you have no status,I shall see your work and give you salary later.

Happu asks what nonsense is this,oh look security agency,Vibhu asks any problem.happu says no no how will this work,plus these people who themselves flirt and eve tease all women and girls out there,Vibhu says get lost and let us work,don’t demoralise us,happu says listen,this is my area and I look after the security here and no one will come to you,happu leaves,tikka says we have one condition,Vibhu asks what.

Pre cap: tikka malkhan Tilu shift at Vibhutis house.
Tiwari and Anguri wake up due to the loud horn buzzed by Doberman agency.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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