Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update : Anita decides to take Ahuti home

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says to Ahuti,bhabhiji has agreed and she will take you home along with her now,Ahuti runs upstairs in bathroom,Anu walks in and asks wheres my father in law,Angoori takes her to room, they knocks the door,Anu says daddy its me your daughter in law,Ahuti answers i won’t come, and records it and plays and gets out of the bathroom, all keep requesting and it keeps playing i won’t come, Vibhu walks and says daddy please come out, Anu says look Vibhu how is your daddy, it keeps playing and Anu looses calm,Vibhu says let him stay there lets go.

Tilu tika Malkan very hungry and decide to ask for food, Malkan says what are you thinking let’s buy our own food,waiter shows menu and rate, cheapest thing is papad 5₹,tilu says we want something lesser,we need to save

for old age,Hapu asks is there any discount for senior citizen, Gulfamkali walks to them and says i have a special offer on Wednesday there will be happy hours so do come for discounts, Malkan says can you please convert it to very happy hours,like everything free, Gulfamkali says then how avout staying out, Hapu says gulu take me i will come, Gulfamkali says you should prepare for Haridwar, and leaves.

Ahuti calls Angoori,Angoori says welcome mishraji and you are so like your son,always enters shamelessly, Ahuti says look i have roses for you,Angoori says thank you i needed flowers to worship god, Ahuti says roses are also used to increase human beauty,Angoori gives lame answers,Ahuti acts as if he is collapsing, and says my last wish is i had a girl in college and i wanted to hear i love you but she never did,will you, Angoori says how will i,ahuti says im dying and its your duty to fulfill an old mans wish,Angoori says you are right and says i love you.

David in town, Tiwari meets him and asks how come here,David asks this pelu where is he,Tiwari says your brother vibhus father is a mess i tell you, David says he stays in Himalaya,Tiwari says he is in our house, Angoori is serving him day in and out,David says have you lost it and even if he is here why is he at yours, Tiwari says Vibhu threw him out because of bhabhiji, David says take me with you, I will answer him.

Angoori asks Ahuti how is he feeling, Angoori says let me cut your nails, and holds his hand, Hapu walks in, shivering holding a stick, Angoori asks who are you,he says its me Hapu Singh,Ahuti asks whats wrong with you,Hapu says i don’t know it just came and i aged so badly, Ahuti says shame on you go sleep,Hapu says this old age,anyways im here because i heard you are adopting old man,Angoori says yes i am,Ahuti says why will she adopt you, Hapu says who are you and why is it bothering you,Angoori says the thing is i can adopt only one person.

Boys at tea stall, they imaging people, and in hunger, Tilu starts fainting,Gupta passing by sees Tilu and says he looks week since when he hasnt eaten food, Tika says we have money but saving for old age, Gupta says but you need to stay alive for old age.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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