Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari saying to anita that sometimes your beauty n personality puts us in problem. Vibhuti says calm down. Chutan says to them if u want to save anita then help me get out of here. Anita says she has an idea they should make chutan wear burkha n take him out of kanpur. Chutan asks vibhuti n tiwari to go out n get burkha. They both come out n as usual taunt each other. Vibhuti asks whether chutan did anything to angoori. Tiwari says no n says that he hit him only. Vibhuti says he deserves it. Tiwari n vibhuti see a lady in burkha n ask her for help. Its actually saxena. He gives them coins. Tiwari n vibhuti says that do they look like beggars. Saxena says yes n opens his burkha. Tiwari pleads him to give his burkha as he needs it but he refuses saying that he didnt give him food so he wont give him burkha. He goes from there. Vibhuti says to tiwari if he would have given food to saxena he would have given him burkha. Anita calls vibhuti n tiwari takes the call n asks is she okay. She says yes n asks did they get burkha he says no n she says angoori wants to talk. Tiwari says this n vibhuti hears this n snatches the phone. He asks angoori is she fine n she says yes n says that they have another plan n come home. They go home n ask angoori where is anita n chutan. She says that she has gone to do his makeover. Chutan comes out dressea in a saree as a woman. Anita asks how is it n is he looking like a lady. Tiwari says yes. Vibhuti says yes but one thing is remaining n asks anita to go inside with angoori. Vibhuti asks tiwari to get oranges from his fridge for chutan. They fit the oranges n take him out. Tika n malkha come on bike. Vibhuti ask where are they going. They say they are going to another place as all shops are closed. Tiwari asks them to drop chutan on bus stop. Chutan says he wont go as these guys look very mischievious. Vibhuti says he is also a man n he has no option so he has to go. He goes.
At home, tiwari says he is sorry n finally this chutan went away. Anita says she is very hungry. Tiwari tells angoori to go n get food. Vibhuti says whats the hurry let her take her time afterall she has faced such a big incident. Angoori shouts from the kitchen coming out n its chutan again pointing gun at her. He says those men were very bad n they misbehaved with him so he came again. Vibhuti asks where are the oranges. Tika n malkha have the orange.
Tiwari gives money to a man n says later he will give more 100 of burkha. Chutsn comes dressed out in burkha n angoori says to tell her brother to leave all this work n she misses him a lot n cries keeping her head on chutan’s shoulder. Tiwari says that he isn’t a woman but a man. Chutan points gun at him n says he is her brother. Saxena comes on cycle in burkha. Vibhuti says saxena. Anita says how can it be him. Vibhuti says its him only cause he is mad n some time ago he went in burkha n once he went at his home so he was in bikini saying he is taking sun bath in balcony. Anita says please drop her friend to bus stop n a bit carefull she is delicate. He says ok. He goes with chutan. Everyone is having food on the dining table. Anita says very good food made n its delicious. Vibhuti in excitement says that its delicious n even anita cant make such good food. He says sorry. Tiwari says that she made good koftas. Anita says ohh thanks. Vibhuti blurts out that he made it. He again says sorry. Someone comes in burkha again n just stand beside them. They think its saxena n tell him that he dropped chutan n everything n tells not to tell happu singh. From behind saxena comes n eats food n they say then who is he. He opens his burkha n it turns out to be happu singh. They all are shocked n happu is angry n then cries n says that now his job will go n its confirm. He goes from there. The screen freezes on anita, vibhuti, angoori, tiwari n saxena’s faces.

Precap:- Anita says to vibhuti that she heard about blood donation camp. He says she cant donate blood. She says she wants to organize a blood donation camp n he will be her first blood donor. Happu singh announces that anita mishra is organizing a blood donation camp. Tiwari hears this n gets happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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