Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri sees vibhuti and asks how is he and vibhuti says he is fine and anguri says u didn’t come yesterday vibhuti says he was busy and he has made all arrangements for ladu to pass I will come in some time and leaves anguri goes in and she prays to god tat pls this time pass ladu in exams and ladu comes in and tells tat his maths paper was very nice and his teacher gave him marks too and he has scored highest mark in it and tiwari says tat this happened because of me and then vibhuti comes in and says no this happen because of me I have taught him maths and then anguri says tat ladu has passed because of anita as she has taught him and anita comes in and says I taught him maths but anguri has also helped me a lot and ladu says tat anita bhabhi in front of u the chapra university and darbhanga college are fail
Next day morning anguri is watering plants and singing songs comes in vibhuti and says tat ur voice Is very nice and anguri asks wat happen to u he says tat he is feeling very uneasy anguri says it must acidity my amaji told to drink cold milk in morning acidity will be gone and he says no I have no acidity and in his mind says tat I mad for u anguri phone rings and amaji tells anguri tat she is coming in 2 hours tell tiwari to come on station and tells her tat this time she wants to hear good news and anguri says yes and hungs up and vibhuti asks who was it and anguri tells it was amaji she is coming here he asks how long will she stay here and anguri says until I get pregnant listening this vibhuti gets angry and says this should not happen and leaves.
Tiwari brings amaji home on rickshaw and tells the rickshaw man to take money later and she comes in and anguri comes and amaji hugs anguri ladu also comes and hugs her while tiwari leaves for work amaji asks him to bring rabdi 2 kgs for her and then ladu says he also wants and amaji asks tiwari to bring 100gm more for ladu and tiwari agrees and leaves while ladu goes amaji and Anguri sits and chit chat amaji asks anguri to soon get pregnant as her great grand fathers soul comes in her dreams and says tat he wants to take birth as anguri child and anguri just smiles and shys aamaji then says stop this and do something and then suddenly anguri wakes up and goes to a basin and vomits and amaji thinks tat anguri is pregnant and amaji starts dancing anguri in her mind says tat amaji got so happy but the truth is tat I ate a stale rice so anguri keeps quiet
Vibhuti is talking on phone says tat he is not interested in any bunglow and hungs up anita asks who was it and vibhuti tells tat it was pappu builder he was saying tat in some area bunglows are at cheap price I said no anita says tat u behave so strange at times if the price is low we can buy it I m not going to live in a rented house for long time and vibhuti says tat this area we live now is very nice never think of leaving this area and he gets emotional and leabes anita thinks tat he has gone crazy
Tiwari comes home and amaji tells him tat anguri is pregnant and amaji says yes its tru and now she will give birth to a boy who will be our great grand father but tiwari says no he wants a girl and it can be his great grand mother amaji gets angry and says ur great grand mother was a bad woman and she will give birth to a boy then tiwari says ok we will pray for twins amaji says no she will give birth to a boy and then asks tiwari to take this water for her and also gives her gold bangles as gift and he goes
He comes in room and thanx anguri for the good news and tells her tat he is very happy and she should give birth to a girl and then she will cal him bhuris papa and tells tat they will name her daughter bhuri after her birth and anguri in her mind says wat will she do now as tiwari has already planned the name of baby and so she keeps quiet and then asks anguri to once call her bhuris papa then he will give her the gold bangles and she then calls and tiwari gives her bangles but anguri says tat amaji wants a boy and tiwari says tat then we will have twins and anguri says tat wat are u talking and he says we will see tat after 9 months
Tiwari goes to anitas house and calls her vibhuti comes out and says y r u shouting wat work u have and tiwari says tat he wants to give good news and anita comes in and then tiwari says to anita tat amaji is here to meet and amaji comes in and tiwari introduces anita to her and amaji keeps staring at her beautiful face.

Amaji hits tiwari and vibhuti says hit him more while amaji says bhabhuta and vibhuti says his name is vibhuti amaji says how if I call u nalla and vibhuti says its ok u can call me bhabhuta and then amaji tells tat the good news is tat tiwari is going to be a father and vibhuti asks whose father and tiwari says anguri is pregnant and vibhuti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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