Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anguri is telling amaji tat manmohan is wearing nighty and amaji asks y and she tells tat he is doing business so he is wearing nighty and amaji then asks to give him phone and anguri calls manmohan and says to him have u gone mad y are you wearing this nighty if tomorrow u do business of sindoor will u wear it and roam and he then says tat ohk he will do it and then comes in anita ,vibhuti and panditji anita asks manmohan wat is he wearing and then manmohan asks anguri to and get some evening snacks for guests and she goes in while anita asks manmohan y is wearing this nighty he says tat u gifted him this and anita says no I didn’t gift u this but tie and then she asks vibhuti about it he then says he gifted tie but he doesn’t know how did nighty came panditji says ya this may happen and comes a man who says he knocked at the door in front house but no one replied so he came here and tells vibhuti tat he came here to deliver the exchanged product at their shop and manmohan asks is this the nighty tat got exchanged and the boy says yes and gives the gift that vibhuti purchased to anita while anita gives it to manmohan and then vibhuti asks him to go in his room and open and see as it is surprise and manmohan says tat ok but anita asks him to open it here in front of everyone and manmohan opens the gift and it is sandals and vibhuti says may be it got exchanged again Next day manmohan is getting ready and applies doederant but after smelling gets to know tat it was cockroach spray and calls anguri and tells her he would die due to it and anguri says sorry as she was busy preparing snacks for ladu and manmohan says one day u will give me limestone water as milk by mistake to milk anguri says sorry and manmohan romances her and says to her tat she looks beautiful and door knocks manmohan opens door to vibhuti and asks him y r u here while vibhuti asks is bhabhiji there and manmohan says she is busy and asks wat he wants vibhuti says he wants a cup of sugar and comes anguri asking who is at door and vibhuti dodges manmohan and comes in and says to anguri tat he wants a cup of sugar and anguri asks do u want something to eat and vibhuti says samosa and manmohan says samosa are over while anguri goes in manmohan asks vibhuti wat does he do whole day he tells tat anita earns well from her grooming classes and I sell policies anguri brings cup of sugar and samosa and vibhuti gives a look to manmohan Anita sees vibhuti coming in and asks him where has he come from he hides the cup and says he just went near by and anita asks to show him and then he tells tat he went to tiwaris house to have a cup of sugar anita asks we have a jar full of sugar then y did u went to ask for it and vibhuti says he didn’t see and he actually mistaken it as salt and then he tells anita tat this dress color suits her and she gets happy and then asks him about his policies and vibhuti says tat he made 25 calls but no one is ready to buy then anita asks him to go out meet people and sell policies he refuses and anita says if he doesn’t do it she will not talk to him he tries to woo her but she does not listens to him. Vibhuti then decides to see if manmohan has gone out of his house so tat he can meet bhabhiji and manmohan also decides the same to meet anita and both of them open door to see and see each other and waves a hi and goes in and then manmohan is sitting in his hall thinking how should he now meet anita and comes anguri with snacks and manmohan romances her and tickles anguri goes inside laughing vibhuti plans to call manmohan and he calls and says tat he is khallil talking and he has a order for undergarments to give and he should come to his shop soon and hung up manmohans door bell rangs and its tillu anguri sees him and asks wat he wants to eat and manmohan says he is not my relative tat u r giving him to eat and asks her to go inside he then asks tilu to take these keys and open the shop and if a customer named khallil comes treat him good as he is our customer and tillu leaves Manmohan then takes phone from tilu while tilu says tat he has only 10 rs balance and manmohan says I m ok with it and he goes in his room locks and calls at vibhutis house anita receives phone and manmohan in f=different voice only says hello and then anita hands over phone to vibhuti and manmohan tells him tat u thrive on your wifes money go and earn some money and vibhuti gets angry and asks him to shut up while manmohan tells him tat he wants to buy policies for his 100 buffaloes and vibhuti says for buffaloe are u making fuun of him whiel anita also asks vibhuti ro go and have a look he then agrees and note down the address near old Kanpur. After the call manmohan turns and gets shocked to see anguri standing at door she looks a bit angry and asks him to open the door he then asks her has she heard something and anguri comes in and give him a plate of samosas to eat manmohan gets angry and says tat y does she makes samosa dosent she know that potatoes are very high in cost and anguri get upset while manmohan makes her smile and anguri gets shy and runs away

PRECAP:- Manmohan gives sweets to vibhuti and congratulates on his new job and he tells this news to anita she gets so happy tat she hugs vibhuti and vibhuti says he is still thinking about the job and manmohan tells tat he will get the designation as sales executive and salary of 15000 and anita says 15000 is such a good salary while manmohan in his mind says it would be so nice if vibhuti goes to job he will get some alone time with anita

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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