Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan is confused and says tat he is not able to understand y has bhabiji sent this nighty there must be some hint and he decides to cal her and ask and goes in balcony and calls but vibhuti picks up so manmohan doesn’t say a word vibhuti sees manmohan in gallery and asks how is he manmohan replies fine and vibhuti goes and then manmohan again decides to cal and prays tat bhabhiji picks it but again vibhuti picks it up and vibhuti gets very angry starts giving bad words and manmohan doesn’t speak anything and from gallery asks vibhuti y is he shouting and giving bad words and vibhuti says some mad man is giving blank calls and manmohan says tat its ok these things happen and he leaves while vibhuti sees the phone in manmohans hand and wonders tat may be he is calling to tell anita about the gift and he then decides to keep the phone with him so tat he wont tell anita anything and then vibhuti gets a call from the store owner he tells vihuti tat the gift he purchased has by mistakenly exchanged his gift with someone else and the other customers nighty has been gift packed vibhuti gets shocked by listening to this and dreams tat manmohan is telling anita tat her husband has gifted this nighty to his wife anguri and curses him see wat her husband has done and anita says to vibhuti how could he do this and then says to vibhuti tat he should leave her house and go vibhuti gets back to reality and thanks to god tat it was just a dream and decides to keep the phone with him but then anita comes and receives the phone call and it is manmohan on phone listening to this vibhuti runs into other room.
Manmohan asks anita tat the gift she has sent should he wear it and anita says yes he should wear it infact he should show it to everyone in the colony and manmohan says ok and asks anita to come and see him once he wears it and anita agrees and hung up anita wonders y is manmohan feeling so shy to wear a tie he was talking like he was gonna wear a nighty and then she calls vihuti and vibhuti thinks tat manmohan has told her the truth and anita is calling him to fire but anita comes closer to vibhuti and says tat he look very handsome in this shirt and tells him how manmohan was talking phone asking should he wear a tie and vibhuti says tat manmohan is nuts and she should not go to see him
Manmohan has wear the nighty and thinks tat the fashion here has upgraded so much he didn’t knew he feels a bit odd but if anita has choosen this for him it must be nice and then bell rangs its saxen on the dorr he gets a shock manmohan opens the door shouts seeing saxena even saxena gets shock seeing manmohan in a nighty manmohan closes the door and asks wat he wants and saxena says tat he wants a cup of spice manmohan says people ask their neighbours for a cup of sugar and u are asking for a cup of chilli spice and he asks saxena to wait until he brings it but the dorr opens and saxena comes in he enters the house and comes near kitchen and manmohan is searching for spice thinking where must have anguri kept it and het finds it and pours it in a small bowl and while he turns he sees saxena and in shock pours the spice in saxena eyes and saxena gets itching in his eyes and then manmohan kicks him out of the house and he runs to the terrace
Manmohan sees anita on her terraceand decides to show her the nighty and hides behind a sarre hanging on a rope while anita goes in and comes vihuti on terrace but manmohan is not aware and thinkst tat anita is there while vibhuti sees someone behind the saree and thinks tat she is anguri and even manmohan thinks to show himself slowly and first he shows his hand and vibhuti thinks tat its anguris hand and awaits to see her in that nighty and manmohan then shows his leg and vibhuti gets shock seeing the leg and wonders y is she having hair on her legs and says tat she cant be anguri she cant have hair on the leg and due a wind blow the sari falls down and vibhuti sees manmohan and vice a versa both of them shout and run back to their room while saxena comes out of manmohans house and says tat he will take revenge for this with manmohan and he then goes to anitas house and tells her tat manmohan has invited u for mata ki chowki(prayers) at home seeing saxena anita asks him is he ok and saxena says ya he isfine further he meets panditji and tells him too to visit manmohans house for mata ki chowki and apanditji agrees while manmohan running comes to hall anguri enters and sees amnamohan in a gown while manmohan hides behind the sofa and anguri asks him wat is he wearing and manmohan says tat as he is doing business of undergarments he thought of doing business of night wears so he is wearing it for trial as u taste the food before serving he wore it to check before selling anguri says ok but then comes in laddu and says tat if u have to wear it for trial u would have given it to bhabhiji y did u wear it and anguri agrees to it and manmohan in his mind thinks tat somehow he should make this laddu keep quiet or else he will create a mess and he takes ladu aside and promises him to buy him a new worldcup t-shirt and then ladddu says to anguri tat brother is telling right and leaves
Anita then asks vibhtui to lets go and vibhuti asks where she tells to manmohans house he is having mata ki chowki and vibhuti says no he will take her to vaishnodevi and anita says ok lets go pack ur bags and vibhtui says leave now no no and anita insisit to visit manmohans house and then vibhuti agrees .

Anita sees manmohan in nighty and ask him y is he wearing it and manmohan says this was the gift u gave and u wanted to see me in this nighty and anita looks at vibhuti and asks wat is the matter while vibhuti says tat he gifted tie

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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