Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Anita diagnosed with Vertigo

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu asks Vibhu why is he upset, Vibhu says Prem is in hospital and very unwell can pass away anytime. Anu says i saw him yesterday, Vibhu says Bijli his neighbour fell on him from first floor and we need to deposit 25,000₹, Anu asks why us, he has so much money, Vibhu says how will he, he is hospitalised and his wife is very suspicious so even she wont pay. Anu says sad okay wait i will get money. Vibhu gets very excited.

Angoori in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her and hands her envelope. Angoori asks what’s in it, Vibhu says these are helicopter tickets. Angoori says oh my god i cant accept such expensive gifts. Vibhu says cmon we are friends lets go together. Angoori says you should take Anu with you. Vibhu says actually she is very busy and she always takes flights and its new for you, cmon just think you are going alone. Angoori says let me think and let you know. Vibhu says okay.

Angoori calls amaji, and tells her that Vibhu has offered her helicopter tickets, and it’s 25000. Amaji asks where did he manage so much money, anyways whats the issue. Angoori says i want to go butwith Tiwari and he denied. Amaji says then go with Vibhu.
Angoori says i want enjoy with Vibhu but helicopter will be fun.

Tiwari walks to Anu woth helicopter tickets, Anu meditating. Tiwari keeps looking at her. Anu opens her eyes and asks him why is he starring. Tiwari says you were meditating so i didnt distrub. Tiwari hands her helicopter tickets and says i begged god said that she doesn’t have a deserving husband but she can dream. Anu says we can’t afford sorry. Tiwari says i did this for myself and inviting you. Anu says take Angoori. Tiwari says she has werid craze of catching fans. Anu says what nonsense. Tiwari says please. Anu sees a rat and gets scared and climbs on sofa. Tiwari says it went calm down. Anu faints.

Gupta examines Anu and congratulates her and says you are pregnant, Anu says its not possible. Gupta says i just took chances. Tiwari says what nonsense doctor are you. Gupta asks did you feel giddy before. Anu says yes when i was climbing on stool and removing stuff from shelf. Gupta says you should avoid heights, you have vertigo. Tiwari says we just bought helicopter tickets, Gupta says its very risky.

Master at tea stall sees boys all well dressed and asks whats wrong with you, Boys say we are well dressed and well behaved now please give us 25,000. Master says wearing good clothes will not change who you three are, your karmas are bad. Teeka says what abd have we done. Malkan says you won’t find any good person like we three are. Master says you don’t have kindness, helpful nature, honesty. Tilu says we are helpful and walks to an old man.
Old man is happu disguised to catch shakal. Tilu says let us help you. Happu says I’m fine here. Malkan says we will help you. boys force him and pick him. Happy removes his specs and slaps them and says its a get up and because of you that thief ran away you fools.

Pre cap: Anu says to Vibhu you are so good you helped your friend. Prem walks in

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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