Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode Update Harry arrested

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harry hacks tiwaris account,Tiwari at Mishra house he gets message from anu,which reads dear Tiwari,I want you to misbehave with me,when no one misbehaves with me I don’t feel like eating so I want you to do that with me,tiwari replies I’m sorry I can’t because I respect you,anu says to hell with your respect do as I say.anu walks to him,Tiwari starts passing low level comments,Eve teasing anu,anu looks at him and says get lost,Tiwari runs out,anu says god how dare he.

Vibhu with anu calls Tiwari and asks how dare you do this to anu,Tiwari says you misbehaved with angoori,Tiwari says you messaged me and asked me to do so,vibhu says and bhabhiji you messaged me and asked me to do so,anu says do I look like cheap women why will I do that,Harry hiding and listening to all this,vibhu and Tiwari get into argument,happu walks to them and says stop it what nonsense is this,vibhu says he eve teased my anu,Happu says Tiwari how dare you,I will encounter you,anu says stop it Happu please leave,happu says the thing is you are a respected woman how dare he behave this way,anu says it’s okay,Happu says please you two take things apart stop it,anu says okay and gets it,angoori too.

Harry says this happu spoilt my game ,tilu gets message from happu,which reads my body is itching and doctor said get beaten from three boys and I request you three to do that,and if you do I will talk to commissioner about your London trip,happu comes there talking on phone,tikka Malkhan tilu pull him and start hitting him,tilu says enough,happu gets up and looks at them,tikka says we did our job it’s your turn now,Happu says what job you hit me so bad,tikka says you messaged us to do that,Happu says am I mad now I shall arrest you for this,commissioner walks to them and asks what nonsense is this.

Happu says I was passing by these three started hitting me,tikka says he messaged us to do so,Malkhan says show the message,commissioner says I have a message by happu too,which says slap me,commissioner slaps him and leaves.

Angoori upset with anu and Vibhu behaviour,anu walks in and says I know we both we both will never do so,angoori says then who must have messaged,anu says I’m thinking same,when I haven’t messaged how did he get message,angoori says even I didn’t,anu says looks like our phones are hacked.

Tiwari gets a call from his uncle,for wedding invitation and money and he starts acting as he can’t hear,Tiwari gets a message from vibhu which reads,I’m bad I’m dog but I’m your neighbour,so hug me and let’s patch up,I would never forget this deed of yours,I’m like your little brother after all,Tiwari says why not if he is begging

Vibhu buying veggies,he gets a message from Tiwari which reads,if you have guts slap me if you can when I arrive in front of you,vibhu says how dare he,I will slap him so hard,and waits for Tiwari in colony.

Tiwari sees Vibhu and says I forgive him and walks towards Vibhu,Vibhu starts hitting him,Tiwari says I came here to hug you and forgive you and both get into fight,anu and angoori come there and stop them,Tiwari explains the situation,vibhu says he messaged me,Tiwari says he messaged me,anu says you both aren’t lying,your phones are hacked.

Anu says she is right,Tiwari says who is this man,laddu walks to them and says I know who the hacker is.

Tiwari Happu vibhu hiding in Harry’s cafe,Harry walks in and goes to the computer,and says I mess with the people who mess with me,Tiwari Happu and Vibhu get him,Happu says you are under arrest,Tiwari and Vibhu slap harry hard.happu says enough remaining in jail.

Pre cap : angoori to vibhu says I love mangoes I can even kill for mangoes.anu tells Tiwari that we need to wait for mangoes this time,Tiwari says if you respect me you will come with me to market and select mangoes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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