Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,rickshaw man comes and exchanges the bag and leaves while vibhuti gets very irritated ,that night tiwari enters anitas house and says tat he will not let anita loose and so he opens fridge and is keeping vegetables and lights get on and he sees tat anita has caught him anita then says to tiwari if u wanted the vegetables u should have asked me and took it and tiwari feels very bad and he leaves he goes to his house from the kitchen window and anguri caught him and she says tat she knew it was him who used to keep vegetables in fridge and tiwari gets a bit confused and says yes he used to keep and takes advantage and anguri then says tat she hates this budget game and tiwari also says tat lets stop this game and anguri then says tat she cant withdraw as vibhuti gave her ur promise and tiwari shouts at her tat who is more important to u and anguri then asks him to break the promise and then tiwari breaks it and they both go in while after sometime vibhuti comes in to keep vegetables and anguri and tiwari caught him and they understand who used to keep vegetables .
Next day anguri is sitting reading a news paper and vibhuti comes in and asks her how is she she replies fine and then comes ladu and complains to anguri tat he is good in all subjects but weak inmaths if he didn’t do anything this time he will fail and vibhuti says to him go call ur brother tiwari and asks him to do something and laddu says he called but he is not receiving and then vibhuti says tat anguri u need not worry as I will teach him and anguri says ok fine and tells ladu tat he will start from tomorrow.
Anita is talking to her friend tat y is she crying and how did all this happen while vibhuti comes and sits beside her while anita says tat all husbands are fools and listening to this vibhuti gets angry and sits aside anita then hungs up and asks vibhuti wat happen and he says u said na all husbands are fools and anita says tat its my job how will my grooming classes work or u want me to also sit at home and she starts crying and vibhuti then says sorry to her and asks her to smile and then anita asks him to go and wash utencils and he says ya he will and then anita calls him romantically and tells tat he has to wash them with hot water and he says ok and leaves and then anita says really all husbands are fools.
Tiwari comes home and anguri comes with a glass of water and says tat u r not concern about laddu and he says wat happen and she tell him about his maths classes and he says tat he is also finding a tutor but counld not find any and then anguri says tat during their marriage he showed tat he has a certificate while tiwari tells tat he has showed a fake certificate so tat he could marry u and he is 8th fail and asks anguri to keep this as a secret and she agrees while she says tat if she would have studied like anita she would have taught ladu and then tiwari gets an idea and he says tat he will teach ladu and leaves while anguri says tat it will be good if ladu gets two tutors and leaves
Vibhuti finishes his work in kitchen and then takes the mathematics book and sits to study and says tat this very tough these were the questions in his bsc and then says if he had studied tat time it would have been easy now and gets irritated while studying it vibhuti goes to teach him and asks ladu to bring books while anguri goes inside but vibhuti asks her to sit here as if ladu makes any mischief u will scold him and so she stays and vibhuti says tat he will teach him 5 th chapter and ladu says tat he has already finished 1 to 5 chapters and then vibhuti asks him to lets revise while he says I have done revision 5 times and vibhuti asks him question tat tat ur brother has 500 rs he gave u 210 rs then how much money left with ur brother ladu says 400 vibhuti says wrong and ladu says no he is right coz he knows his brother well,he never gives me more than 10 rs
later tiwari comes to anitas house and looks very upset anita asks wat happen he tells tat ladu is having a problem in studying maths and anita says tat send him to me and I will teach and tiwari says tat he wont be comfortable so u teach me and I will teach him and anita agrees and says tat come tomorrow with the book but tiwari starts opening his shirt buttons and anita asks wat r u doing and he then removes the text book and again buttons the shirt and then anita asks him to open algebra and he asks which page sha asks him to see in content and he checks.

Anguri asks vibhuti is free so tat she can send ladu for study vibhut says there are guest at home send him after 2 hours and later vibhuti asks ladu to start reading 6th chapter and ladu says tat he has finished this chapter some time before.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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