Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2019 Written Episode Update Teeka kicked out

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gupta examining Vibhu asks how are you feeling, vibhu says very weird since im stabbed, Gupta has apple, vibhu sees red and gets mad, and slaps Gupta.

Lalwani asks where is his daughter, and blames happu, Hapu says stop yelling i said i will find your daughter keep mum, let me write report, teeka says im reporting it,im teeka tiwari and my wife is missing, hapu asks do you suspect anyone, teeka says tilu and malkan,tilu and malkan scold him and say dare you abuse us, Hapu says enough of argument, I will have to arrest you two.

Vibhu singing,master hears him and says you sing so well, but i hear pain in your voice whats wrong,anyways the news is Angoori is marrying Tiwari.Vibhu asks why,Master says must ve pandit rampals new thing,vibhu sees red hanky in his hand and attacks him.

Tilu and Malkab beaten in police station,they keep saying they are innocent. Teeka crying, says where did my wife go,Angoori says dont worry my son your wife will be back soon, arrange my another wedding, Tiwari says okay stop crying.

Amaji walks to Angoori and Tiwari, teeka rushes to her,ama slaps him and says stay away, Tiwari asks amaji what do I do with him, Amaji says pandit rampal has new solution, you two have to marry again. Angoori blushes. Tiwari asks what about teeka,amaji says throw him away. Tiwari throws him out.

Angoori shopping for sarees for her wedding, Angoori selects red coloured lehnga, he asks salesman to wear it and walk for her,he does so,vibhu walks in and sees him in red and gets mad, and hits him.

Hapu keeos torchering tilu malkan to answer him,teeka walks in, tilu malkan curse him,teeka apologies, Hapu says stop this drama, Teeka says my friends are innocent its all my fault
Hapu scolds teeka and says now i shall whack you and arrest you for fault accusations.

pre cap : Tiwari Angoori complaint Hapu about Vibhutis madness against red and ask him to dress in red and take place of bride.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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