Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari on call says I’m going London lets clear payment when I’m back,no don’t give it to tilu,even if he says I asked him to pick up the payment,no where my fate is so good that a foreigner will marry me.
Anguri coughs,Tiwari says I’m married why shall I marry again,Anguri upset,Tiwari says why are you upset,Khanna sabh was asking am I to marry any foreigner I said I already have an wife why will I,Anguri says I heard everything,don’t lie,listen I’m coming with you,Tiwari asks how come this thought came into your Mind,and you are scared,Anguri says still I will come,Tiwari says what if you fall sick,Anguri says you are with me to take care of me,Tiwari says look you stay here and look after the house,vibhu near window says and you can go London and flirt with foreigners, Tiwari says so it is you who put all this in her mind,and why did you interfere in my family matters,Vibhu says it’s my duty to warn innocent women, Tiwari say smind your own business and wife.

Anguri says he is taking Anita with him,Tiwari says she is taking him,Anguri says if you want to go you will have to take me and if you have problem I will call Amaji,Tiwari says ok come come,vibhu says good boy and leaves.

Anita says be quick or else our visa will be rejected,bpvibhuti says we are going two hours early,don’t worry,Tiwari and Anguri walk to them,Anguri says I’m very nervous Anita,Anita says don’t worry just answer every question asked,Anguri says my English is too fast what if he doesn’t understand,Anita says they Will manage don’t worry,vibhu says you are going London Tiwari you haven’t even gone Bhutan,Tiwari says you talking as if you have travelled whole world,Vibhu says but I have a class and my language fluency you know and also,don’t tell them you have lingerie shop,Tiwari says I will tell them,I run my house on it,Anita says enough you two,Tiwari says look he is,till tikka malkhan walk to them all well dressed,tikka asks what will we answer them tilu when they will ask our source of income,tilu says tell them you are business man,Tiwari asks where are you going,tikka says London,Anita says but London tickets are costly,Malkhan says tilu bhaiya managed our tickets,Tiwari says did you manage the tickets with payment money,tilu says I won’t do any of such dirty business I won a lottery,Tiwari says if I learnt you used payment money I shall throw you out of plane,Anita says first let’s get visa,then throw him out.

Vibhu says you three have zero chances of visa what you think dressing up gives visa and vibhu Tiwari pass them laughing and making fun if them. Happu at visa office answering officers question and says I’m going to attend a wedding,officer passes his visa, its anguris turn,Anguri says I do lot of work and love Tiwari,Anguri and Anita’s visa granted,Saxena says I’m mad man,he is granted visa too,tikka malkhan Pelu tilu granted visa as well,tiwaris visa rejected,vibus turn next,his visa rejected as well.

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking and are upset,Tiwari says these stupid boys got visa but look at us,Vibhu says I didn’t get a chance to speak,Tiwari says all my London dreams shattered, me and bhabhiji,I mean your bhabhiji,Vibhu says me too,all my dreams shattered as well.

Tikka malkhan tilu come near them dancing and teasing,malkhan asks did you get visa,tilu says poor them didn’t get visa,lets go prep for London and leave.vibhu gets a call from uncle,Uncle asks what are you doing,don’t worry I have spoken to a minster in London, go collect your and tiwaris visa from embassy,Vibhu says I love you,Vibhu walks to a side and says reject Tiwari visa,uncle says stop talking nonsense he may cancel your visa too in this grant and reject visa,Vibhu says ok no worries I will manage.
Vibhu says Uncle has managed our visa tiwraiji and both celebrate.

Anguri on call says yes Amaji it’s uncles wedding and he has invited us to London,shall I get you something,Tiwari walks to her,Anguri cuts the call,Tiwari asks why is this extra bed and sheets,Anguri says for London,It’s too cold in London,we shall put this over plane,Tiwari says we can’t, we are going London ,Anguri asks what if it’s too cold, Tiwari says we get clothes there,we don’t need all this,Anguri says I have packed parathas for you,your stomach gets upset with station food,tiwraiji says who will tell her,tiwraiji says we are going by plane and we have no station in air,we reach direct to London,Anguri says Amaji also told me not to wave out of window,Tiwari says yes don’t and gets angry.

Anita and Vibhu walk to them,Anita says so packing done,vibhu says pack Tiwari too we shall put him in luggage,Tiwari says stop talking rubbish,Vibhu says you don’t have class to travel on plane so luggage section is good for you,Tiwari says you have no money,Vibhu says don’t forget it’s all because of my uncle you can go London,tiwraiji says I have paid for tickets ,vibhu says but food and stay, Anita says stop it you two,look our tickets,we are going by fly safe,Tiwari says oh I heard about this air line very safe and never been hijacked or attacked.

Happu on call with sister in law and says don’t tell my wife.saxena asks who was it,happu says nothing,Saxena says you are really bad,tikka and tilu distributing sweets,Saxena says I liked only poisoned laddus,tilu says happu Singh atleat you have it,happu says I have a big family and takes whole box and leaves,tikka says look at him,tilu says we couldn’t even taste,malkhan says good you didn’t eat,did you buy it from sale sweet mart,tikka says yes it’s from sale,malkhan says it’s 3 months old,every person eating it has upset stomach problem.

All at airport,Anguri on call says yes amaji we are at airport ,Tiwari is very scared but I’m excited,Vibhu says she is so cute,Anguri says bye bye, and keeps the call,Vibhu says look our tickets and boarding pass.anguri says give me mine,Vibhu says don’t worry it’s safe,Anguri says Amaji called and she wanted to come,vibhu says plane wouldn’t bare her weight,Anguri says and All these fat people can go and not my Amaji it’s unfair,Vibhu says I’m joking,Anguri says I hope she was with me she would give me some hope,Vibhu says I know dint worrry that’s why I have booked my sets next to you,Anguri says no I want to sit beside tiwraiji he is so scared,vibhu says he himself is scared and will scare you too,let him sit beside Anita she will give him hope and I will be with you.

Boss says we will go by fly safe fight and our men have made arrangements in flight toilet and we will travel as regular travellers and once we find good opportunity we will hijack .

Pre cap : flight attendent says to Vibhu and Anguri welcome and enjoy with your wife,Vibhu blushes.
Tiwari says to attendant can we have corner seats,Anita says it’s flight and not movie theatre.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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