Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update. Vibhuti confesses Anita about Gulfamkali

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari blames Vibhu, Vibhu says dare you, both get into argument, Anu says enough you two,Tiwari you are unbelievable and you are arguing on that,my work is holding there now please drop me, Vibhu says no baby i won’t let you go, Anu says no i have to stop, vibhu says no baby i know you are passionate about your work go,Anu says my husband is so supportive,bye baby,Vibhu says go drop her.

Tiwari says i have to some how tell her about Gulfamkali, let me include Angoori in it. Tiwari calls Angoori, Angoori says yes tell me, Tiwari says what vibhu is doing is it right,Angoori says may be she has some problem, Tiwari says he got her to bedroom isnt it wrong, Angoori says yes you are,Tiwari says then call her cmon, Anu says god my phone battery is low,Angoori calls her and puts on speaker, both start discussing about weather, Anu says you should visit this place, Tiwari says get to the point, Angoori says i was saying vibhu, Anu says he loves mountains too, he was saying we should built a farm house here, Angoori says i was sayinh, Anu says first listen to me,you just come here we both will have fun here, Angoori says i love hill station’s too, Anu says let’s plan Nainital, and listen my battery is low will call you later.

Vibhu walks in, Tiwari asks why are you here, Vibhu says im here to apologise, Angoori asks why is it, Vibhu says actually im here because Gulfamkali has shifted to my place,Angoori says you are such a liar, Vibhu says im not lying i was arranging pooja but she shifted,Tiwari asks why did you allow, Vibhu says I’m helpless, Angoori asks what is it, Tiwari says must be enjoying with her, Vibhu says shutup, Gulfamkalis bar caught fire by short circuit and she thinks i did it and i beg you please eat, Angoori says calm down i knew it, i was acting, Tiwari says throw her out,Vibhu says im trying but she isnt listening, angoori says go help him,tiwari says i hate him but i will help for you .

Anu calls vibhu feeling guilty about doubting him, vibhu says why call me to yell at me right go ahead, Anu says no baby im guilty so called you to apologise, vibhu says it’s my destiny, im not worth you, im useless loser and will go away from you,Anu says vibhu stop it, Vibhu says far away from you, Anu says im already guilty, enough of this nonsense, bye now i am sorry.

Vibhu has poison while Gulfamkali performance, all think he is drunk, malkan says he has poison bottle in his hand, Tiwari walks in with Angoori, Angoori says you are responsible for it ,you shifted here and so in fear what anu will do he took this step,all morn for Vibhu, Gulfamkali tricks vibhu saying rat in his pants,vibhu wakes up, Gulfamkali he was acting so i should leave, vibhu says look i beg you please leave,pren walks in and says she doesn’t need you anyways your house is ready let’s go to your new bar, Angoori says perform before you leave, she says sure.

vibhu says i will tell anu everything i can’t live with this guilt and goes to lakhenpuri, Anu says what a surprise, Vibhu says im here to confess something, Gulfamkali had shifted to our house and tells whole story, Anu gives him cold looks, Vibhu says baby I’m sorry scold me throw me out of the house, Anu starts laughing, and says you want me to scold you missing me so much and acts to scold him, Vibhu says sorry, Anu says look at your face, Vibhuti says carry on please.

pre cap : Vibhuti says to Tiwari avoid Angoori and send her to me to do that, Tiwari praises vibhu infront of Angoori.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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