Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti black mails Tiwari.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu calls tiwari with changed voice, Tiwari asks who is it,Vibhu says i would like to speak in English but you illiterate, Tiwari says you called me to insult me,Vibhu says look at you,you are misbehaving with your client i called you for order, 5 lakhs order for lingrie, i will pay advance at Gulfamkali in cheque of 3 lakhs,tiwari asks why at her place,vibhu says thats lucky place for me, Tiwari says okay and leaves.

tiwari walks to Gulfamkali, she asks how come you here today, vibhu peeping and watching, Tiwari says im here for meeting with chadha, Gulfamkali starts dancing with Tiwari,vibhu clicks their pictures, tiwari says leave alone and runs away. vibhu says well done Gulfamkali you will be given your share.

Tiwari yells at Angoori and says what are you behind me

where i was go to sleep,Angoori says just tell me where were you,Tiwari says was with a friend he isn’t of good nature he was once drolling over your photo,now im sleepy you go to sleep too. Anu waiting for Vibhu and says god knows whete he keeps roaming, vibhu slowly walks in and checks on Anu,Anu wakes up and asks where was he, Vibhu says sorry to wake you up, Anu says just answer me,Vibhu says fooling around witg prem.

Vibhu checks on Anu,anu slowly keeping an eye on him, Vibhu gets downstairs,he changes the sim, and calls Tiwari, tiwari leaves his bedroom to received the call, angoori sees him. vibhu changes his voice and says its me black mailer, i want 5 lakhs from you, Tiwari asks why is it,Vibhu says check the pics i sent you,tiwari checks them, Vibhu says if you don’t want them to reach your wife, Tiwari says not my wife please,Anu says he started black mailing business, Anu walks to Vibhuti, and says wow a new business. Angoori walks to tiwari says i saw your true colours,you are a devil, Tiwari says its a misunderstanding,Angoori says i have seen it,tiwari says let me explain.

Anu says vibhu you are a criminal,vibhu says no baby, Anu says you are a black mailer, vibhu says im being black mailed by sanjana and tells her the whole story, Anu watches the pics and says you are a fool,call sanjana, sanjana says hi darling,anu says im his wife,sanjana says hi baby,vibhu praises you a lot,anu says thank you but you arent, and why are you disturbing someones life,sanjana says cut the crap i just need the money,anu says your idea is a fail,sanjana says okay let me put all this on social media, anu says okay i will manage money,Anu tells Vibhuti,and says this will ruin my business,you continue yohr black mail with Tiwari.

Tiwari says i dont have money to pay him,angoori says lets ask daddy, Tiwari says i can’t ask him but make him give me. malkan starts cobbler business. pelu walks with a lady, and says polish my boyfriends shoes, Malkan says this silent man is your man,she says he is very strong,now polish his shoes.

Tiwari waiting for tilu, Tilu walks to him dressed as lady and says this look,people are eve teasing me, tiwari says daddy woll be here be in your get up. vibhu calls tiwari, hapu watches Vibhutii talk. Vibhuti says get me my money or else i will put your pictiyall over the town and gives him drop location. Anu asks you so convincing,where did you learn this from,Vibhu says you dont need to learn few things.

A man walks to malkan and asks him polish shoes,he throws money,malkan says i dont acceot thrown money he slaps malkan and leaves.malkan sees teeka enjoying all lavish life.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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