Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode Update gulfamkalis London trip cancelled

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu says anu Baby what are you doing out so late,anu says you are here robbing and look at you,Tiwari says and angoori you came into his influence and robbing at your husbands shops,vibhu says please mind your language,Tiwari says you are robbing and I have to mind my language why so,angoori says stop and tells about the whole thing amaji said,anu says and you believed her,angoori says yes she is never wrong,Tiwari says is it so we will be in profit thank you dear.

Amaji makes angoori call and says pandit ramphal said actually there’s a more problem there will be more loss in future and not profit so stop it,ok bye now.

Gulfamkali says so show me your English fluency,tikka says gulfamkali says tell me what is important and it’s good so we need to know the eticates there,and speaks very incorrect,gulfamkali says now Malkhan your turn,Malkhan says hello,gulfamkali says hello,Malkhan says bye and takes his seat,gulfamkali says that’s it,Malkhan says yes because it’s said not to create more contacts in foreign,gulfamkali says okay Happu Singh it’s your turn now.

Happu mixes two poems,prem says he is mixing poems,Happu says that’s the talent and gulfamkali I’m sure it’s me who will come,gulfamkali says prem your turn,prem introduces himself,gulfamkali gets a call,and she is informed London is cancelled.

Vibhu sweeping in his house,vibhu says anu government has done Such good job banned plastic,anu says clean beneath the carpet too,anu gets a call and says keep the phone or else I shall sue you,vibhu asks what’s wrong,anu says you and your advertisement,I’m been giving such bad offers,daddu walks in and says look at these boxers they are so bad it’s come down to my feet,such bad elastic I have traveled two hours for this,vibhu says uncle the thing is it’s from tiwaris shop,daddu says god this man,vibhu says yes that’s the truth,daddu says I won’t leave him,Tiwari walks in and asks who is that man,daddu slaps him,and shows him his boxers and says look at the stock you sell.

Laddu and Vibhu at Internet cafe,laddu asks Vibhu bhaiya who are you chatting too,Vibhu says shut up or else I shall inform bhabhiji about you, Tiwari walks in and says laddu cmon let’s leave I very well know what you do here,your bhabhi ma thinks you are studying and you are wasting time with such stupid people,vibhu says how dare you,Tiwari says I’m right you have spoilt him,vibhu and Tiwari get into argument,owner walks to Tiwari and says please this is not a place to fight and this brother of yours comes here every day for 4hrs and his total bill is 2400 so please pay that,Tiwari says I won’t he doesn’t study and play games,owner says this isn’t fair,Tiwari says do whatever you wish to and leaves,vibhu says bye,owner says sir 1500,vibhu says good luck and leaves.he says I’m Harry why don’t they understand I don’t want to get into hacking but now I have to.

Angoori says to Tiwari your client,I was so angry over him,anu asks why so,vibhu says did he misbehave,angoori says yes he did,he said bhabhiji I love you,vibhu says why were you quite and Tiwari you are responsible,Tiwari says I have no idea about this but don’t you worry I won’t spare him,angoori says look at Vibhuti we talk so much but he has never crossed his lines,Vibhu says why will I,angoori says yes you respect me a lot,you never hurt me,you are a nice person,anu says this applies for Tiwari too,yes you too he always comes home with so much politeness and I always see respect in his eyes,Tiwari thinks it has love too but you never see it,anu says Vibhu at times I feel he is very down to earth,you are very sweet.

Harry starts hacking vibhutis account,vibhu at tea stall gets a message from angoori,reading I need a favour from you,you have to insult me and eve tease me every time you see me,it’s pandit ramphal advice this will increase my glow.

Vibhu walks to angoori,angoori in garden singing,angoori asks how are you,vibhu says oh please stop singing you sing so bad,angoori says what why are you saying all this and gets upset and leaves,vibhu says now she will glow.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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