Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti asks do u feel like biting anyone and anguri says yes vibhuti gets shocked and says wat and anguri says tat she has just cut the vegetables and then she goes close to vibhuti and asks how is she looking and vibhuti says beautiful like a snake women
Anita gives tea to manmohan and asks where is vibhuti manmohan says he got some work he will be soon here and anitas phone rings its her mother in law she picks up and asks where is khachedu and anita asks her not to cal vibhuti khachedu while her mother in law tells tat she will soon come to visit her anita says ok and then asks not to call vibhuti khachedu he is big man now but mother in law says he is her son and she will cal her as she has taken care of him during pregnancy for 9 months while anita also calls him khachedu and says tat he will ask him to cal wen back and mother in law says anita not to call him khachedu but anita says she can as she is his wife for 7 years and mother in lae agrees to not to cal vibhuti khachedu manmohan is listening to this conversation and says slowly if they will not he will sometime call vibhuti khachedu and then anita hungs up saying she has some work then manmohan gets a call and he then takes permission to take her leave she sees manmohan is bit worried and asks him he says he is ok and leaves
Manmohan and vibhuti visit panditji to ask wat can be done next to cure anguri and panditji says if she bites someone she can get back to normal and then vibhuti and manmohan sit on a rickshaw to think wat can be done next and manmohan then asks vibhuti to help him by letting anguri bite him as even he died anita is smart enough to handle herself and even he will take care of her while vibhuti says wat kind of husband are you telling me to do this u go sacrifice and I will take care of anguri and they start fighting over it and saxena passes them and then clicks an idea to take saxena to make anguri bite and manmohan goes and talks to saxena and invites him home to have lunch anguri cooks delicious food and saxena goes with him manmohan then holds saxdena tights and then asks anguri to come fast and bite saxena anguri says tat y should she do so manmohan says to her do it fast but anguri refuses and saxena also asks anguri to bite him as he likes it and even then anguri refuses then saxena says bite me or I will bite manmohan and holds manmohans hand to bite and manmohan runs out of house.
Anguri is confused and doesnot understand y was manmohan behaving in this way she decides to call amaji and calls tells her tat manmohan was asking her to bite saxena and amaji asks have u done or said something wrong related to god snake and anguri says no and then tells once when she was watching a movie of sri devi called nagin she changed the channel and amaji says tat is y this is happeneing and then tells her solution to do something and anguri agrees.
Vibhuti is seen catching a fish tieing a biscuit to a thread end manmohan comes and asks wat is he doing he says tat he is catching food for anguri as she wont eat the normal food for human she requires rat ,etc to eat as she is a snake now and asks manmohan to go straight near the lake and bring the food while a passer by picks up the biscuits and run vibhuti runs behind him
Later anita is seen talking to agarwal asking him y is it getting so late to start the classes she asks him to keep ready her classes until this weekend and she wont listen to any excuse as her students cant wait more and then vibhuti is seen entering manmohans house asking in slow voice is bhabhiji at home he cannt see anyone and he enters and sees tat a snakes photograph is been prayed and he sees anguri doing snake dance and vibhuti gets scared and then anguri asks to vibhuti wat happen and he says nothing he looks into her eyes and asks how did they get to normal she tells tat she removed her lenses and vibhuti then asks she was wearing lenses so she looked this way and he then asks y is this pooja of god snake and then she tells tat her husband is behaving strange so her amaji asked her to do this pooja and vibhuti gets happy to know tat anguri is fine while manmohan is standing out of his house worried and in tensed for anguri and comes out vibhuti dancing and manmohan asks is anguri ok and vibhuti lies tat she is not at all ok and is now doing snake dance they need to do something soon and vibuti then says tat he has an idea she can be cured and then asks manmohan tat he needs to go to a place and pray and anguri will get fine and he tells address near tajmahal near this market and that market and manmohan asks him to tell proper address and vibhuti tells tat near taj mahal there is a Babab bholenath u have to visit him and manmohan then hops on a rikshaw and leaves .

manmohan jumps in between anita and anguri and snake bites him vibhuti says bye bye manmohan and manmohan says sorry to anguri and says good bye to anita

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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