Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update Tiwari informs Anita about Gulfamkali.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu asks how Angoori doing, Angoori says not doing well, feeling giddy, Vibhu says please eat something, Angoori says not until i attend Pooja at your place,Vibhu says it will take time, Angoori starts feeling giddy, Tiwaro at tea stall decides that he will infrom Anu about Gulfamkali at any cost and calls her. Anu says tell me, Tiwari says actually theres a tension, Anu says oh because I’m alone in new city dont worry people here are very good cooperative and hard working too.Tiwari says it was actually about in Kanpur, Anu says oh today you know what happened a cop mistook me as DIGs wife, Tiwari says actually, Anu says listen my battery is low bye.

Vibhu walks in and says stop it, let me have some fun too Gulfamkali and have dance with you, She says come then, Anu wakes up from her dream and says what a bad dream how can Gulfamkali shift to my house but my dreams do come true at times but is that possible, let me call vibhu and check.

Gulfamkali performing at Mishra house, Hapu boys and prem enjoying. Vibhu walks downstairs and says enough of all this, Prem says what’s wrong with you, Vibhu says i want to sleep take her to your place of you want, god Anu calling keep quite.Anu asks what are you doing, and i hear something who is beside you, Vibhu says your memories, Anu says stop acting cute, vibhu says who else, Anu says Gulfamkali, Vibhu shouts and says nothing too many lizards and insects.anyways I’m watching TV, Anu says stop it and go to sleep.

Tiwari says you cookes such yummy food, vibhu walks in, Angoori acts as if asleep, Tiwari says look because of you she is feeling giddy and fainting, Vibhu says and you having food, tiwari says because im not fool like you, and she won’t eat till she attends pooja so when will you arrange, Vibhu says actually Panditji called and said it isnt good time, Angoori acts unwell and asks who it is, Vibhuti says it’s me, eat something please, Tiwari says and now with Angoori even you will start fasting, Vibhu says agreed, Angoori acts as if she fainted,Vibhu leaves.

Tiwari goes to see Anu, Anu asks how come here, Anu thinks he is here because Amma is unwell, Tiwari says amma is fit and fine, Anu says then pandit rampals new something, Tiwari says all is fine listen to me, listening to me you will be in shock, Anu says enough tell me, Tiwari says your house is now Gulfamkalis dance bar, Anu asks what nonsense. Anu says let me call vibhu, Tiwari says he won’t accept, you just give surprise visit.

Gulfamkali performing at Mishra hosuey, Vibhu says enough stop all this, im going to bathe dont open the door if someone comes, pelu walks in and informs Anu is coming, all hide. Tiwari walks in with Anu saus look at your house, Anu says all is good, Tiwari says i have seen it trust me.Anu says are you ill, Tiwari says may be he found out you are coming, Anu says enough to prove yourself right you arw lying,Vibhu walks to her says my baby is here, i missed you so much. Tiwari finda everything fishy and looks around.

Pre cap: Vibhu calls Anu says im a loser and going far away from you. Vibhu has poison during Gulfamkalis performance.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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