Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jigna telling that men in her village wear clothes in open. Bakool says I am not of your village. Jigna says but you are a man. Bakool asks her to turn and wears the kurta. Baa asks him not to change anything else behind her back. Bakool wears kurta and says he wants to change her. Baa says you are looking nice. Jigna says she will apply kajal. Bakool refuses and goes.

Harry is in office and talks to Chaddha and says we got 5000 underwear order. He says we will make the elastic tight this time. Bakool comes to office and tells that Jigna made him wear kurta forcibly. Chaddha asks how did you stand up. Bakool tells him what his wife has done. He tells Chaddha is complaining that underwear is having loose elasticity. He gets Sheena’s call. She asks him to come home and says she is waiting for lunch. He says he brought lunch and says bottle gourd dish. She asks him to update himself. Juhi comes and says she heard about the big contract. She tells that she wants Harry to check the lingerie. Harry asks her to get it checked by Bakool and says he has much experience. Bakool gets angry. Harry asks her to get approval from Sheena. Bakool asks her to give him and says he will show to Sheena.

Laundry man brings clothes for Jigna. Jigna tells that this clothes are not of Bakool. Baa says if my bahu told that this is not his clothes then it is not his clothes. Malti comes and talks about her husband, says he used to come home wearing clothes from my sautan’s house. Jigna says my Vishnu ji not like that. Malti gets her husband’s call and goes angrily. Baa asks her not to fight with him. Jigna tells Baa that she will keep Bakool’s clothes. Baa asks him to find his heart feeling and sings song. Baa asks her to sing sensuous song and sings husn ke and dances too. Jigna is surprised. Baa says Bakool came after this song. Jigna says I thought you are very religious. Baa says I am religious, but one has to be romantic with husband. Jigna says I understood and hugs her.

Bakool comes home and calls Sheena. He asks her to finalize the sample. Sheena asks him to leave it and says Ranjeet making soup for you. Bakool thinks there is something for sure. Ranjeet tells Dagdu that let him care for his son in law. He says their love will increase. Bakool tells that he is saved because of Sheena’s love and changes the soup. Ranjeet gets confused. Sheena says soup is soup and asks him to drink. Ranjeet drinks. Bakool says he don’t like beans soup. Ranjeet asks her to make him have soup. Sheena says he is not a kid. Ranjeet says if he drinks then kid will be born. Sheena says what? Ranjeet asks him to become kid and drink. Bakool refuses. Sheena tries to force feed soup in his mouth and it falls on his clothes. He goes to change his clothes. Ranjeet gets romantic after drinking the soup and asks Dagdu to come to bedroom and do some massage.

Sheena tells Bakool that he is looking hot in vest. Baa asks Bakool where did he change his shirt and checks his bag, find the longerie.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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