Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Juhi thanking Bakool and says you are such a nice person. Sheena comes and gets angry on Bakool. She asks what he was doing? Bakool says he was consoling her on her break up. Sheena says don’t forget that you are my husband and asks him not to dare. Bakool says he was just consoling her. Sheena says when you can console her, you can marry twice also. She threatens to kill him. Bakool says from which angle, you are looking a wife and tells that she is not wear bangles, mangalsutra or sindoor. Sheena gets upset and goes. Bakool says Sheena. Ranjeet cries. Servant Dangru asks why tears are coming out of his eyes. Ranjeet reminds him that Pandit ji told that if I don’t see my grand son’s face then I will die. He says Bakool is not having wedding night with Sheena and asks Dangru to think something, as he don’t want to live Sheena alone. Dangru asks him to hold his finger and says you will die surely. Ranjeet says I will kill you.

Baa does Jigna’s aarti and says she saw sindoor in Bakool’s face. Jigna tells that Bakool came to room, but she slept. Baa says you are a mad girl. Jigna says sorry. Baa asks her to tie his hands with her pallu. Jigna asks if he will accept me as his wife. Baa says I will make you marry him again so that he accepts this marriage. Jigna laughs.

Ranjeet aims gun at Bakool and says what did you say to my daughter that she has not having any qualities of a life. Bakool says it came out of mouth. Ranjeet says you said right and asks him to make Sheena wear mangalsutra. Bakool says no. Just then his phone rings and Baa asks him to come home fast. Bakool says okay and asks her to tell what is the matter. Baa asks him to come home fast. Bakool says I will come home. He tells Ranjeet that he has to go. Ranjeet asks him to make Sheena wear mangalsutra and go. Bakool says he will make her have mangalsutra after coming back. Baa eats the theplas made by Jigna and says today she will blackmail Bakool emotionally today. Jigna asks where did you learn acting. Baa says you will learn soon. They hear Bakool coming and start acting as if Baa is hungry. Jigna asks her to have food. Bakool sees the drama. Baa asks him why did you leave Jigna when she slept and asks him to take Jigna to room. Jigna laughs. Bakool says I get scared as she switches off lights, and refuses to go. Baa says I will not listen to you and holds his hand to take him to room.

Just then mangalsutra falls from his pocket. Jigna and Baa are happy and think he brought it for Jigna. Baa asks him to make her wear mangalsutra and says now I understood why you were not letting her close the light. Bakool refuses. Baa threatens to commit suicide. Bakool agrees and says you get ready to drink poison everytime. He is forced. Bakool makes her wear mangalsultra which Ranjeet bought for Sheena. Jigna thanks Baa and says my saula somvar fast have been fruitful. Baa says she will get them married in temple. Bakool is shocked and gets Sheena’s call. Baa and Jigna start doing garba. Sheena asks Bakool to come home and get the mangalsutra which he bought for her. Bakool is tensed. Sheena asks him to come soon. Bakool thinks how you will be saved and says bhaag bakool bhaag.

Sheena is happy and dancing with Ranjeet. Ranjeet says he really loves you. Sheena says I know. Dangru says Bakool came. Ranjeet asks Bakool to make Sheena wear the mangalsutra. Bakool says I made her wear it in my heart. Ranjeet asks him to make her wear mangalsutra in reality. Sheena asks him to make her wear mangalsutra. Bakool says I can’t make you wear it as I forgot it at home. Ranjeet asks him to go and bring fast. Sheeena asks if he made Juhi wear it. Bakool says why I will make her wear it. Ranjeet asks him to tell.

Bakool asks Harry to bring artificial mangalsutra on time. Meanwhile Bakool will be getting married to both Sheena and Jigna at different places.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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