Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranjeet asking Servant to give milk to Bakool and him. Servant gets confused and gives wrong glasses to them. Ranjeet asks Bakool to go to Sheena and asks Servant to massage his feet. Bakool comes to room and sees Sheena wearing a modern outfit with make up. He thinks he is saved from Desi thaali and here continental is waiting for him. He asks God to save him..He looks at Sheena and feels sleepy. Tip tip barsa paani plays….Sheena asks how am I looking. Bakool says beautiful. Sheena asks what is he thinking? Bakool says he is getting sleep. She holds him close and starts dancing on the song zara zara touch me…..She pushes him on bed. Bakool sleeps and starts snoring. Servant says Sahib Nishana is not right.

Baa asks Jigna about the night. Jigna says he went as he got call from city branch. Baa says I am not feeding him honey milk for you and for not city branch. She asks her to question him. Jigna starts questioning her. Baa asks her to question him.

Sheena is angry and takes out her anger on the boxing bag. Ranjeet asks what happened? Sheena says he is useless and tells that he slept in room. Ranjeet scolds him for giving him wrong cup of milk. Sheena is angry. Bakool thinks what to do and asks God to give him strength and save him from marriage. Jigna is about to faint and tells Baa that she couldn’t sleep all night. Bakool says he has to do double duty now. Baa emotionally blackmails him and covers her head with ghunghat and prays to get a grand child. Bakool tells Jigna that he wants to tell her something. Jigna sleeps while sitting. Bakool tells Jigna that she is sweet and good, but he don’t accept child marriage. He tells that he is already married by mistake to his boss’s daughter.

He says what I shall do, I didn’t do this intentionally and asks Jigna to say something. He lifts her ghunghat and she falls on bed. Bakool thinks she slept. Baa comes and stands outside the room. Bakool comes out. Baa sees sindoor on his cheeks and teases him. Bakool understands that Jigna’s sindoor mark is on his cheek and goes to wash his face. Harry asks Bakool to love Jigna if she is good. Bakool says he can’t cheat both. Juhi comes there crying and tells that she liked her boyfriend status without reading and he got upset. Bakool asks her not to like something without reading it.

Ranjeet asks Bakool to make Sheena wear mangalsutra. Baa asks Bakool to go to room with Jigna. Just then mangalsutra falls from his pocket and Jigna and Baa get happy seeing it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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