Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baa asking Jigna to tell what happened last night. Jigna says Bakool was sleeping last night and tells that she made lipstick marks on his body. Baa is shocked. Juhi comes to office crying and tells Harry that her boyfriend eloped. Harry asks her to think him as her boyfriend. Juhi says she don’t need a brother and tells that you are married to Jigna. Bakool comes there. Juhi hugs him and cries. Sheena and Ranjeet come there. Sheena gets angry at him. Ranjeet holds his collar. Bakool says I just love Sheena. Ranjeet sees the lipstick mark on his neck and asks Bakool. Sheena says it must be of Juhi. Juhi says no. Bakool says no, as it is of Jigna. Sheena, Ranjeet and Juhi are shocked. Harry gets scared and hides behind Juhi. Baa tells Malti that Jigna applied lipstick marks on Bakool’s body. Malti says this way children are not born. She says one have to attract husband with love and romance. Jigna hears her carefully. Baa tells Jigna that she has rolled many papads to get Bakool. Jigna says I have understood. Ranjeet asks him if Jigna kissed him.

Bakool says no, and tells that lipstick is of Jigna, but Harry kissed me. Harry says I am not like this. Bakool says we both have went to market to buy lipstick for Jigna and he said that we shall try once. Sheena asks why did you kiss him. Harry says I wanted to check how Jigna will feel when she kisses me. Sheena asks really? Bakool says if you can have fantasy, then why can’t Harry. Ranjeet asks Dagdu to give lipstick. Dagdu says I don’t have. Juhi gives her lipstick. Ranjeet asks Harry to apply and kiss Bakool and says he will check lip print.

Jigna makes many papads. Nandu asks why she is rolling papads. Jigna says she is doing this for happiness. They think she wants to sell papad and earn money. Jigna says no. They tell that they will sell papad and earn money for her. Jigna says she will name it as Dholu Papad. Bakool asks Ranjeet if he don’t trust him. Ranjeet says no. Harry refuses to apply. Ranjeet asks him to kiss Bakool. Juhi applies him lipstick. Harry kisses on that old lipmark. Ranjeet scolds him. Bakool tells that this kiss is not of Harry, but of Sheena, and tells that she forgot this shade. Ranjeet asks them to go. Sheena tells Bakool that he don’t need to get scared now as her pregnancy report is positive. Dagdu hears her and is happy. Baa comes home and walks on the papads. She asks Jigna why did she make so many papads. Jigna says to get happiness. Baa is shocked and tells her that happiness don’t come in the house by rolling happiness, but by a child. Jigna sees the papads.

Ranjeet and Dagdu dances. Ranjeet says you brought good news today. Pandit ji comes to Ranjeet’s house. Ranjeet asks Dagdu to take biscuits plate. Pandit ji takes biscuits and plate also. Pandit ji says they have one child in their destiny. Ranjeet says I am proud of you…my son. Pandit ji says child’s name will start with B…Bhootnath. They looks on.

A kid troubles the neighbors. They get angry. Jigna saves the kid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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