Beyond Great Darkness – Chapter 9

Author’s Note– Okay so the guy in this chapter barged into my room, tied me with on my chair and threatened to harm me because I was not writing about him. So, presenting this chapter in the name of self-preservation. You all also read this quickly cause this guy got no chills….

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Previously- Markaat escapes Tilismi Cave with Jai’s help while laying a trap for Vani. Vani finally manage to escape it and reach home and explain everything to Balvant and Tapeera.

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Beyond Great Darkness

Chapter  – 9: The King Speaks

Balvant was upset as he walked back towards his room after his talk with Veer and Bani. Upset? Scratch that, he was furious, livid, raging. How dare that woman try and kill his son? Had she not done enough to destroy his family already that she was trying to kill her own son? HIS son?

He had been an idiot when he had decided that she was his mate and life partner.  He had been completely smitten with her since the first time that he had met her. They started spending time together and slowly their friendship blossomed into love. Oh it was only him that had foolishly fallen for her, wasn’t it? She had never cared, he knew that now.

He had thought her to be a simple human but when he had caught her transforming into her eagle form, he had easily believed her reason of not telling him the truth because she thought he was a human. He was just so happy that he would not have to hide his eagle side from her that he naively believed her stupid reason. She had known exactly who he was, he knew that now.

He was very happy initially when he had seen her true form of Markaat. He was sure that aadi-nagin would no longer be a problem whenever she was found as his Chandrakala—who was now a Singhania – would easily be able to defeat the aadi nagin and he was also there to help her.

But then he had seen her true colors. She was loyal neither to cheel side nor to her nagin side. She was hell bent on world domination and even willing to destroy the cheel legacy which he had painstakingly created and maintained throughout the years.

It was then he had decided it was enough. He had to restain her somehow. No not kill, but restain. He kept lying to himself that it was because only the aadi-nagin could kill her, or so Lord Shiva had declared. He would never accept that he loved her too much to be able to kill her.

The hardest part about all this was answering his children about where their mother had vanished to. Oh children, his three lovely children. They were the best thing that ever happened to him in this entire ordeal. It was difficult at first, when children would come to him in the middle of the night asking for their mother and he had no answer to give them about her whereabouts when he knew exactly where she was at the moment, having seen her only few hours before to give her food.

He suspects this absence to be the reason of little Teer’s condition and he will forever blame himself for this. He did try to spend as much time with his children as he could when they were growing up, while taking the name of Singhania Industries to new heights, so that his children would not grow up wanting for anything. His brother had been an invaluable help during the whole time.

During the same time he had also started searching for aadi naag and nagin with a new vigor, to end this for once and for all. He had left no stone unturned. No method was right or wrong. It was only a means to an end and end justified the means. He kept Veer out of it as he knew that Veer would not agree with some of those methods and also did not tell him about his past and Satyug.

Things have a way of getting back to us in a manner that we least expect. He had tried so many ways but look how he had finally found the aadi naagin. In his own house, as his own daughter in law.

Why couldn’t his sons find nice cheels from some cheel clans to marry, he would never understand. His eldest wants to marry a human, which would have been acceptable had the said human not been a sister to the aadi nagin herself, to whom his other son and heir had been married. Even his nephew had almost married a shapeshifting peahen. What has the world come to? Thank God that got cancelled. Ofcourse he had known she was a peahen as soon as he had seen her after she gained her creature inheritance. Even the Queen serpent (aadi-nagin) had recognized her in few hours of meeting her and he wasn’t ruling the Cheels for so long by being a fool. He hadn’t said anything only because of the long standing treaty between the Cheel and the Mor clans and Mayuri didn’t mean any harm to his family.

Well that didn’t mean that any other species living in his house also didn’t mean harm. Currrently there exists this unsaid truce with aadi nagin, at least till the ‘Markaat Problem’ was solved and both of us are trying not to do anything to ruin this peace. But what is to say that the aadi nagin will not come after his family once Markaat is dealt with? He would be the happiest if their marriage did work out, but Cheels and Naags have been enemies since always, and she has already managed to kill my Teer and Monil and Shukla’s sons.

Oh Veer might easily believe that his precious wife is innocent but he would not. Not at least till he has absolute proof of her innocence. He would never trust the words of a Naga.

He was also afraid that history would repeat itself and either events of Satyug would come to pass again or Veer would be betrayed by his wife like he himself had been. Veer had fallen for Bani; hook, line and sinker in a similar manner like he himself had many years ago, so much so that he was ready to go against him, his own father.

But he had learnt his lesson since then and would not let his son make the same mistake as he himself had done. He would bring the true face of the nagin in front of Veer. Veer will be heartbroken at first but that will be better than him being betrayed later.

These thoughts kept going around in Balvant’s head as he reached his room. He enters his room and the door closes behind him.

Author’s Note-  So here’s the next one. A bit of history between the elder Singhania couple and a new take on why Balvant dislikes Bani. He doesn’t want Veer to suffer like he himself did.

A little short chapter, I know, but its been ages since I posted and so wanted to get this out ASAP.

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  1. Jai : Will you go in alone?
    Bani: I am Adi naagin, Sarvasresht Adi Naagin, don’t forget that.
    Also don’t forget that we are the naags and naagins who have been protecting the naagvansh (snake clan) for years.
    We have always taken the right path. We have punished everyone who has done wrong with our family or any ordinary person. And I am telling you this just so that you remember that our justice is not only for our naaglok (snake clan) and we know what we are doing and when it comes to revnege, thousands of naags and naagins died because of the cheels. Because of them you died in that age and I was cursed by Shivji. So what do you think? That i will forgive all of them like that? Never! Never at all! Everyone will have to pay for what they have done and in this age whoever does wrong will be punished.
    Jai: And Veeranshu? Will he be punished or not?
    Bani: No.
    Jai: See I knew that you will say this because you have… (He is about to say feelings for him)

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