Beyond Friends (Shivika OS) by Archiya

hello friends.. I am back this time with another shivika OS, its a different love story,, not what is shown in IB..You will understand the characters as the story unfolds
So here it goes.. hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I loved writing it

Anika walked into the pub, Mumbai pubs are always so crowded,her eyes searched for the only man she longed to see, with whom she had recently fallen in love with, Shivay.Chanda came towards her an pointed to Shivay.Her friend Chanda knew everything about her even without telling,that’s why they were besties forever.

This college reunion had been chanda plan.Shivay had been their senior in college, but they had always been much more friendly because of Anika elder sister Anaya, who studied in the same class as Shivay.

Shivay dressed in a complete black suit looked ravishing, he was busy chatting with his friends,She was staring at him when he saw her, winked an smiled, her heart got caught in her throat..

He was so handsome. As soon as Shivay had finished his graduation he had traveled to Dehli for job. After a year when anika had finished graduation, even Anika had landed in the same company where Shivay was working. As they both did not have anyone else, they had become close friends.

They stayed in the same apartment, watched movies, shopped together, they were inseparable. Anyone who saw them, said what a lovely couple they were, but anika knew that Shivay had only loved her elder sister Anaya, but she could not stop herself from coming close to Shivay.He genuinely seemed interested in her and cared a lot about her. Anika wanted to get back to Mumbai where her parents stayed, as they needed her, so she had shifted to Mumbai a month back. It had broken her heart to go away from Shivay,but he had not left her alone for long,he had tried in the same company as anika, and had got the job in mumbai

Her chain of thoughts broke when she saw Shivay coming towards her,He came and hugged her an whispered in her ears
“I missed you so much Anika” hearing this anika turned completely red and he enjoyed that she blushed

Anika : You should be talking to your friends, you are meeting them after a long time.

Shivay: They can wait, it is you, whom I want to spend time with.

Anika an Shivay were lost in each other eyes when Chanda pulled them both to the dance floor

The song plays,
saanson ko saanson mein dhalne do zara
Shivay put his arms around anika waist, and she put her arms around him.

dheemi si dhadkan ko badhne do zara
Their hearbeats at this point seemed one

Shivay : You look so beautiful today, every guy in this pub is jealous that you are in my arms
Anika(blushing) : Shivay, you are exaggerating

lamhon ki guzarish hai yeh paas aa jaayen
Shivay hugs anika and they dance closely, anika could hear Shivay heartbeat, or was that hers beating so loudly.

hummmmmmmmmm.. hum tum..

They were so engrossed in each other that they did not realize the song was over. Everyone clap and Shivika come out of their trance.
After sometime the party gets over

Anika : Shivay you did not leave my side even for a minute

Shivay: That’s were I want to be, by your side always.

They come out an start heading to her flat , she stayed a few blocks away from her parents in her own flat,they reach outside her flat.Shivay comes closer to her,anika hearbeat starts increasing , he holds her face in his palms, puts her hair behind her ear, lingers his hand there for sometime, an touches his forehead to hers, finally he wished her good night an started leaving

Anika : My parents have invited you for lunch tomorrow, at their flat

Shivay : Be ready, will pick you up and we will go together.

Next day afternoon
Shivay knocks the door of anika flat, she opens it and asks him to come in,but he just stand there, admiring her mesmerizing beauty. She wore a beautiful blue gown, the color complimenting his eyes.

Anika inhales the fragrance of roses, which Shivay gifted her

Shivay comes closer to anika, an holds her.

Shivay : you look beautiful, comes still closer an inhales her smell.. u smell even more good than those roses

Anika blushes, and they leave together hand in hand to her parents flat

Shivay and Anika arrive at anika parents’ home. Anika’s mom comes an gives a big hug to Shivay and welcomes him, she ignores her daughter. Her dad comes an gives her a hug.
They all sit to have food, anika mom notices that Shivay was constantly seeing only anika.

Anika Mom: So beta, how is life going.You must have become very lonely without Anaya

Shivay sensed anika tense at Ananya name, an the smile left her face

Shivay : life is going on good aunty

Anika’s Mom: Ananya was such a nice girl, so beautiful and full of life, topper at college, shows topper for so many model shows, she was number one in everything, unlike anika. Anika will never be what Anaya was.

Anika felt tears pricking her eyes, she just left the dining table and walked out of her parents flat

Shivay : Aunty how can you say this,I won’t give anyone permission to talk like this, to the woman I love.. Anika is your daughter too and she is a very kind hearted person,who cares so much for her family, that is why she shifted here.She always helps others, the people in my company used to love her for her lovely nature.
Saying this Shivay also walked out of their flat.He started towards anika flat.. now he just had to say the same thing to anika , that he loves her an wants her for his whole life.

Shivay reached anika flat, it was open he just entered it, an felt so hurt when he saw anika sitting on the sofa ,her head in her palms
Anika: Shivay, please go away,

Shivay : Why? I want to be with you.

Anika : What for? I can never forget that you are my sisters boyfriend

Shivay : Anika , its not I am , I was,.. you sister is dead years back , so why are you still leaving in the past.

Anika : you heard what mom said, she was a topper in everything, an I am a loser, don’t be with me

Shivay (comes to sit side of her on the sofa): Anika, you can never be a loser, you are one of the best person I met in my life, an about your mom, don’t worry , she wont talk to ever like that, as I have warned her that she cannot talk like that to the woman I love, even if she is her daughter

Anika is shocked to listen this

Anika : what did you just say

SHivya : that you are her daughter

Anika: no , before that

Shivay: oh that, she cannot talk like that to the woman I love

Anika : why did you say that, is this some joke

Shivay(feels bad hearing this) : Its not a joke Anika..I love you

Anika: you don’t love me, you love my sister, may be you just see her shadow in me.

Shivay : I just see you as anika, my anika an nothing an no one else

Anika : But then you loved my sister..The last year of your college when she was suffering from cancer, you were with her day and night, taking care of her, reading to her, feeding her, you were there every moment

Shivay : Anika, I had broken up with your sister even before she was detected with cancer, but she needed me when she was diagnosed. I just could not leave her mid way, if nothing I at least had some humanity for her,that is why I was with her

Anika was shocked to listen to this.

Shivay just holded her hand “ Anika,From the time you came to stay in Mumbai, we have been so close friends, inseparable.. an these last few days away from you have made me miserable. that’s when I realized I am in love with you, an I know you love me too”
Tears form a pool in anika eyes, and they start spilling. Shivay sees the love in her eyes but not the trust

Shivay : Anika, please don’t cry , I can never see tears in your eyes.Give me some time to be with you , I will prove to you that I have been in love only with you, just Anika,and not Anaya’s younger sister Anika.The day you feel that things have changed between us an you feel my love just tell me.

Three months later
Shivay entered Anika flat carrying all the groceries. .He had spent last three months completely with her, each an very moment he got, showing her how much he loves an cares for her.

Shivay came closer to anika, hugged her from behind an said something smells really good

Anika : It’s not me, it’s the cinnamon orange cake which I made for you

Shivay : Cant wait to taste it ,let me just get some expresso to go with it.An he starts walking towards the kettle

Anika : Shivay, I wanted to say something to you, don’t turn please I will feel shy.The last three months have been so good to be with you, each and every moments , you have proved to me that you love only me , an not a shadow of my sister. You had asked me to tell you, when I take a decision.. .. thaaat

Shivay turns around
Shivay : Telling what Anika..

Anika just looks down, as she felt so shy to look into Shivay eyes… that I Iove you

Shivay just stands there like a statue. .. anika gets tensed , she had just proposed an this guy is not even responding.

Anika : Shivay its ok if you have changed your mind about me.

Shivay comes closer to her, an says yes I have.. he removes a box from his pocket, and puts a ring on her finger..

Shivay : now the ring got its correct destination, it has been roaming with me for the last 3 months awaiting your ans.I love you and want to be married to you.Will you marry me Anika and be with me forever

Anika : Yes I will Shivay

Shivay: An do I have the permission to kiss you now

Anika: you did not ask me this last time,when you kissed my forehead

Shivay: its not the forehead I am talking about, and he brings down his lips to hers..

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  1. Surbhi Sharma

    ArchiI . This was an aww epi ???? .
    Amazing , fantabulous, shivikalucios os .
    Loved it . ????????

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Surbhi.. M so glad u liked it ? ?

  2. Superb…. just fantastic…. loved it

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Lilly 🙂

  3. Kiki

    wowwwww Archi…. ??

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Kiki.. M so glad u liked it ? ?

  4. AnuluvsIB

    Nice man!!! First when u said he loved Anaya.. I was like nooo.. but after reading he broke up with her even before cancer I was like thank god archu.. u made that clear..
    Even if it is FF, we just cannot stand Shivaay loving some one else!!

    Thanks archu!! I loved it!! ?

    1. Archiya

      Anu dear
      Thanks der ? ?
      M so glad u liked it, even I can’t bear Shivay with anyone else, even if it’s am FF 🙂

  5. I hsve no word for this…so just awwwwwwwwwww??????

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  6. Niriha

    It’s awesome……!! lovely os loved it

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      Niriha ..thanks dear..n ur dp is a killer ? ?

  7. Wow!!! Superbbbbbbb one!!
    Loved it!!

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  8. Wow..that was so amazing…and what a perfect end to the story….???..

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  9. Piyuu

    superb archu…keep writing.waiting for next os.

    1. Archiya

      Piyuu dear
      Thank u so much.. M so glad u like it. Will come up with a short ff next

  10. Thedreamsoul

    Archiya , Awesome man . I loved it and I really loved when Shivaye stood for Anika infront of her mom , how sweet is Shivaye !
    Keep writing .

    1. Archiya

      Thanks dear. My glad u liked it, an yeah my Shivay is very sweet in my story..

  11. Nice one….

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  12. Nila

    wow so romantic and cute

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  13. Fabulous archiya di just loved it a lot really so lovely OS waiting for next one

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  14. LAX

    Good job dear..!! ?I liked Shivays character the most in the OS. He is a very sorted guy.
    Like Anu said even if it’s a story, cannot think of anybody else other than Annika with Shivay.
    Is this the OS u sent for competition??

    1. Archiya

      Lax dear
      That was the quickest wish anyone has fulfilled mine till now. I mean I had msg u just an hour back on Friday, as I remember Wen I was leaving Ofc. .. An u read it so quick an replied.. Thanks a lot for that ? ?

      He is so confused in the serial tat I thght to make him a lil sorted here?

      Even I can’t think anyone other then Anika for Shivay, an yeah this is the os I submitted for the competition

    2. Archiya

      Nothing negative?

    1. Archiya

      Thanks Alekhika.. 🙂

  15. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dii… I am such a dumb not reading this beautiful os early…

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  16. Shreyanvi

    Omg!!!!!…..di it’s amazing…nd frankly speaking I made me blush????…..
    Next time whenever u will post OS plz share link as me.. I don’t want to miss any of ur story….

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      Sorry for typos…

    2. Archiya

      Hey Saku..thanks for the lovely words.. Will surely pm u the link whenever I write an made u blush that’s a lovely compliment as I thought a lot abt how shivika romantic scenes should b Wen I was writing this os

  17. Jerry_36

    Sorry for the late comment dear. Its lovely. Very nice. You are so talented. Do come with more☺

    1. Archiya

      M so glad u liked it, an no need of sorry dear
      Thanks for the compliment.. Will come up the next One soon ? ?

  18. Archiya

    M so glad u liked it, an no need of sorry dear
    Thanks for the compliment.. Will come up the next One soon ? ?

  19. Haridhra

    Archi Di it was an awsm OS …??

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