Beyhadh when love turns into obsession (episode 8)

Arjun calls Maya;

Maya: hello!!!
Arjun: What r u doing tonight?
Maya: nothing much.
Arjun: Very well! Can we meet then?
Maya: But what for?
Arjun: Its a surprise 4 u…a b’day surprise.
Maya: But I don’t celebrate my b’day.
Arjun: but I want to. Believe me for once, I promise that I will make it very special 4 u. I just want your 1 hour.
Maya(thinks): OK.

Arjun is waiting eagerly for Maya. He sees Maya coming and smiles.
Arjun: U r late by 5 minutes.
Maya: sorry!!!
Arjun: close ur eyes.
Maya: why?
Arjun keeps his palm on her eyes.
Maya: what r u doing?
Arjun: no question, just walk with me.
They walk to the spot. Arjun removes his hands.
Arjun: Now u can open ur eyes.
Maya opens her eyes. She is surprised. A smile comes on her face. Its a lakeside and its decorated with beautiful lamps. She sees a pair of swan meeting in the lake under the beautiful crescent shaped moon whose reflection can be seen in shimmering waters.Her eyes is filled with tears.

Maya(turning to Arjun): its beautiful! U did all this 4 me?
Arjun points towards the sky.
Maya: shooting star!
Arjun: yes! And its said that a shooting star always fulfills one’s wishes. Its ur day Maya. Ask what ur heart wants.
Maya closes her eyes. Arjun stands beside her, looking at her. A breeze blows Maya’s hairs. Arjun sees that and smiles.

Kisi sham ki tarah
Tera rang hai khila
Main raat ek tanha
Tu chaand sa mila

Haan tujhe dekhta raha
Kisi khwab ki tarah
Jo ab saamne hai tu
Ho kaise yakeen bhala

Toota jo kabhi Tara starts playing…

Maya looks back and sees Arjun standing with the cake.
Arjun: Its12:00 O’Clock. Happy b’day Maya.
She blows the candles and cuts the cake. They feed cake to each other…

Toota jo kabhi Tara sajna ve
Tujhe rab se maanga
Rabb se jo maanga mileya veve
Tu mileya toh jaane na dunga main…

Suddenly fireflies grace the place. Maya goes among them and starts playing. Arjun looks on….

Haan Maine suni hain
Pariyon ki kahaani
Waisa hi noor tera
Chehra hai tera ruhani

As tujhko main apni
Bahon mein chupa lun
Haan apni iss zameen ko
Kar doon main aasmani
Zindagi rok doon main
An tere saamne
Pal do pal jo rule
Tu mere saath mein

Toota jo kabhi Tara sajna ve ……

Maya then goes to lake and starts splashing water upon Arjun. Arjun walks to her. He pulls Maya to him. He throws his arms round her waist and draws her near.Maya’s smiles ceases. A breeze scatters Maya’s hair on her face. Arjun removes them by his fingers. He looks at her lips. She bites her lips nervously. He moves closer to her. She turns her face away.Arjun turns her gently towards him holding her chin.
Maya: ar…j…in!
Arjun: Ssshhhh!!!
He keeps his finger on her lips.
Arjun: Don’t say anything, just look into my eyes.
He runs his finger to the full length of her lips. She looses herself and makes no further attempts to free herself. She flings her arms round his neck and clutches the back of his collar tightly. She closes her eyes. She feels Arjun’s breathe. Her heart beats faster. Arjun proceeds. The moon shines more brightly upon them. They are about to kiss but…

Maya’s phone rings. Arjun moves back disappointed.
Maya: hello mom!
Mom: Maya where are u. I m waiting for u.
Maya: yes mom, I m coming.

Arjun drives his jeep with Maya sitting next to him. No one speaks.They arrive at Maya’s home;

Arjun: Here u are.
Maya: Thanks Arjun. It was beautiful.U made my day.
Arjun is about to speak something but Maya’s friends call her. Maya leaves….

Precap: Arjun and Maya in a restaurant. Waiter humiliates Arjun. Maya gets angry.

How was it friends????

  1. Hey!
    First of all, I’m soooo damn glad that you’re continuing!
    Coming to the post, it was awesome! Maya’s birthday gift was soooo special and wonderful! Loved it!
    And their kiss….would’ve been wonderful if there would’ve been no interruption but all those moments were quite enough!
    The precap gives me goosebumps! Guess Maya will fight for Arjun! Let’s wait and see…
    Post soon!
    Take care!<3

  2. This is really Nonsense

  3. Jasminerahul

    thanku so much 4 continuing it.
    loved arjun’s b’day beautiful.nice b’day celebration.lake water splashing shoot star wish were cute.what did they wish 4?majun romance was sensual.cud’nt kiss bcz of d ph call.waiting 4 more majun romance

  4. CuteVanshu

    Nice bt plzzzz give long update

    1. ARK

      Thanks Vanshu!!!
      Will surely look to it.

  5. This was so awesome. I honestly feel that u will be great director one day

    1. ARK

      Thank u very much Farah 4 such a lovely comment.

  6. This was so awesome plsssss continue it

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