Beyhadh : Love heals every wound FF Part 6

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Sufi is aggregated due to the humiliation she faced due to Ayaan. She is about hit the glass on the door missed by Ayaan.
Sufi : what are you doing here? get out
Ayaan : please listen to me (holds the vase with which Sufi is about to hit him)
Sufi pushes him back with all the force she has on her causing Ayaan to fall down hardly. She packs her bag and heads towards the parking lot followed by Ayaan.
“Don’t you understand one simple thing, I said leave me alone” says Sufi with all the rage burning inside her

Ayaan : I know I did wrong, but trust me my intention were not to hurt you, I never wanted the bet thing to come in front of whole college
Sufi is clutching her fist more tightly hearing Ayaan’s words.
” The first time I saw you I got feeling that never had for anybody, I was influenced by my friend” Ayaan regretfully says trying to hold her hands
“Enough” voice echoed in the parking lot
Sufi : you know what I was right in the first meeting, boys like you are worst than those criminals,

Ayaan looks down in guilty on not able to face her. Sufi corners him holding his collar tightly with too much force
Sufi : I can bear everything but not humiliation and you tarnished that image of mine in a moment why Ayaan
Ayaan : I never intended to do that, I can never imagine of playing with any girl’s feelings

Sufi : you proved me wrong Ayaan, I thought you respect a girl’s honor
Ayaan : please forgive me, give me whatever punishment you want
” You don’t deserve my hate either, get lost I don’t want to see your face” Sufi says giving him another push from her and starts her car speedily. Ayan stands in front of her car inspite of noticing her raging eyes. She keeps the engine on and goes rashly crushing his feet. He shouts in pain but Sufi does not notice. Ayaan reaches his house with injured leg noticed by his mother.

Vandana : Ayaan, what happened to your leg, Saanjh come here quickly (shouts loud)
Arjun and Saanjh rushes quickly to see his injured leg
Saanjh : oh my god what happened ? sit here I will bring the first aid
Arjun : but how did this all happen, is it hurting too much
Saanjh applies medicine on his feet
Ayaan reminisces Sufi’s angered and violent behavior and lies to everybody
Ayaan : bro, wooden table fell on my leg
Arjun : you should have called me there

Ayaan ; its okay bhai, I am fine it happens (walks into his room)
Saanjh : aunty I am sure something is definitely wrong with him
Vandana : I hope this boy does not land up in big trouble one day
Arjun : don’t worry I will find it out sooner or later (assures both ladies)
Next day Maya reaches her office when everybody congratulates her for the success of their company.
Maya : its all of your hard work, I am proud of you all good work
Rhea : Ma’am that foreign client wants to discuss the next project with you
Maya : oh yea, he is coming soon for the conference we have to make arrangements send Arjun to my cabin when he comes
Rhea : sure ma’am
Arjun knocks on Maya’s cabin door
Maya : Finally you are here Mr Sharma

Arjun : of course, somebody’s important thing brought me back here
Maya (in confused voice) : what do you mean
Arjun hands her purse she left in his car the other night
Maya : oh my god thank you so much, it had my important things inside
Arjun : just check inside if everything is safe
Maya : why so? I trust you anyway I called for another reason
Arjun : yes go ahead Maya
Maya : I am hoping you made arrangement for our foreign clients I told you earlier
Arjun : I am so sorry Maya I could not finish the whole arrangement
Maya : Arjun do you know how important this client are for us, they are investing lot of money for our next fashion league
Arjun : don’t worry work will be done today
Maya : good, you can leave and don’t forget they are coming tomorrow morning, why don’t you go pick them up
Arjun ; Me?

Maya : yes you Arjun, do you see anybody in this room apart from you and me
Arjun : sorry, I will go (leaves the cabin)
Maya is talking on phone with somebody in the warehouse to place the designs safely. Sufi comes home to meet Maya and is happy to see her after many years
Maya : will you just stand like that, come give me hug
Sufi : I missed you so much sis
Maya : really? I saw how much you missed me, for how long have you been in this town (twists her ears)
Janvi : Maya baby what are you doing, stop torturing poor girl
Maya : poor? then ask her where was she all this days
Sufi : I am sorry sis, please please forgive me (pleads like child)
Maya : not so soon dear, come lets have some dinner
Sufi ; wow, its been ages I had such delicious food
Janvi : it is so good to see you, so how have you been
Maya : mom our Sufi madam has been enjoying her freedom am I not right
Janvi : why?

Maya shows her the video of Sufi’s dance in the college
Sufi : aunty please don’t tell brother, he will kill me, actually the dancer in the band group had an accident so as replacement they chose me
Maya : till how long you will run like this, face the reality Sufi
Janvi : come on Maya, everybody has right to live their own life, you also try to live like that and see how beautiful it can be
Maya : I don’t have time to make relationships, my dinner is over I will be right back
Janvi : my Maya is very scared of making relations just like your brother, god knows when will all of your life become stable
Sufi : aunty, it is not necessary to live life with a man’s support, we are 21st century women

Janvi : but dear, it is necessary to have a soulmate to share your emotions, your happiness
Sufi : aunty, people in this world only think of themselves
Maya calls Sufi interrupting their conversation
Janvi : I hope that day comes soon when you realize that love can be very beautiful thing to live with
Sufi : sis, you talk with brother, he will listen to you
Maya : Sufi, you know he will never agree to your music career,
Sufi sits on her knees holding maya’s hand.
” You both raised me with all love, never let me face the cruel world but is living your dream a mistake, every career has its own importance, please don’t snatch this opportunity from me” pleads cryingly
Maya caresses her hair and agrees to help her make music career.
Maya : don’t emotional blackmail me silly girl, I will not stop you from doing anything
Sufi : thank you sis

Maya : tell me how is everything in college
Sufi tells everything to Maya regarding Ayaan’s prank but does not mention the name of him.
Maya : who is he? just tell me the name (gets up in angry mode)
Sufi : chill, sis I learned at least something from you on how to handle anybody’s misbehavior, I will deal with him in my own and he will also remember the lesson whole life (smirks)
Late at night Maya gets bad dreams of the molestation and her dad torturing them. She wakes up in fright looking around the room. She decides to go for drive in her car for a while. On her way she sees Arjun and Saanjh chilling together. Though she does not have feelings for Arjun and enmity with Saanjh deep down there is fire of jealousy igniting seeing the bonding between both of them. Arjun sees Maya’s car from far but before he calls her, she drives away.
Saanjh : what happened Arjun? who was that
Arjun : I think it was Maya but I don’t know why she did not look at me
Saanjh : what was she doing here at this time, it is almost 11
Arjun : I know thats kind of weird
Mathur house

Prem is worried about Saanjh and Arjun’s relationship.
Suman : whats wrong Prem, why are you worried
Prem ; this is not good, till how long it will go like this, there is also some limit in friendship, do you know how people are talking outside
Suman : I know but can we do when Saanjh is not ready to confess her love
Prem: we have to do something or else in this fast world Arjun will leave our Saanjh very far behind
Saanjh comes home and hears their conversation.
Saanjh : dad, I am waiting for right time for Arjun to confess
Prem : I hope your waiting does not cause you to be too late and you will end up waiting for your love
Saanjh : nothing like that will happen, and there is no force in love, it would be path of destruction

Prem : I hope your words does not come back on you dear, and you find your love
On the campus Ayaan again confronts Sufi about his deed. The whole college gathers seeing them together
Payal : come on Sufi, forgive him, after all who does not make mistake
Sufi : so you want to befriend me (walks around him) fine I will forgive you
Ayaan (gets relieved) : thank you so much
Sufi : i am not finished yet, Ayaan
Ayaan : sorry, what is it
Sufi : I have a small condition before I forgive you for your deed
Ayaan : and what is that

Sufi : are you looking at college flag (points to the terrace) you have to run at the roof and get that flag for me
Everybody is shocked hearing Sufi’s words
Payal (takes her aside) : Sufi have you gone crazy, it is dangerous, what if something happens to him you will be responsible
Sufi : why? if he dares to stoop low to play with girl’s image then he does not want to go up again to the sky
Ayaan does not say anything about his injured leg
Sufi ; scared? leave it Ayaan, its not your capability, I thought you are fond of challenges but you deserve those silly bets (is about leave)
Ayaan : wait (holds her hand) I will do anything for you
Sufi is quite surprised to see Ayaan’s guts as well as the whole college.
Sufi : if you win this game I will forgive you alright then your time starts now (turns on the stop watch) all the best

Payal : Sufi there is still time, stop all this
Sufi : if you don’t want to see, then close your eyes or go away from here
Ayaan runs upstairs quickly to the terrace much to everybody’s shock even with little bit injured leg.
Payal : Sufi, his leg is injured do something or else
Sufi gets worried knowing about the injury and goes upstairs to stop Ayaan even at the cost of hurting her hand while running. Ayaan reaches first and is about to open the rope but Sufi stops him.
Sufi : are you an idiot, if your leg was hurt then why did you come upstairs
Ayaan: this injury is nothing compared to the burden of guilty I will have to take with me
Sufi : stop this philosophy and lets go from here (tries to take him but Ayaan does not pay heed to her)

Ayaan : I will not go anywhere until you forgive me
Sufi : stop this nonsense, come on
Ayaan : no way, I will finish this challenge, I am not coward to run away
Sufi walks away angrily but in process her feet slips from the edge. Everybody panics seeing the scene
Payal : somebody help them (tries to go but people stops her)
Ayaan holds her hands in nick of time and bring her up. She runs away due to the proximity between them.
Maya is driving the car when Arjun calls her to inform about the meeting
Arjun : where are you? I am at the hotel
Maya : I am on my way, till then you (starts feeling dizzy)
Arjun : Maya are you there. hello
Maya crashes the car on the bridge. Somebody tells him Maya had accident
Arjun : what? accident?
Person : I am taking her to city hospital, you reach there
Arjun : okay I will be there, what should i do, how can i leave this clients
With no choice Arjun tells Rhea to handle the clients. Arjun reaches hospital and goes to her room.

Arjun ; doctor how is she?
Doctor : she is absolutely fine, she was just unconscious due to stress
Arjun : oh but there is no problem right
Doctor : nothing to worry, she is fine, you can take her home
Arjun : Are you alright Maya
Maya : I am absolutely fine, I just had weakness thats why
Arjun : Maya, working does not mean one has to take control over that
Maya : look I am alright now (loses balance again)
Arjun : yea I can see how much you take care of yourself, sit here
Maya : but
Arjun : no more arguments, sit here I said and now listen to me carefully
Maya does not say word
Arjun : I told Rhea to handle everything, we are going to beach right
Maya ; no way, I have to go right now, its very important
Arjun : fine but after that I have surprise for you and you cannot refuse for that
Maya : okay, now can we go we are getting late (says bit sternly even though she enjoyed his concerned for her)
Arjun : for your information we have to go in my car because your car was crashed so sorry about that
Maya and Arjun goes to the hotel for the conference.
Rhea : ma’am are you alight, whats that injury
Maya : I am fine, can we continue with the presentation (says sternly)
After the presentation Arjun takes Maya to the quite beach after the meeting.
Maya : why did you bring me here at this time, I thought you had surprise for me
Arjun : is this surprise not enough for you, I mean what place can be good than this
Maya : you just called me to sit on this sand? how inconvenient
Arjun laughs at her reaction but seeing Maya’s seriousness he stops
Arjun : what happened?
Maya : I think Arjun we should limit our relation to boss and employ, we should not cross that boundary, for a moment I got distracted but not anymore
Arjun : Maya, you know in my whole life I have never met any girl like you, I heard lot of things about you, how at such young age you built this empire with your hard work
Maya goes into deep thinking hearing his words.
Arjun : I know we both are employ and boss but the other day I noticed very innocent girl behind this tough behavior
Maya : you don’t know anything about me, I don’t make relations so easily
Arjun : that is the problem, you do not want to let your heart control your emotion
Maya’s heart start beating fast and mind has frizzed as nobody in all this years had guts to confront her.

Arjun : accept the reality, we are humans not god, I want to bring color in your life, will you give me a chance (forwards his hand)
Maya ; Arjun, please don’t force me, you will be ruined if you enter my world of darkness
Arjun : I want to be light of your dark world, I am ready to face that dark (looks at Maya’s tear and softly wipes them) don’t waste this precious tears
Maya feels completed with Arjun’s one gesture and wants to befriend him.
Arjun : what are you thinking, come I will drop you home, and sorry if I went overboard
Maya walks very close to him holding his hand
Arjun : Maya, I am decent guy (covers himself)
“Thank you” whispers him softly splashing water on him
Arjun : what are you doing?
Maya : you only said few minutes ago to live life like humans thats what I am doing

Precap : Maya starts getting jealous seeing Arjun and Saanjh together. Ayaan confesses his love for Sufi

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