Beyhadh – Analysis of Maya

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For those who always said Saanjh is perfect for Arjun.

He himself claimed that he has beyhadh love for Maya.

Today ‘s episode was completely Maya’s after 2 days of nonsense .She proved her dominance and shrewdness in every scene .She made it clear to every viewer that she is The one who can handle Arjun so perfectly and she owns Arjun.Can’t say if they ll endup together .But no matter what Arjun is drowned in endless love.He can never love Saanjh nor hate Maya for whatever her past is .The scene where she maintained her temper even after knowing what happened behind her back is the one every girl should follow .
She waited for Arjun to say the truth and when he was hesitant she let him free telling him dat she ll learning loving his lies which was enough for Arjun to confess .
When he confessed ,she reacted calm and made him so comfortable dat next time he wouldn’t think a second to confess.
Secondly, she questioned him in a way dat nobody would blame her for doubting Arjun again pushing Arjun to prove his love once again . Even after knowing it , she made a strong claim dat Arjun ‘s friendship should remain forever indirectly telling dat “Only frienship should exist” thou he never realised it
When we think about Saanjh ,she never gave time for Arjun to confess and she blasted him leading to the future scenes where we saw Arjun hiding everything from her .
Third statement where Maya claimed that she would have loved Arjun Silently if she had known dat Arjun is in love with Saanjh

The above scenes will be shown in future where Arjun ll defintely intimidate Saanjh saying dat she proposed even thou she knew he is in love and will claim dat his Maya would never do it .Every word of Saanjh against Maya would make Arjun doubt Saanjh n never Maya

Highlight of the episode : Maya’s confession infront of the media
Would fetch Vandhana and Ayan’s sympathy .Would make Saanjh join with Ashwin eventually leading to ArjunSaanjh separation , made Ashwin go out of her life , making Arjun believe dat no more secrets exist and every word byAshwin in the future ll seem a lie .

Last but not the least : clever move of MakingArjun announce their relationship infront of Media

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  1. Angelk1

    Didnt u already post this, its good you analsye maya , but we will see what happen when the show progress. The outcome of things.

    1. Hey Angel Yea , I did post but hereafter will be doing seperate articles .Thanks for recognizing Angel☺

      1. Angelk1

        Separate article about what?

  2. O god same thing again maya please save them .

  3. Awesome analysis Nandhana N…but saanjh fans will not understand this too..they want to see Arjun surfers for rejecting seeing evilness in from them than ashwin.

    1. Angelk1

      Lol if you say so ks. Maya is bipolar and needs help. I wonderHow long she will be able to hold on to arjun before she snap, when that time comes i will remember this comment.

      1. Angelk1…it’s just serial for me.if you remember it or not..,i don’t care it.if Maya is bipolar..i love her whatever she is.k and are you watching episodes now Maya no need to hold Arjun..why because ArYa both are in love beyhadhly.maybe separation track will happen.let’s see

      2. Angelk1

        Thats not love, thats obsession. But your right, we will see. Seriously you dont sleep lol, you comment on everything.

      3. Oh really angelk1 watch your self are also doing same,you are following my comments&ArYa fans comments.??.lol..sleep well.

      4. Angelk1

        Technically its not a arya comment if shes doing analysis on just maya. Its an open discussion. But nah, i sleep I’m just always late to comment .

      5. I’m not watching all serials for commenting watching only beyhadh serial with out miss.

      6. Ks..I always love ur comments and the maturity u handle those ☺ love ❤

        Angel : I actually can’t understand y u hate Maya cos u say she is bipolar ..doesn’t she deserve love n care ..let her be obsessed? Who is not ? Every girl friend is …
        Love or hate u have a really good view on Beyhadh ..Thanks for commenting Ks n Angel☺

  4. Come on ks we know who is jealous

    1. Pari I didn’t mentioned jealous …but you are saying your feel..nice ??

  5. I totally agree with you Nandhana. Arjun himself claimed his love for Maya. And Maya is intelligent. She did what was right in that situation. Thanks for the post.

    1. Thanks for taking out time to reply ..☺

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