Beyhadh 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Haldi ceremony continues at Arjun’s house. Ladies apply haldi/turmeric on his body and jokes they want to see what did Maya like in him. They all dance and sing. Saanjh in her room dances to the music. Arjun calls Maya and asks if people will apply haldi on her like they did on him, they tore his clothes. His chatting continues. Shubh passes by. Arjun stops him and asks where is his sister. Shubh says Saanjh did not come but sent him haldi, he is enjoying haldi and his fake ego did realize it. He should go and bring Saanjh. Maya fumes hearing this an disconnects call. Arjun says egoistic Saanjh will come for sure. He speaks on phone again and sees phone disconnected already.

Haldi starts at Maya’s house. Ashwin enters with reporters and says he brought haldi for his daughter. Maya fumes in anger and picks scissor to stab him, but Jahnvi stops her and says media is around. Ashwin starts his drama and applies tries to apply haldi on her, she pushes him and haldi, runs and locks herself in a room. Ashwin continues drama in front of reporters that his daughter excepted him in front of them all, now she kicked him out again.

Vandana asks Ayan to play haldi video on TV. Ayan switches on TV and watches news reporter shouting that Maya refused to get haldi from her father, she even kicked him out of her office, what is happening between them. Arjun leaves holding haldi for Maya.

Ashwin continues his drama. Jahnvi sends all guests out and asks Ashwin what he needs. He says 50% property share and nobody can harm him, not even Arjun. Maya panics in her room and breaks things around. Jahnvi knocks door and pleads to open door, Ashwin cannot harm them. Maya continues panicking and pops depression pills, reminiscing Saanjh’s events, and says she is not mad…She continues.. Arjun reaches holding haldi. Maya cries that Ashwin will take out all colors from her life. Arjun says until he is with her, nobody can take anything from her. He lights candles and applies haldi to her.

Precap: Arjun applies haldi to Maya. Maya asks till when he will hold her hands. He says until he is alive. She asks to take fourth oath. Ashwin tells Saanjh that Maya is unfit for Arjun, he will get her Arjun back to Saanjh.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Awesome after many days I saw jhanvi asked maya open the door baby..i love this bond.hope so jhanvi villain news will turn fake..&stupid ashwin how he spoiled rangoli,he thrown diya plate.and stupid spoiled my Maya happy haldi moment.??? .&wow Arjun u came with haldi for Maya.ArYa?..waiting for next episode eagerly ?

  2. Hot precap want to watch it!!!!!!! God may saanjh joins hand with ashwin
    after all she will atlest get role rather then spying maya. And this ashwin when will he kill janwi and die himself LOVE arjuns junnon today this is needed for beyhadh

  3. Shalinisenthil

    Maya looks to good …precap is awesome arya romantic movement???waiting for tommrrow episode when arjun applying haldi on maya baby… romantic

  4. Roby wolverine

    Precap was too hot… love ArYa… ufffffff…….

  5. I read in the TOI today that in India 1 in 20 people suffer from depression. Maya has such a stressful life being a business magnate. Added to that the vile Ashwin always creating problems for her. And her tortured childhood. It may also be that Maya is not a depressed person. Maybe the effect of Ashwin drumming this into her head right from her 9th birthday. Loved Arjun’s non belief in superstition. Maybe this serial will be a little different and all superstitions shown like kundli, diya getting blown out, bride and groom not meeting after haldi or applying haldi on one another, mehendi getting spoilt will be shown as just superstitions. Love Maya and Arya and their sizzling chemistry. Rarely has a grey character been so much adored. I am sure in the end of will be a happy ending for Arya. Maybe Saanjh will join hands with Ashwin. Don’t exactly know what Saanjh will say but Ashwin meeting Saanjh is giving me hope. Waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode.

    1. Yes it’s different story,they are showing bad signs but while they neglecting that things..&i saw new’s different thriller murder ArYa marriage ..Maya Arjun taken pheras around ashwin dead body fire.omg i didn’t expected this type of different marriage.cvs proved again it’s unique thriller story,unique pair ArYa?.*thrill romantic love story with suspense&suspect drama.*interesting to watch ??

  6. Wow precap looks so hot and romantic! It had me blushing❤ Finally arya get their romantic moment!! Hopefully first kiss tomorrow can’t wait..Ashwin and saanjh both trying to ruin my Maya baby’s life?
    So irritating this Ashwin but thank god his days are numbered Maya should have killed him long ago..he doesn’t deserve to live..I swear if saanjh joins hands with Ashwin then it’s over! Saanjh k sach rang dekhenge kal

  7. ks, hell Saanjh, Shalinisenthil, I agree

  8. lovely epi. its good maya has arjun but i have this feeling he will die and she will probably end up in an asylum 🙁

  9. Bakwas episode. Hate you maya. Arjun deserves saanjh not maya

    1. I agree with uuu??

  10. I think Saanjh will be the villain in this story. She killed the Panditji in Mauritius and also she will kill Ashwin. She is doing this to frame Maya. So she can be with Arjun.

    1. Yes.

    2. Actually in yesterday episode saanjh while remaining ArYa,she danced like mad obviously you will suspect saanjh.but some funny people will not understand this.they are also did same starting they want to see Maya as villain for to see saanjh good.if others said this ,they behave like

  11. Now they want saanjh to play villian . Maya sooo intelligent taking 4th oath. I want maya and arjun to live together ek aada aur ek poora mental , so that they can open a mental khaandaan

  12. Is it aneri herself with the profile name me??

  13. Awesome Episode With Hooott Precap.!Great Episode Is Oath Occured Or Taken.!

  14. Awesome Episode With Hooott Precap.!Great Episode If Oath Occured Or Taken.!

    1. cvs showing different way oath’s good to see marriage oath with scenes.(in based on situation Maya asking marriage oath from Arjun)

  15. Angelk1

    I dont know whose even more stupid arjun or ashwin. Anyway, saanj isnt even disturbing arya an people are already hating saying she is lol obsess much. An they want saanj to be evil just for arya … what kind of world do we live in.

    I dont know why ashwin keeps bothering saanj in this, he probably will try to manipulate her sinces shes an easy target. Saanj killing panditji to frame maya? Seriously what else will people say. Saanj is heart broken but she wouldnt go as far as to kill to frame pooor maya baby. Shes a good person.

    And once again this eps doesnt make sense. Yesterday maya without arjun was hurting ashwin. An today she pushes him an ran to her room crying. I dont know if this secret has something to do with her personality or shes just bipolar.

    1. Angel this peaple are so funnyyar….they wants to see sanjh as villian so they can praise maya much… And sanjh killed pandith….is this any joke….
      Im glad show is going on right path….hope in future also it will give intresting stories….hope beyhadh wont spoil the story for stupid demands….

      1. Dntknow how my logo changed….

      2. Whats thisyar

      3. Angelk1

        I agree, but i dont think saanj will turn to the dark side. Shes not that clever or manipulative. She will be too easy. But ashwin might use saanj by mentioning arjun. You know thats her weakness.

        She would do anything to make sure arjun is safe. So he might do that. Saanj is an easy target for both maya an ashwin. In order for her to get strong an beat them in their pwn game. She needs to clear her head an get away from them.

        Saanj is smart, an i think if she gets over arjun an get into protective mode for her friend she will give maya a challenge. But shes weak right now. Honestly how can she move on if everywhere she turn you see maya an arjun.

        It will always be a reminder to her, thats why she should leave the town. An come back stronger .

  16. Ayesha22

    I just hope saanjh do not turn into a villain as we already have a perfect villain.stupid and evil can a father behave like this with his own daughter.those who blame maya for who she is,should blame ashwin as he is the one who is responsible to make maya into who she is today.don’t make saanjh a villain please,arjun and his friendship was very beautiful don’t ruin it,please.

  17. not interested than earlier

    Same boring crap going to start with this series as well like other shows did/do by making a new villain ( Saanjh) .
    so pathetic

  18. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    As usual awesome episode, I Love Maya’s passion, aggression and anger.

  19. I think it similar to the gupt…..

  20. I accept with you pari.
    They together open metal kandhan

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