Beyhadh 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh with Ayan reaches hospital and is shocked to see Arjun and Maya hugging each other. Maya smirks feeling Arjun. Saanjh sees even that. Doc comes and informs that Jahnvi’s condition is stable now, but family should take care of her and restrict her sugar intake as her sugar levels peaked. On the other side, Suman scolds Prem for misbehaving with Vandana. Vandana says she did not mind. Prem apologizes. Vandana says not to apologize and make her stranger. She tells that when a person climbs mountain, he/she climbs with a will power and a rope is also tied so that if a person falls, rope with hold him/her, same with Saanjh, Suman will help her climb mountain of relationships and if Saanjh falls, Prem as a rope will hold her. They all 3 cannot do anything here and only Saanjh as to.

Arjun tells Maya that he will go now as her mother is stable now. Saanjh says hurriedly to take care of her mother and rushes with Arjun and Ayan. Maya fumes in jealousy. She goes to Jahnvi’s room and cries that she could not stop Arjun from going with Saanjh, she does not have control on him yet.

Arjun gets emotional and cries that he could not help his father and save him, he cannot see Maya going through same phase. He starts praising Maya next. Tears roll down Saanjh’s face. Arjun says Maya does not have a father and has only mother. Saanjh says she has a father and she heard Malkani telling her father name is Ashwin Mehrotra. Arjun is surprised and says Maya did not discuss about her father and not even a single photo of her father is present in her flat.

Maya continues expressing her feeling out in front of unconscious Jhanvi. She hears Ashwin’s footsteps and panics. Ashwin enters and she tries to close door, but he pushes her and enters. She panics. He tells Jahnvi does not have strong will power and ate chocolate, why did not she stop her mother. Maya realizes Ashwin is behind Maya’s condition. Ashwin reminds her how he tortured her in childhood and frightens that he will expose her black side to everyone. Maya shivers in fear. Arjun enters. Ashwin hides behind door. Maya points at door. Arjun comes near her. Ashwin silently slips off. Arjun asks what happened. Maya tightly hugs him and asks to stay here with her. He asks again what happened. She says she is afraid, hugs him again, and smirks He asks whom she is afraid of. She thinks her past. He jokes ghosts, some are handsome, some not. She says already dead people cannot harm anyone. He says great, she should sleep now tension-free. She says she does not get sleep so early. He says he will pester her so much, that she will fall asleep, if not they will do jagrata. She smiles. He says he will inform Saanjh and Ayan that he is staying here tonight and will be back. He calls Saanjh and tells he is staying back, they can go. Saanjh says if knows he cannot tolerate hospital environment. Arjun says Maya needs him here, so they can go. Saanjh tells Ayan that Arjun forgot his fear seeing Maya’a fever. Ayan says forget it, let us go home. Arjun returns and asks Maya if she is still standing, is she ready to be pestered. She smiles.

Precap: Arjun falls asleep. Maya smiles looking at his face. Arjun gets Saanjh’s call. Maya sees that and fumes in jealousy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Nice episode…. Some thing is really fishy abt maya past …very curuious to know abt maya past

    1. Me too ? want to know about Maya.?

    2. she is psycho. type of mental disorder.

      1. Ap U r saying in one word sure Maya is not psycho.she knows what’s good r bad.if you watch the episode u will know about it..she is behaved like that because of her father Ashwin.child hood time he called Maya ney pagal..she is trying to fight with her fate.that’s why I love Maya I don’t care what you said.

    3. ap, you are right maya is psycho
      I love Maya’s acting. I feel sorry for Sanj

  2. Wow First comment!!! Looooooved today’s episode maya love you

  3. What an episode…it’s a mixture of emotions….arjun u r such a cutieee????..
    U managed Ur fear for Maya that’s sooooo sweet….❤❤❤❤❤❤
    When he enters the room Maya eyes was saying 1000 words jenny u r such a best performer….today is combo of emotions…but suman and ashwin are sooo annoying?????

    1. Ya right..Arjun controlled his fear for Maya…? and Maya didn’t revealed about Ashwin doings to Arjun..because he block mailed her like I’ll reveal about ur dark she stopped to inform him.

  4. Wow amazing episode…love to see Arya together scenes…&…stupid Ashwin again came…he said to Maya logo pathanay ur inside kaal heart..u r covered with safed means that’s why Maya behaved like that some times..interesting to watch u jenny ?..if Arjun stays with her she will be cure but he will leave her at last may be.if he leaves its not true means what ever happened they will not their loved one.any way interesting episode’ it ?

    1. Of course Arjun will leave maya , as she is obsessed and psycho , he will have better life with Sanj

      1. Hello it’s didn’t confirm still..may be Ashwin blamed it like Maya is pagal…so if u said ur own I don’t care.

      2. It’s a confirmed thing,,,,Beyhadh is the love story b/w a psychopath lover and ordinary guy,,,,,They confirmed it even before the show’s start,,,,,,I started watching the show for this different story,,,,,Even the promos showed the same,,,,,u ppl have to accept the fact that this is not an ordinary love story or saas bahu drama,,,,don’t demand for any pair,just enjoy the story line

      3. Laksh they didn’t confirmed it in daily episode.who knows it’s created by her father Ashwin like that pagal’s thriller story I knew this.but Arya pair will be together at’s suspense thriller story about Maya.

      4. Angelk1

        Laksh i agree with you, all this paring thibg is ruining a good tv show. I bet when maya doesnt end with arjun they will try to make the show flop. Instead of enjoying everyones acting. Maya is crazy everyone needs to realize that. When she starts killing or hurting arjun family will they still support her and say she belongs with him. If so thats just sad.

        But thats whats nice about this show , its not another one of the two main character live happily ever after. After they went through bad terms. Its different and exciting. Some viewers at least understand the plot and are thinking rationally which is good. So i guess theirs still hope that the director or writter will keep on going with the story even if the rating starts going down.

  5. maya’s expression 2 saanjh was terrific this papa is always behind maya like shadow arjun’s concern 4 maya was nice

  6. I hope that arjun will not leave Maya at last. or else this serial will be all flopped. I just hate saanjh but I love Maya &arjun .

  7. Wow nice ep. I feel bad for Saanjh. I really don’t hate her. She is ryt in her own way as she is Arjun’s childhood buddy. Cannot blame her.

  8. Angelk1

    Lol ashwin wouldnt say that for no reason. That means maya isnt as innocent as we thought. Something deep is going on with maya. She is a true physco. Using her fear to get close to arjun and smiling about it too.

    Someone with a sense wouldnt even be thinking about a boy crush and would be more focus on the situation. Ashwin makes people wonder what really happen in maya past, who to believe.

    Maya has a dark side? That to is questionable. People who becomes physco can not be ok with love. They need theropy. Hopefully arjun takes her to a doctor.

  9. Saanj is naughty Maya is psycho and arjun is just chill type

  10. 1.Maya will kill ashwin soon
    2.MAYA Is going prapose ARJUN in hot air baloon.

  11. Jennifer is really a great Actress who knows how to control & put up right emotions as per the situation. Being in a Maya Role, she has definetly justified with the role. Other characters are perfectly played by the respected actors….
    But I don’t know why everyone is liking the character named “Maya” in the current moment…. as the character was played by Jennifer or she is a Modern lady….

    1. Yup,,,Jennifer is doing a great job,,,,,bt if it was someone else in Jenni’s place as Maya then I support for Maya’s character would hv been decreased,,,,,bcoz Maya is a grey shaded character

      1. Agreed with you…. Maya’s character is a Grey shaded… And, no one in our current life will accept this type of human being in their life…. She needs a counceller .

      2. More viewers loving Maya character y because Maya character is very interesting and heart touching character,if you watch daily live episodes..u too will know about it.

      3. Angelk1

        I agree pradeep. If jennifer didnt play that role and someone else did, people wouldnt sympathis with her . we are all jennifer fan. I like her playing maya because she does it so well. But just because she acts it well doesnt mean i agree with her character. Her character might seem like she has everything under control but she doesnt. It wont be long before she snap.

        She needs good counseling and a therapist, so she can let it out.

  12. Great epi . Jenny’s acting is superab. Like the couple,Arjun nd maya

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