Beyhadh 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Beyhadh 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya slaps Ashwin and provokes to try hitting her. Watchman comes out of lift and says there is some problem with common area lights and he will get them fixed via electrician. Maya steps on Ashwin’s feet and engraves her heels deep and confesses that she sent e-mails to Saanjh via his computer to kick him out of house. She even created drama of medical insurance, etc., to get Saanjh out of Arjun’s life and gain Arjun’s trust. She reminds him how she had stabbed knife in his leg and warns to stay away, else he will lose one more leg. Ashwin walks limping into lift and smirks. Maya relaxes and gets into home. Jahnvi relaxes seeing her. Maya thanks her for helping her on time and reminisces messaging her to come. She tells that Ashwin loves her foolishness and wealth and not her and warns not to let Ashwin in her life again. Jahnvi says yes and says Ashwin will not spare them easily and will try to tell truth to Arjun, so she should tell Arjun truth first. Maya says Arjun will not believe Ashwin and will believe whatever she will tell. She asks her to relax and make arrangements for ceremony.

Vandana asks Arjun if he will marry without Saanjh’s presence. Arjun says yes. Vandana says he was not doing anything before without Saanjh and wants to marry without her. Arjun says he Saanjh found with him instead. Aayan asks to stop fighting and call her. Arjun says he will not and says he is mad. Ayan says he is mad instead.

Guests gather at Maya’s flat for haldi ceremony. Vandana dances with them. Ashwin from his flat watches and thinks he will get his property share at any cost. He calls someone and invites for his daughter Maya’s marriage and premarriage rituals. Saanjh gets ready in a beautiful dress and make up and today she is making a step to get into Arjun’s life permanently.

Arjun gets ready. Ayan asks him to call Saanjh and call her. Arjun says Saanjh is egoistic but will come for sure. Saanjh hears door bell and happily opens it thinking duffer has come. Vandana enters and asks if she is not ready. Saanjh says she will not come, but will send haldi for Arjun. Vanda reaches back home with Saanjh’s family and haldi. Arjun asks if Saanjh did not come. Vandana nods no and tells Ayan that Saanjh sent haldi for Arjun. Everyone apply haldi on Arjun’s face and dance. Arjun eagerly looks at door. He thinks Saanjh’s ego stopped her, he will remember this. Saanjh applies Vicco turmeric cream on dressing table mirror and imagines apply it on Arjun.

Precap: Ashwin tries to apply haldi to Maya and she pushes him. News reporter shouts on news channel that Maya did not let her father apply haldi on her, what is the secret between her and her father. Arjun watches news on TV.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I used to like Jennifer Winget with curls

    1. Shahina

      i too like that hairstyle..
      that was suiting her better than this hairstyle…

  2. Wow awesome episode..&Maya is not pagal,pagal can’t be have this much genius thought it’s not Maya..but it’s Maya ..with one trigger got two fruits…so much drag..when will reveal her past..her past vajase maya can’t get love…waiting for next episode

  3. hi I am new here
    I like beyhad so much
    I love Maya’s expression

  4. Super i like maya much

  5. Now maya has confessed that she sent ask mails…So it is clear that she trapped saanjh..

  6. It’s “all mails”

  7. maya looks stunning in light green colour so maya’s truth is something very big but kya oh sakta hai can’t guess In precap i think this ashwin has mixed something in haldi thats Y she is rejecting waiting 4 nxt

  8. Maya is such a genius! Hats off to her she knew that saanjh wouldn’t resist the temptation to ruin her life she’s such a nosy and interfering person that the trap worked perfectly! Serves right for saanjh Arjun can look after himself no need to be so mother hen all the time..Ashwin and Maya are having a competition now who’s smarter than the other..seriously both are trying to portray the other as bad but in the end Maya baby will win<3

    1. stefan just wait n watch..I feel that Jhanvi might have listened conversation of ashwin and maya that she sent mails. During Ashwin murder track jhanvi will suspect Maya becoz she only knows the past of Maya, what she did in anger so she should have killed ashwin but the fact if maya or some one else have killed ashwin we don’t know but in this way maya dark secret will come out. I also think beyhadh won’t be aired for long time as they already showed that maya has given all property to Arjun, so at the end she must be no more and Arjun would be taking care of company in future and will be alone and saanjh wil get married to Ayan

    2. I think so too..once Maya’s secret is revealed the show will’s obvious that Maya will die and Arjun will look after the company and be left alone with Maya’s memories..but going off air soon not really..this show has made Sony popular again plus TRPs are really high so they’ll probably try to extend it more.

    3. U are right stefan that both ashwin and maya are competing with each other that who is more cunning and manipulative…..and right maya will win in this game afterall she is daughter of ashwin and jhanvi…..ashwin is jerk and jhanvi is more dangerous than him….so maya is like this….what u guyz said maya is not trying to create any rift between arjun and sanjh….but maya herself comfessed that she did all that….im loving the way maya is failing all of yours fault trust…..between loving jenny acting she is superb….love jennifer and love the charecter sanjh….no words for arjun…he is duffer only

  9. I love jenni…
    How many of you used to watch Saraswatichandra?

    1. I never liked her saraswati Chandra , I like her in beyhad but in curl hair , otherwise I don’t like her

    2. I used to watch saraswatichandra in starting but later stopped bcz of drragging

    3. Super saiyan

      I agree with you…
      Rather bringing of kabir and saraswati they could have shown some romantic nd funny moments of samud

    4. Angelk1

      I did. They were the best jodi

    5. Super saiyan

      I loved them most…..
      The only part i hated abt that very less time was shown of samud in peace nd joy…
      I love them
      And still miss it a lot

  10. I knew Stefan and KS will try to rationalize Maya’s behaviour. She took advantage of Saanjh’s love for Arjun and you guys are applauding her. Are you people that vile in your hearts?
    Because I trust that you people might just be evil in real life to support Maya’s doings.
    Most of these story lines are not fiction. They’re real life scenarios and with people like you guys rooting for Maya and her so called genius mind, we will never really be rid of evil in the world.

    1. I just love the way her mind’s so brilliant. Yeah yeah it’s wrong she took advantage of saanjh’s love but that’s all she did she just manipulated her you’re lucky she didn’t murder or hurt her..besides saanjh was asking for it what was the point of confessing her love now to Arjun who is already engaged?? It was a bit too late..Maya got scared thinking Arjun had feelings for saanjh so this was her revenge..nothing wrong in that

    2. Daisy why you are watching this serial, If you want to see good mahaan characters then watch “saath Nibhana sathiya”.if you like to give importance to mahaan character than beauty then watch with out miss one episode “suhani ek ladaki” serial.&im sure you will not tolerate if ur husband/wife given more importance to their friend than you,like same Maya did.ashwin deserved maya anger.and also im sure you will not allow ur friend to take ur own personal life decision with out ur wish like Arjun…giving free of suggestions is easy for u guys but applying is hard.??

    3. Shalinisenthil

      Well said ks

    4. Daisy dr u put a correct point….but whats the need dr….blind maya fans wont agree with u….actually they where not maya fans but jennifer fans….thats why they supports her unconfitionally….im sure if its not jennifer but its any other non beautiful actress they would have not supported her… agree maya is not fully bad person…her fast mad her like that….anyways im not fan of maya but im a big fan of jennifer….i like sanjh more than maya….but i dnt like arjun…

    5. Shahabana..maya fans are not blind, but ur thought is blind .. im not Jennifer fan.i love Maya character…im watching only for Maya…&if you point Maya,you have to accept like all characters with Saanjh behaviour too extreme same like as propose,interfere in engaged couple life is extreme behave.any way It’s common you guys negative reaction on ArYa fans comments.keep going guys..☺

    6. Dr ks……for ur imformation my thought is not blind dr….just think….u peaple always supports maya whatewer she does….u fnt thinks its write or wrong…..but u guyz thinks its maya….so anything she do u guyz feels its correct only….thats why peaple calls u guyz as blind maya fans
      Yes i agree i like sanjh more than maya….but i never justifie sanjh if she does anything wrong….for me all charecters are same and imp…..i wont justfie someones faults..
      For ur imformation im a big fan of ishqbaaz and shivaye…even shivaye also little grey shed charecter….i like shivaye very much…..but i never justifies his faults….
      Anyways its ur wish do whatewer u want

    7. Shahabana..If you want to talk with daisy,u have to talk directly…no need to give name like Maya fans are blind,daisy mentioned my I given reply to her..okay so don’t blame people with use of ur think.obviously it’s ur blind think.i don’t want to know what’s ur views bcoz it’s ur wish…like same praising Maya is ArYa fans need to give name to their views.

    8. Shahabana even I’m not a Jennifer fan..believe me I never even knew who she was before cousin told me about this serial and believe me it’s Maya before Jennifer! I’ll always love Maya as she is a beautiful,successful,manipulative,sweet girl..but brilliant portrayal by Jennifer! Love them both

    9. Super saiyan

      Well i am diehard fan of kumud aka jenni
      Bt still i never say that maya is right or wrong
      Bt one thing i can say that in real life everyone is as obsessed as maya fr his /her man/woman
      And one more maya’s concepts are clear that if she has to get something or pretend she will
      Unlike saanjh who sometimes becomes so gr8 nd idealistic nd sometimes all that idiotic stupidity.
      PS: i love saras nd kumud pair a lot….nd fr kumud nd saras only i like jenni
      Once you all guys nd girls watch saraswatichandra then you will come to know what a true a love or friendship is and can be.

  11. Arjun is the worst. He’s sooooo selfish. After insulting Saanjh, he was still expecting her for his haldi. How selfish can he be? If her ego overshadowed his friendship, then his obsession with Maya destroyed it. His rage for something that was not Saanjh but Maya’s doing ruined the most pure relationship in the world: Friendship.

    1. I agree..Arjun is a horrible friend he insulted saanjh on her face and yet expects her to show up on his wedding..he is an immature child who has to grow up..but saanjh is no less the constant nagging and Maya ka sach Maya ka jhoot Maya aisi hai must have pissed him off! Come on the man is engaged! You’re hating his fiancé in front of him and to anyone else outside it may seem as if saanjh is burning with envy and is trying to break off the marriage

  12. I know maya had gone through very tough time beacuse of her mother mistakes but I don’t like the way she behaved with her, maya will do the same with arjun when he will not be in the same line as her. More than a husband she needs the help of a psychiatrist, she is not bad but her obsession, insecurities, love can make her do the worst. Maya’s character is really interesting to watch and jennifer acting is the best, she definitely deserves an award.

  13. Too saanjh awasome.. So pretty.

  14. nice to read allol of ur commwnts ..join the beyhadh fan group page u all will get updates…arjun will come to know maya.s past but he will not leave her..maya is suffering in the ICU. …U. ALL WILL. C COMING. EPIS… the End Only ArYa only remaind..its 260 Episodes only

    1. Where did you get to know all this?? And what do you mean by only arya will in the end both will live happily ever after or Maya will die and Arjun will be left with arya memories

    2. From where we can join beyhadh fan group

    3. *beyhadh fan group page ??

  15. Angelk1

    Well well. Three eps ago people were saying maya wouldnt do it. Must have been ashwin. The precap doesnt justify she did it. If they havent showed it or she confirm it … Its not true. But what do we have here, i was correct about maya.

    Maya herself just admit she was trying to remove saanj from his life, but No one. Talking about it except people who understood the situation. But when saanj went in her office. The whole form was on fire. Wheres the justification their? Some just choose to ignore it.

    Maya just showed how wicked she is. First the party, saying things like i want to be your friend to make arjun think shes genuin, then she hired saanj in her company to keep an eye on her . after words she sent the email, she deliberately left her bag in her office.

    We should know that maya would never leave such a mistake wide in the opening. Honestly maya has camera in her building. She could practically listen to anyone conversation. Then came her texting jhanvi an lastly the ice in the cake, the suicide drama.

    We know maya wouldnt kill herself without arjun. She breath for him. Both mother an daughter are playing games .

    With arjun, he calls saanj egoistic, he shouldnt even say anything after all he heart her more then anyone else. His extremely selfish expecting her to come running in his arm. I’m just glad she chose not to go, for once she made the right decision. But when arjun finds out about maya tricks to break his friendship, he will be pissed.

    Just like how he can get angry because saanj accuse maya, he will be extremely pissed off.

    1. Actually in real episode maya didnt mentioned like I thrown saanjh from Arjun life,but don’t know why they wrote it.may be this line next episode line ,they wrote before air on.??

  16. O god angelk 1 ho can u write somuch i am really bored all sits against maya!!!!

    I used to watch swarwswaticandra super saiyan

    And yeh tell me how to join behad fan club plzz plzz asha

    And yeh maya just rocks what ever she does i love her o god have u heard there is going to be a open kiss sequence arya sooooooon. And arjun is right he is just supporting maya if his attitude towards saanjh remain same i will soon fall in love with him hats offffffff!!!!!!

    1. Ohhhhh no u love arjun… anyone can lobe the charecter arjun…..he is a selfish and spoilt brath….u loves the charecter arjun then how u can hate sanjh….both maya and sanjh are mad to love arjun

    2. Angelk1

      When you love the show that much, you are compell to write your thoughts on it. Funny comment at the end though. But arjun attitude will change towards saanj. He just needs a wake up call. Time will tell.

    3. Super saiyan

      Did you used to like it?
      The first 250 eps of saraswatichandra were best eps that i have ever seen

  17. Angel please go and watch the episode again, maya told she played this game to remove ashwin from her mother’s life, she never mentioned she wanted to break their friendship

    1. Right good skill ,well observation ??

    2. Angelk1

      She may not have said it in the eps, but her intention were there. I dont know why the written update wrote that, but who ever it is …is not wrong. It makes no sense to use saanj to fire ashwin.

      All it did was to ruin arjun an saanj friendship, even if it was a set up for her father. If she wanted , she could have used her mother to to trap ashwin herself. She didnt have to involve saanj. Maya isnt stupid…she knew saanj would refuse the job. She knew saanj weakness which was arjun, so she use it to email saanj. Knowing she would accept the job to stay in her company.

      If saanj had refuse , how would that have affected her plan. I mean lets be honest, maya have many workers, why didnt she choose them. Why saanj of all people?She basically kill two birds with one stone.

  18. It’s a finite serial will end at 160 episodes the way I look at it shaadi nahin hogee. Maya is a Grey character not all bad she has suffered a lot sanjh is suffering now and in the end arjun will suffer but who will arjun finally marry I don’t know

    1. 160?! What’s wrong with you?? Shit serials like tarak mehta lasted 2000 episodes I’m not saying that even beyhadh will last long but 160 is too less that’s not possible..let it complete a year at least..besides this show has Jennifer winget they will make more episodes of it cause the TRPs are damn high

  19. well that was a master stroke by Maya,ek teer se teen shikaar (arjun,ashwin and saanjh).yes it was wrong of her to do all this but its not a fairy tale its a thriller and moreover this is what happens out there in the real world.that is why they say everything is fair in love and war.and about saanjh i felt bad but she did the right thing by finally leaving arjun on his own to handle what if maya broke ashwin’s leg?i m sure he deserved that.he would have done something that provoke her and react in the worst possible way.

  20. wow ..nic episode..I love maya

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