Beyhadh 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya Goes on Hunger Strike to Meet Arjun

Beyhadh 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya presses Rita’s feet and pleads her to give phone. Rita says she did not work in whole life, but is pressing leg now, she gives nail cutter next to cut her nails. Maya angrily takes cutter and thinks she will do anything for Arjun and he is only hers. Goons fume seeing police outside and think they have to wait until police goes. Police knocks door. One of them opens door. Inspector says there is a theft happened in this area and asks why he has closed his garage. Goon says he is unwell, so he shut his garage. Police leaves. Goons decide to kill Arjun and raise knife when Maya takes phone from Rita and calls them and pleads not to harm Arjun. Goon says nothing can happen now, she and her hero are gone now. Rita snatches phone back. Goons turn and see Arjun missing. They search him, and Arjun hides in cold storage fridge. Saanjh and Ayan continue to search Arjun.

Maya pleads Rita to give her phone, she needs to speak to Arjun. Constables come and drag her back to her room while she pleads to let her speak. Jailer comes and Maya shouts she wants to meet Arjun at any cost. Jailer says she is barking like a dog and nobody will pay attention to her. Maya continues protesting and says she will not eat until she meets Arjun. Jailer leaves. Maya beats plate and protests. Jailer returns and breaks water pot and says she does not have water now, orders wardens to not give her food and water until she pleads. Maya continues protesting and shouting she wants to meet Arjun.

Saanjh reaches venue and searches Ayan. Arjun shivering in cold storage box thinks goons have returned. Saanjh sees rope and says Ayan Arjun was here. Arjun hears her. Ayan says Maya must have shifted him somewhere or he must be safe and went home. They walk towards door when Arjun says Dusky. Saanjh hears him and says she heard something. Ayan says it is her imagination and takes her away.

Saanjh returns home shouting if Arjun returned. Suman says he did not. Saanjh blames herself and says it would have been better if Maya had killed her. Suman calms her down and tells once she went missing and was found in cupboard. Saanjh realizes Arjun was in cold storage box. Arjun is seen shivering in cold storage box.

Precap: Maya is admitted due to not eating food and says she will not eat until she meets Arjun, if she dies in jail, jailer will be in trouble. Saanjh with Ayan and inspector opens cold storage box and finds Arjun in it.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. That inspector should kill this MAYA and end the serial.. Everytime since day one, Arjun mera hai, Arjun mera hai blah blah.. like she gave birth to him. apne husband ko apna pass rakhna siko first….. Never gave love to Arjun that he deserved…..

    1. Mohammed bin noor

      keep hating Maya but sanjh is no saint __l__

    2. Do You realize arjun maya would have had their “happily ever after” if sanjh didn’t keep poking around them?

      You should rather be hating Sanjh.

    3. And do you realize that Saanjh didn’t keep poking around them for 3 years while she was out of India itself focusing on her career and new boyfriend instead?

  2. Minna Chandran

    The serial is too terrible now even reading updates is a pain Sony already is under flak for pehredar even this should have ended long ago when Maya was a Grey character and one could understand her now with Maya being shown as evil so many murders its getting on nerves. Kill her and end the serial. Jennifer is an excellent actress but this role will ruin her socially. This jailer bit is not acceptable.

  3. Agreed that CVs have ruined Maya’s character yet Maya retains some of her qualities that are unmatched. Nobody can love Arjun as passionately as she does and if all the characters have shown love to her, she might’ve returned love. Arjun could never make her feel secure and hence she stooped so low!
    I as a viewer feel so much pity to see such a beautiful character ruining her life for one idiot Arjun! And I really wish Maya to win in the end! Can’t stop loving Maya.

  4. maya is a beautiful charector, but arjun only ruining her life, her needs arjun loves only,
    But arjun not understand maya and her problems, he identify her problems and curing her problem its only arjun biggest duty, but he forget he is duty, There is a only reason for all problems, so only maya life and arjun life and others life ruined, its not maya mistake, she dont know how to solve her problems. she taking fear with Arjun leave maya, she is alone, and maya life only for arjun so all responsible only for arjun. i dont like arjun shanthi pair. maya love is true, arjun love also true means he dont give any place to shanthi in arjun heart.

  5. Maya love is not a love..its her madnesss …she showing love has prison for arjun…how long one man can bear this hell..Love is great feeling…that should be felt by two true hearts …not by begging, ordering,bullying it was non sense..maya is shown as a adamant from starting episodes…and now it is increasing only…she doesn’t want to sacrifice anything for arjun but ruined everyone happiness..But sanjh is a girl who sacrifice her happiness for arjun…u loving maya(fan of jeniffer winget) because she is beautiful..that is the only reason u hating sanjh…I think inhuman behaviour people’s only like Maya like character…I Hope you all people will get Maya(The Psycho)like partner in ur life…she will kill anyone for you….All the best.

    1. R u a real psycho who can’t take serial as a fiction. We are just discussing about characters and you are wishing in real life.this one is a thriller not drama.thrilling will end after revelations but to add spice they are introducing more thrilling in different form.tgis is not a SaaS baby drama.

      To everyone who hates Maya in real life a dangerous mental unstable person will be in the cell of mental health hospital. This is just a serial and there is no logic in putting in jail and torturing her.but like saanj you guys are changing your words by saying sometimes Maya is mental sometime Maya is not mental.
      However there is a social stigma against mental health people that’s why most of the peop6are afraid to go to psychiatrist for treatment like everyone is getting treatment for other diseases.

    2. Not aSaaS bahu drama

  6. yeah it was just a fiction….the people’s who working in behadh team is friendly…but why this much haters for sanjh…To everyone who loves Maya in real life a dangerous mental unstable person will be in the cell of mental health hospital.

  7. Hate that saanjh wala character….b*t*h saanjh

  8. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Some one kill this saanjh and jailer too
    Maya must win

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