Beyhadh 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Saanjh Gets Van’s Clue In Which Arjun Was Kidnapped

Beyhadh 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya calls goons from jail’s landline. Goon picks call, but jailer comes and stops Maya. Maya pleads that she prepared most agarbatis and wants to call her husband. Jailer says she tried to kill her husband and wants to speak to him now, she set fire in room to divert everyone’s attention and make a call. She drags Maya to smoke room and throws her in saying now she will see how she will breathe. Maya pleads to let her speak to Arjun. Jailer laughs. Goon on the other side redials, but number is not reachable. He says it is enough now, let us kill Arjun. Boss says he is right and goon thrusts knife towards Arjun. Saanjh outside gets dishearted not finding Arjun and sadly says everytime Maya reaches Arjun before them. Ayan says let us find van via number plate.

Maya continues pleading jailer to let her speak to Arjun. Jailer laughs that she got a good entertainment in Maya. Maya collapses. Jailer gets concerned and opens door. Maya murmurs again she wants to speak to Arjun. Jailer says she can sense her drama and walks away.

Ayan and Saanjh come out of RTO sadly discussing Van’s number plate was fake. Saanjh says she will contact someone who can help them. She calls her aide and request to find out real number of van as her friend was kidnapped in that van. Aide says he will give her Mushtaq bhai’s number who is expert in this issue.

Maya continues pleading she wants to speak to Arjun. A lady walks in and gives her water. Maya says she needs to speak to Arjun and not water. Lady says she will help her, there is another phone in this jail in Rita’s cell. Maya asks why she is helping her. Lady says she saw how she won agarbathi competition and jailer tortured her, so she will help her. Maya reminisces jailer trapping her once, but thinks she will take this risk. Lady takes Maya to Rita’s room who is seen served by other inmates. She says this is. Rita says she is Maya ji and wants to call someone, if she could not, she burnt agarbathi room. Maya pleads again. Rita shows mobile and says there is price for everything, asks Maya to press her feet. Maya stands silently. Rita says when she can touch jailer’s feet, why can’t she touch her feet and asks lady/Sunita to take Maya away then. Maya presses Rita’s feet. Rita says she is feeling peace and shows mobile.

Saanjh reaches garage to meet Mushtaq. Ayan says he feels something is fishy. Saanjh says ther is no other go. Saanjh asks aide where is Mushtaq bhai. Aide says he is converting fake car to real one. Mushtaq comes out and aide introduces Saanjh. Saanjh shows CCTV footage. Mushtaq says this is his garage’s van. Saanjh gives him money and asks where is this van. He tells address.

Precap: Maya calls goons and pleads not to harm Arjun.
Goon says she is late and Arjun will be punished. He hides Arjun in cold storage box.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I feel like i am seeing king kong movie jsb takh jungle mai tha raja ki taraha tha jab pyar mai pada toh bechara pagal ho gaya aur finally pyar ki khatir maut simarly maya was boss, fearless after she fell in love , became mad and today she is in such a sad state

  2. So true! It’s so heart wrenching to see the boss Maya in such a pitiful state. She deserved a much better loved and secured life! Wish she could be understood by Arjun and all! Love Maya always!

  3. I really feel pity on May.. She just loved around.. She should be out of jail and around should again marry may and not sanjh.

  4. Arjun took saanj for romantic date in coming episodes.please don’t say they are still everyone should learn from Arjun how to move on in life the next day of divorce….
    From second season onwards saanj is trying to be like maya even in dressing also.if I say comments on that I’m personally attacking the actress so I am not not scared to comment but I know it’s just a waste of time.its was better if they end the serial now rather than showing fake romance of Arjun. saanj should be happy after breaking their relationship,she got what she she doesn’t need to cry in front of everyone that EEE EEE Arjun ne muje pyaar nahi Kiya…[email protected]#[email protected]#$$

    1. If I say comments about dress everyone will say I’m personally attacking the actress.if v say about saanj s acting then also people will say the same.

    2. N mayA is a psychotic criminal .the avtress playing maya is dumb

    3. Don’t worry Neha dear,Arjun left saanjh in middle of date for maya,so now it’s saanjh turn to get pain,how a wife or lover wil hurt,if hubby leaves middle and cares another girl,its karma,how maya facing karma for her crimes like same others also will face karma.&Arjun freedom will be his greatest hell.??
      Love u Maya ?❤

  5. it seems people love a pschyo lover, That is why no one find anything wrong with Maya.
    She need mental health care,
    A person who can kill any one who is close to her husband is not normal. Is this is new definition of love?

    This show is going haywire , wondering why this got an extension and not Moh Moh ke dhage?
    It has become sickening 🙁

  6. After a long time, sanjh and Arjun will take a breath of satisfaction and freedom (even though it’s for a short time because that maya will try to make their life hell again) . maya deserves to be treated like this, after all tit for tat…… she is not a boss in jail she is a criminal who still does not
    have pity on others except her show called love…… who never realized what a pain is while she was torturing other…… go to hell!!!

  7. It’s really scary to see the support for Maya. A bad childhood does not excuse criminal behaviour. Possessiveness is not a sign of true love. It’s objectification of Ur lover. When u love someone you do not do bad things to them in the hope of winning them over. N framing your lover for murder seems bizarre way of showing your love
    You can dislike Sanjh for whatever personal reasons n love Jennifer . But supporting Maya seems like those dera supporters who cannot see anything wrong in their Guru rape murder anything goes…..

  8. its boring without maaya plz let maaya come out of jail or let the serial end i didnd like the idiot police…i feel very sad for maya???? i think maya loves more than what sanjha loves for arjun who agrees…Can’t see that assf**k face of #SANJH . How hard u try to bcom #Maya u can never reach the benchmark created by her. She was a character with so much of poise n attitude. Sad but true the makers destroyed everything she had ! But u know what b*t*h u can nvr achieve the Aura of Maya, the grace, that attitude , those expressions. U only have one shitty expression for every scenario .

    1. Chutiya is maya too actually she is more then that bccc mccc just dont wanna say full form of these words
      U hate that jailor i lve her mr dinesh jailor is giving still very gud treatment to maya be practical mannn ok keep aside maya’s stupid past nd saanjh nd just focus on wht crimes she has done….in reality that type of person is beaten repeatedly no matter if that criminal is man or woman nd that too who has tried to escape once from jail then tw game over they r hanged as early as possible but she u ppl r saying she vl be alive after the leap these type of criminals r kept in dark rooms wid no light maya is lucky she is having still better treatment dont blame that jailor yaar u guys says saanjh lvers always blame everyone wht guys u do the sme thing im not a saanh lover bt hate maya to core now maya is becoming iritating day by day
      Whts wrong if arjun is dating saanjh his choice now he is no more a husband so he has the right to maary some1 nd that maya dont know in which angle maya arjun per apna hak jata rhi h dont she know she is now divorced stupid maya….nd stupis maya’s fans shittyy maya shitty fans

  9. I agree with you Xxx

  10. Dis is really boring. Dusky nd arjun nooooooo. It’s all abt maaya….Maya made me cry she prooved that she can not only give pain to other for Arjun but she herself can bear any pain for her …thats why luv her character she is so clear with her aim na ki us chutiya dusky duffer ki tarah kabhi Maya kabhi Dusky ….hate them both duaky duffer worst couple ever ….????

  11. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Some one kill this idiotic saanjh and repair arjun brain
    Maya must win she must come out of jail and settle scores with all

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