Beyhadh 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jahnvi informs Arjun and Saanjh that she having depression and Maya is protecting her and taking all responsibility on her. Arjun says he does not want to know about her past and her present and future matters to him, his love for her will never change. Saanjh apologizes Maya and says unknown mail created doubt. Arjun starts fighting with Saanjh if she will become a detective with just a mail, he will show her how to be a detective. He calls IT department and asks to find out IP address of who sent mail to Saanjh Mathur. Jahnvi and Maya look at each other’s face. Arjun gets a reply and he drags her to Ashwin’s cabin and says he is the one who sent mail. Before Ashwin could speak, Jahnvi starts shouting at Aswhin and asks him to get out. She says Maya was right, he has not changed at all, if he thought with his heinous act, he will break Arjun and Maya’s relationship. Ashwin says he loves her. She drags him out and warns to get out, never to show his face again, else she will hit him with shoes. Ashwin asks what is she doing. She shouts again to get out. He looks at Maya and leaves. Jahnvi tells Maya that she was right, Ashwin is untrustable. She hugs and apologizes Maya. Arjun angrily looks at Saanjh.

Vandana with Ayan takes Arjun and Maya’s wedding invitation card to Saanjh’s home. Suman greets them in. Ayan goes to meet Cheeni ki bori/Shubh. Vandana tells Prem that without Suman, Shubh, and Saanjh, Arjun’s marriage happiness is incomplete. Prem says marriage is incomplete without dear ones, he will attend Saanjh’s boss’s marriage. Vandana says Maya will be her daughter and he has to come and bless children. Shubh comes out and says they will not attend. Ayan insists he should. Vandana leaves saying she has to distribute cards among other guests. Prem tells Suman that he cannot see Saanjh’s heart breaking into pieces with each pheras.

Arjun goes to Maya’s cabin and says he sent aunty/Jahnvi home. She says Ashwin will not change, mom would not have told truth. Arjun consoles her. Saanjh enters and apologizes her. Arjun scolds her what is the use now. Saanjh says she did not know about all this. Arjun says how can’t she, he found out culprit in 2 minutes. Saanjh says let us go out and speak. He stops her and says she is not digesting the truth that he loves Maya. Argument starts and he says why she is interfering in his life. She says she is not interested. He asks if she will break his marriage. She says she will not attend his marriage. She asks if she is sure. Shew says go to hell. She says wherever she is, there is hell. Saanjh asks them to stop fighting. Saanjh leaves with teary eyes.

Maya panics and says Arjun that Saanjh left. Arjun says let her go. Maya asks if he will leave even her. He says no..She asks to promise him that whatever happens, he will not leave her hand. She asks him to give her 3rd promise. He holds his hand on god’s idol lamp and says they both will be one, his heart and her beat, his life and her breaths, his eyes and her vision, etc…this is his third promise. She smiles and hugs him. Lamp blows off.

Suman asks Shubh to get his clothes ready for Arjun’s haldi. Saanjh enters and Suman asks to select her clothes and wear her jewelry. Saanjh says there is no need, she is not attending. Prem asks what happened and gives his promise.

Maya walks out of her apartment lift and walks towards her apartment when lights start flickering. She hurriedly tries to open her apartment door. Ashwin walks towards her. Maya panics more hearing his footsteps. Ashwin speaks and asks if she thought she will kick him out of her life by kicking him from office, he is her father and will leave her only after she dies. She grew up so big that she sent mail to Saanjh and blamed him, she got so courageous that she is playing game with her father. He roughens her and shouts. Maya reminisces Arjun confronting him and slapping, slaps Ashwin. Ashwin is shocked.

Precap: Jahnvi tells Maya that Ashwin will not spare them easily, before he informs truth to Arjun, she should inform. Maya says if she tells truth to Arjun, he will leave her. Ashwin sees Jahnvi and Maya dancing during haldi and thinks they are enjoying too much, it is his time to enjoy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i feel happy for saanjh, atleast now she should concentrate on her own life rather than interfering in others life. she should move on, arjun can handle himself.

  2. Nice episode…it’s confusing me..why cvs not showing how Maya did,how she send mail to saanjh,maya is with Arjun when saanjh receive mail time (match stick fire vachan time,and wedding invitation time),.maybe maya did this with someone to sent away ashwin in her life…but stupid ashwin will not go….&uffo again past drama drag …&wow haldi episode ..waiting for next episode eagerly….love u Maya ?..

  3. Shahina

    i had the doubt that maya is acting…
    but saanjh is not clever enough as maya…
    loved the twist
    i just wanna say one thing…
    this story is not about maya-arjun or arjun-saanj’s LOVE STORY.its just about three different characters…MAYA ARJUN SANJ
    so request the fans to enjoy these characters instead of arguing for maya and sanj
    that is my pereption…
    pls dont bash me today for a change….

    1. Shahina


    2. Totally agree with you, Shahina, each actor has their role.

    3. Lov u saanj….arjun dnt deserve u…..he s selfish….

  4. And there maya plays another game to separate saanjh and arjun! ukw now ik that saanjh doesn’t deserve arjun she deserves much better.

  5. Roby wolverine

    Maya is way way way too smarter than anyone in this story… Even the evil mind Ashwin is struggling with her plans then how could Saanjh handle.. Saanjh needs to learn patience and should have to learn when to speak something and when not.. To simply put she has to grow up if she has to fight with Maya..

    And you can also go to hell Saanjh.. I don’t know how people call her the epitome of friendship.. If she was a real friend she would have handled the situation well and even though now Arjun said things because he was angered that someone has things against her girl (Maya) who is so insecure and went through so much in his point of view.. I know Saanjh lovers will say he is loser and don’t deserve her friendship. I agree that he deserves better friend than her.. How could she abandon him like this… She’s still expecting a lot from him.. Frankly she can just leave all this mess and live her life happily… I hope she doesn’t compromise when Arjun asks forgiveness and comes back nagging in their life.. I think nothing will happen bad or Maya do things if Saanjh didn’t come in between them.

    And last but not least I am loving the vow and promises part a lot… And the show should stop showing these superstitious things like horoscopes, pandit ji, lamp going off, things getting on fire… I am getting tired of these things.. Also there aren’t most of ArYa scenes without Saanjh in background..

    1. Exactly Maya is this mastermind and no one else can match her pace! She thinks about everything..poor saanjh she doesn’t stand a chance in hell against Maya. Today Arjun wasn’t a duffer for once seriously someone needs to stand up against saanjh, she thinks she’s this saint and can interfere in others life. Only Maya can show saanjh her true place great job Maya baby

    2. Yes roby wolverine…actually both saanjh and Maya same track…saanjh used her job fashion and the city to find about Maya,if Maya proves pagal to separate Arjun and Maya,our Maya planned for ashwin to throw out of him for this she used saanjh.

  6. Both jhanvi and saanjh are two faced and liars! This is the 3rd time jhanvi said that Maya was right Ashwin has not changed but ends up believing Ashwin again! I’m fed up with jhanvi’s indecisiveness choose a side lady either be with your daughter or husband!
    As for saanjh she really had no excuse in meddling with Maya’s personal life everyone has problems let them deal with it..Arjun and saanjh’s friendship is ridiculous they break up over simple misunderstandings…they’re constantly fighting and patching up god fed up with them too..I don’t feel bad for saanjh today cause she deserved whatever Arjun said to her if Maya lied to Arjun then it’s his problem she didn’t lie to saanjh na..I understand saanjh’s father is a protective caring father but he cannot hide away his daughter and keep her away from problems in life saanjh is a grown up girl it’s time she fights her own battles I love their father daughter relationship but sometimes it’s too much

    1. Its not saanjh its maya who is two face she sent that mail to saanjh

      1. Yeah and your saanjh is a saint na?? Dosti k naam pe do pyaar karne walo ko alag kar rahi hai..

    2. You mean Jhanvi & Maya are two faced. You can’t expect less. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mother and daughter duo are indecisive, manipulative liars who destroy people’s lives.
      If you’re still blind to Maya’s true character, see the precap again. If you can’t read and understand, let me explain it to you.
      Jhanvi hid Maya’s truth and made Saanjh look like a liar. She’s still asking Maya to tell Arjun the truth but your precious Maya is still going to lie to get into a relationship.
      If you think it’s right, then I wish you the same in your life. Smh.

      1. Daisy, I agree with you , Maya trying to hid the truth from Arjun , As she is psychotic .

        I think Saanjh should leave it on Arjun let himself find the truth .

      2. Angelk1

        Even i agree. Saanj would go out of her way to save his behind countless times, but would he do the same for her…no. He is the worst friend ever

    3. O come on Stefan pyaar when she hate her boyfriend ‘s friend and do lots of stupid thing to create a difference between arjun and saanjh, i dont think its single face of pyaar if its correct for you then congrats you won.

    4. Pari…you can’t say Maya sents mail..cvs didn’t showed…i saw jhanvi face with fear when Arjun tried to trace 90% sure its not maya.Maya is with Arjun whenever saanjh received unknown mail.

  7. Thanks For Update.But Character Confusing.Any Way Thanks.

    1. Yes written update in Maya place they typed saanjh name,so u will confused (if u didn’t watch episode).after saanjh left Maya said with arjun you left your saanjh ur dusky..then you will left me too easily like ur friend.then Maya asked 3rd Arjun will not left saanjh after listen this from Maya.why because he surprised to hear(relation chodna aadath hy)

  8. Its really good really man i mean really really
    Arjun na phar dala yaar love arjun
    yes finally arya arjunions and mayaions love u forever saanjh hate u forever
    Stefan ks and all maya supporters letssssssss partyyyyyyyt

    This is game baby and maya knows only to win .
    Ashwin saanjh ak ter se do sikaar
    Claapings maya
    and arjun i love u man u really love maya
    Arya forever

  9. Antara

    nice epi but so many confusions actually who is the real villian ? maya, papa , jhanvi or unknown wat happnd in Maya’s life ? too many mysteries its like a suspense thriller can’t predict wat is happening eagerly waiting 4 nxt week

  10. Stefan dieing for ur reply

  11. Esther

    Hmmm….tough to guess the story

  12. Saanjh just love you yaar the way you did today its just awesome and please dont save arjun , he desrve that hell letter him suffer.
    Stefan some kind of friends are like that wat to do, coz she care’s for him .

  13. Actually roby u r right fully agreed to u arjun deserbs far better than saanjh(that is maya). We have so much to say but really somewhere i fell a little bad for saanjh today i dont want to feel it but st
    ill i am happy for arjun arjun i love u

  14. Sanjh was owesome to stand up and defend herself infront of Arjun and Maya

  15. Angelk1

    I knew the story was fake. Jhanvi an maya came up with it. Ashwin says she tries to put the blame on him knowing she sent the email to saanj. At least that was confirmed. Maya played her tricks again on saanj. Saanj leave arjun please, today showed he doesnt deserve your concern an friendship.

    He deserve to go to hell with maya at least they will be together . also jhanvi, seriously is suspicious. One minute she was lovey dovey an the next shes all ” get out!” ” you were right” her attitude changed so fast. Not to mention she told maya to tell the truth to arjun once again.

    It can only mean her condition is worse then depression. Her rushing their relationship, manipulating the situation causing arjun to react , giving him her share, removing obstacles an threat an lets not forget making him keep promises without him knowing why or asking why all the promises.

    Their all ressurances just in case things go wrong. Arjun being an idiot is doing everything she wants. If they expect saanj to save him from drowning then thats stupid. He brought this on himself, saanj needs to leave arjun side because its obvious shes not wanted.

    1. Totally suspicious over jhanvi intentions! There is definitely more to see, maybe sanjh will learn the truth from ashwin and she will use it to disturb the wedding! And there is a slight possibility that Arjun might still marry her even after the revealtions!

      1. Angelk1

        No it says saanj wobt attend the wedding. But jhanvi will cause a problem for arya

    2. Angelk1 , Saanjh should let Arjun drown in Maya’s web,

      I think Maya will end up in asylum, mental health people never full recover 100%.
      On Wednesday in North America was mental health day.

      Saanjh deserves a better person, hope she gets one .

      Maya got mental health problems from her mum, its genetic in their case, so if Maya has kids they will have mental health problems .

      I don’t understand how Ashwin was abusing Maya or her mum ( all abusers should be behind bars)
      Or Ashwin was provoking Maya’s mental health issue, being a father it’s horrendous to do that . He is abusive father . Disgusting

      1. Angelk1

        I agree, even i dont want saanj to end up with arjun. His so selfish an inconsiderate. But ashwin is the worst , he probably never loved jhanvi, but then again if he didnt how did maya came to be.

  16. saaanjhhh I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u tooooooooooooooooooooooo the core,, that idiotic arjun doesnt deserve,, u after his gf came,, he forget uuuuuüuuuuuu totally…. so please leave that idiot,, and u will get a beautiful, handsome, lovable, caring husband so that Arjun will get jealous of ur upcoming pair…

  17. Maya is my favorite but I can’t believe she did that! She killed two birds with one stone. She drove Ashwin out of her mom’s life and Sanjh out of Arjun’s. Ugh this is honestly not okay for me. Maya should just come out and be honest to Arjun. He won’t leave her like she thought he would.

    I think at the end, Maya will die and Sanjh will get married to someone else. Arjun’s stepmother and half brother will go away and leave Arjun alone. Arjun will have the wealth and power and everything he ever wanted but he would be completely alone. That’s just what I think.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree, even i was thinking that

  18. Maya Jennifer Lover


    * **** **** * *
    * * **** * * *
    * * * * *
    * ******* ******

    1. If you notice Maya has bags under her eyes , she can’t cover that with make up , it shows

      1. jisko the great KSG se pyar hua ho or phir 2 saal ek loving relationship me rehne k baad aapko chorh de or baad me ye kahe that marrying u was a great mistake us lrhki k dill ka kya haal hoga?will she be able to live in peace and sleep after bags and all are obvious.

  19. yes it was obviously saanjh fault becoz she is not like maya at all who always backstab, saanjh always become stupid becoz she doesn’t know how to play clever game like maya. saanjh if u want show maya real face come on play like maya double faced. All say saanjh is stupid but what arjun is up to he is the most stupid guy if saanjh wont match Arjun at all then Arjun also does not deserve maya. If maya character would have really existed on earth in real life then dawood Ibrahim would perfectly suit her ??

    1. Angelk1

      Lol so true?

  20. See Maya was trapping saanjh..Saanjh was not at fault…

  21. And Stefan friends are like this only…They fight and the very next moment…They stand by each other..And in this show also…Maya will not be able to separate them ..U will see

  22. They will see that and again they will start same old comments

  23. Cool guys…cvs didn’t showed still how Maya sent mail to saanjh when she is with Arjun.,if Maya sent mail how jhanvi thrown ashwin out of the jhanvi supports maya leaving ashwin.and why Maya taken risk to send mail to saanjh said mental illness person cant transfer property to someone,it’s not valid.then if Maya transfer property on Arjun will reject.becoz maya trying to save company Na..unfold scenes.still didn’t revealed..if its maya,i dont care..thriller serial suspect suspense drama.interesting to watch.let’s see

    1. Like all serials jhanvi is villain…bramharakhas,naagin…first they will show so much love like a mother,then it will reveal evil Maya is not double face…ok it…

  24. I don’t understand about Arjun mentality. First he interferes in saanjh life. He didn’t care even about prem and insisted saanjh not to go Singapore. In this way Arjun is really selfish, Saanjh yes pointed maya in hurry but it was not becoz she loves Arjun its just becoz she knows that Maya is hiding somethg and infact everybody knows that what games maya really playing. It was maya infact who interfered between Arjun and saanjh friendship. If maya and arjun love was true there was no need of telling lies and confronting Arjun for love. Everybody knows how maya played with Arjun to make him feel in love with her or else he never said yes to her. Saanjh doesn’t know that maya loves Arjun infact Maya knows that saanjh is in love with Arjun still she interfered between them. Even she didn’t wait to know Arjun feelings just kept on playing her evil games. Is Maya supporters are blind, dumb and stupid. Can’t they see this fact. Yes even I too didn’t like too much interference of saanjh in Arjun life in starting, but she never carried any grudge even for maya. Atleast she has a kind character not like evil character like maya. And maya how much she hate her dad but end of the day she proved that she has his genes, same evilness she got in her blood. I am just waiting for the day when Arjun wil come to know about maya past , her doings, what lies she told to break Arjun and saanjh friendship. I just want to see his reaction. It is always said that every dog has its own day no matter how smart and beautiful maya is and how stupid and irritating saanjh is but truth will expose Maya and saanjh both. Then Arjun will understand..

    1. Angelk1

      Nice way of putting it. But we all know arjun will still stick with maya, because his that stupid. His selfish since the project conference. When he declare maya as the one that motivate him an inspired him. When we all know it was saanj from the start. Maya help to make him known.

      Then when he forgot to meet saanj in the terrance when she planned to confess to him. An along came the trip. When arjun was suppose to spend time with her an ayan. She lied to her an went of somewhere with maya.

      Saanj told him about her parents anniversary an he forgot. He took maya to their secret hide out knowing saanj would be angry, then came the confession , it hurt her more when he didnt give her a proper answer. Lets not forget he wouldnt let her leave when she wanted too emotionally telling her shes his happiness .

      Then the proposal scene disregarding saanj feeling. An lastly, the accusation in the office. Saying things like saanj just jealous of his love for maya.

      Arjun doesnt think. His an idiot. He uses saaanj when he wants too an disregard their friendship plenty of times. He doesnt care to find out whats wrong with her when shes sad or mad. He easily break their friendship over something so small.

      His selfish an deserve this marriage. I want saanj to move on, she deserve better then him.

  25. And after all u will also commend the same saanjh supporters.
    Maya rocks face it it is all about her dear
    saanjh go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Good ur maya will soon reach heaven?? don’t worry…At that time don’t forget to change ur profile name as heaven maya or ram naam satya hai Maya…

      1. Good one shivani

      2. Shahina

        sharp and funny reply

    2. Right hell saanjh…&also we know in real life.. whoever will not like to get Maya like lover ,like same whoever will not like to get saanjh as friend,her irritate interference is more in Arjun life like extreme like same Maya …actually all characters are extreme..Maya got effected by her childhood so she extreme possessive..but saanjh also shows extreme behaver with out suffer.saanjh will not take back step..our Maya also will effect by this.end mey saanjh will live with her Arjun memories..Arjun will end up alone with Maya memories,maya will die.tragedy…love u Maya…?

  26. Wat she ll die no way she will kill everyone and then she will die

    1. Ya she will kill only in ur own story but in real episode with out reason Maya will not kill anyone..???

      1. When you can make your own story why can’t we☺️????

      2. Obviously u can like before..???

      3. Yes we dont change we ll be the same not like you in the dream world.
        And moreover you accept anything which is good for saanjh so just leave it.

      4. Pari Same to u

    2. Angelk1

      Nah she wont kill, but harm someone. Cvs wont show killing because of maya obsessers. I just hope they end this romance track an get to the fun part

  27. plzz updated all pics in seriol . I love this episode and maya is my fav.and I my daily update your seriol

  28. arjun u r really selfish.u broke ur childhood friendship just like that??i hope u dont leave maya or else she’ll kill u.

    1. Angelk1

      ??????, he better dont or he will be attack verbally by the fan club.

      1. Arjun does not have a belongs to maya,maya’s fanclub and saanjh fanclub,arjun ka koi fanclub hai hi ni,poor guy!

      2. Angelk1

        I dont mean arjun ayesha lol I’m talking about mayas. Arjun doesnt have a fan club lol

    2. There is no wrong Arjun mistake and he is not selfish..he did as a lover/husband job.Arjun will not leave saanjh and saanjh will not leave Arjun.cvs will show again patch up.

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