Beyhadh 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh thinks of taking Ashwin’s help in knowing Maya’s truth and walks behind him. She sees Ashwin checking Maya’s laptop and speaking to someone over phone that he searched everything but did not find Maya’s details. Saanjh thinks she wanted to seek Ashwhin’s help, but he himself is searching Maya’s details. Once Ashwin leaves, Saanjh checks Maya’s old laptop. She gets mail from unknown admirer again that she is going on a right path and should continue. She finds doctor’s bill and then goes to meet doc. She introduces herself as Fashion and the City’s chief legal advisor and Maya has transferred her company’s 51% shares in Arjun’s name. She needs to know the reason for Maya’s insurance rejection and her medical illness, else deal will be canceled. Doctor hesitates. Maya says she will ask hospital management itself. Doc reveals that Maya got severe depression and she tried to suicide once, she can harm other and is danger for herself and others.

Arjun gets romantic with Maya again. Maya says she wants everything to be perfect by god’s grace. Arjun says she can pray god, but he god never helps him. Maya says god has protected her till now and prays god for her married and successful life after that.

Saanjh gets into Arjun’s cabin and tells Maya is hiding things from him and tells about Maya’s school suspension, records missing due to digitization, doc’s prescription, insurance being rejected, etc. Arjun says so what if records got missing due to digitization. She says Maya has severe depression and shows him medical bills and doctor’s prescription. Maya watches their conversation via her cabin and messages Jahnvi that she needs her help. Maya continues explaining Arjun that Maya has severe depression and tried to suicide once, she has scar on her arm, etc. Maya enters and asks what Maya. Saanjh shows her hospital bill and ask what is this. Maya acts shocked and says whatever Saanjh is telling is true and reminisces Saanjh checking her purse. She says she thought Saanjh is searching some documents, but she was gathering proof against her.

Maya requests Saanjh to not reveal her secret to anyone and rungs towards terrace. Saanjh asks Arjun to stop Maya. Maya runs on terrace and tells Saanjh and Arjun that she will not suicide, already Saanjh harmed her. Jahnvi enters and says Maya did not go to school as Ashwin had broken her hand and Maya was taking care of her. When Ashwin knew about Maya’s school suspension, he hit Ashwin so much that 4 people had to stop him. All the bills are rights, but she is in depression instead and not Maya. Maya is protecting her from the world and Ashwin. If Arjun loves Maya, he has to accept Maya the way she is. Maya got hand injury while trying to save her and reminisces falling unconscious due to hyperglycemia. She continues confronting and says again Arjun has to accept Maya the way she is, else it is his wish.

Precap: Arjun confronts Saanjh that she is jealous that he loves Maya. Ashwin tortures Maya and yells she sent mails to Saanjh and is going against her papa. Maya slaps him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shahina

    i dont want to comment on the characters….
    just want to enjoy this awesome show

    1. Shahina, totally agree with you

    2. Then y did u comment ? ? ?

  2. Dear saanjh and all saanjh lovers go to hell!! You all were defending this “good girl” well I hope you all got a nice slap on your face today!! Maya is not a PYSYCHO
    Today I love Maya more which person will sacrifice so much for their loved ones especially someone who doesn’t deserve this love(jhanvi) Maya once again proved why she deserves to be loved. Saanjhdeservesarjun I hope you watched today’s episode and just as saanjh couldn’t give an answer I hope all saanjh lovers will stop b*t*hing about Maya! Today I laughed seeing saanjh’s face the idiot thought Maya was going to say she’s mad but it turns out the mad one is jhanvi the look on saanjh’s face..priceless!! ??iss show ki asli villain saanjh hai..Arjun you deserve a better friend than saanjh?you deserve a friend who will genuinely be happy for your marriage not a fake and back stabbing b*t*h like saanjh

    1. Shalinisenthil

      Well said stefan

    2. Angelk1

      It’s just the beginning , besides time will tell like I said. Who would say that Maya didn’t set saanj in a trap. For one she knew saanj went through her purse. An probably figure out she’s planning on telling Arjun about her meds. Who to say that she didn’t plan the story with jhanvi to make saanj look like a fool.

      The precap says Ashwin tells Maya she sent the email to saanj, but then it could have been Ashwin that did it. But if it was Maya this was a set up so Arjun can loose saanj trust. But I highly doubt it.

      The doctor said she can harm others an is danger. But Maya said she’s fine an she’s not suicidal. We can take her word for it, but not the doctor. Saanj is an idiot yes, she needs to leave Arjun to solve his own problem

      1. I totally agree, that jhanvi is covering up for Maya. We do know that she could have harmed that Pandit ji in Mauritius…

      2. Angelk1

        I agree its a cover up. Saanj thought she had something on maya , but maya turned it around with the drama. The only person that can beat maya in her own game is arjun.

    3. mister stefan dweeb and all who are supportin maya ek baat batau tum logo chahte ho ki sanjh maya aur arjun ke beech mein pade its fine agar kal maya ki poori sachchai arjun ke saamne aayegi shaadi see pehle yaa shaadi ke baad. saanjh ko maya ki health condition ke baare mein pata hote hue bhi use nahi bataaya toh tab tumlogon ko lagta hai ki saanjh ek frnd kehlaayi jaayegi . ab jitna bhi arjun saanjh ki baat sunne yaa na sunne baad saanjh ki baat samaj mein aa hi jaayegi . behtar yahi hoga saanjh ke badale arjun maya ke past ke life KE baare jaane aur phir use shaadi kare thats i am sayin .

    4. hatethatpsycho

      Stefan….u are wrong dear…maya is a PSYCHO….and a big big liar….she is soo manipulative…..she is as cunning as fox…loomdi kahiki…hell with ?

  3. Yes!!!!!!
    It was needed to saanjh, do more spigiri go go go………
    Haha arjun is why always behind maya? Maya ‘s this that haha . Faltu ladki arjun ne chopsi kar di accha hua. She does dont get it she had so damm good parents but maya never had so just dont again brun her past cutmarks!!! But saanjh loves it ,arjun didnot asked her help ,then why saanjh

    But the next episode update is really confusing maya slaped him him means whom arjun or ashwin some plzz ans me!!!!!

    1. if arjun leaves maya i will be glad to see that.i”l llaugh at u stuoid people who are supporting maya baby
      and by the arjun should know maya past by his own so he could help her.maya need a person like arjun . if he loves he would help her from every past, present troubles she is facing.

  4. Yes!!!!!!
    It was needed to saanjh, do more spigiri go go go………
    Haha arjun is why always behind maya? Maya ‘s this that haha . Faltu ladki arjun ne chopsi kar di accha hua. She does dont get it she had so damm good parents but maya never had so just dont again brun her past cutmarks!!! But saanjh loves it ,arjun didnot asked her help ,then why saanjh

    But the next episode update is really confusing maya slaped him him means whom arjun or ashwin some plzz ans me!!!!!

  5. Correction : I meant saanjh is always behind maya

  6. Shalinisenthil

    Good episode love maya acting ….who r sending those mail its confused alot in precap ashwin said its maya …let see waiting for next episode …and for arya romantic movement

    1. If maya sents mail…?how she will same time Maya stayed with Arjun,both are busy..she is praying god placed wedding invitation near lord ganesh.while saanjh going back ashwin& for searching proof,when she is searching in laptop while she received unknown mail.

  7. Skinny Saanjh

    good lesson for irritating soo called good friend Saanjh.

  8. talant & briliant move .keep going

  9. someone post the link from where the news spreaded that show will air off in october

  10. Today total boring& suspect total confused.jhanvi said lies or true?i felt half false… it will reveal tomorrow.

  11. Shalinisenthil

    Maya slapped ashwin in precap….

  12. Stefan loved ur commend i really missed the epi today but reading u commend i fell maya supporters r really happy today
    Oh yeah its our day!

    All mayarians hi5

    1. Lol you missed the biggest twist it on YouTube but don’t miss it cause it’s hilarious especially the part where saanjh realises she’s dead wrong about Maya and has lost the fight!! Yup today’s our day! Our maya baby is not mad or anything she’s a loving,sacrificing woman who’s willing to go to any lengths for her loved ones unlike that narcissistic saanjh

  13. Guys stop scolding saanjh…if you want to scold,u can,but dont use abuse language..just leav saanjh…keep talk about only our Maya more& about episode&about ArYa.

  14. Maya slapped ashwin

  15. sanjh is ruining her friends with arjun all by herself.
    i like maya and arjun pair- more mature.
    unfortunately i feel the ending will be bad. Mayah needs love and care in her life and she will be broken if arjun leaves her. still not understanding why her father is such a devil towards her

    1. *friendship*

  16. Stefan loved ur commends .today all maya supporters seem to b happy. I missed the epi today but it isgreat to know the epi was to protray saanjh big L
    Mayasupporters its oir day
    Mayarians hi5

  17. Maya slapped Ashwin..why will she slap Arjun??

  18. why was my comment deleted???? i didnt post anything offending and it was related to the show!

  19. Yes don’t read the written update it’s very misleading. Maya couldn’t say it herself which is why she called jhanvi..even when jhanvi was telling everything Maya was begging her to stop..because it puts a negative light on jhanvi’s image! Remember what jhanvi said that people
    consider any mental illness as madness if she had revealed that her mother was depressed then her image would have been tainted and Maya couldn’t let that
    happen. You answered your own question
    she knew saanjh would tell Arjun about those pills which is why she waited till then so now whatever saanjh will say Arjun won’t believe

    1. Angelk1

      But that still makes no sense. Jhanvi says the bill an paper is correct and that shes the one suffering from depression not maya. Thats erased everything the doctor said about maya suffering from depression an her cutting herself.

      It make no sense that the doctor say Maya is the one with depression an is taking pills, but Jhanvi says she’s the one instead of Maya. That story doesn’t add up, I can believe Jhanvi having problem because we saw the beginning when she was throwing things.

      I would have also believe the story if the doctor didn’t say anything. An the pills we’re not Maya but Jhanvi, then I would have agreed. But that’s not the case. It makes it seem like a cover up.

      anyway, If ashwin hated maya why would he care how shes doing at school an if she’s suspended . If all he wants is her inheritance. I can understand him beating maya, but the part about ashwin caring just throws me off. Also she said maya is protecting her from ashwin.

      She basically saying she know ashwin is bad. So then why was she acting like he was a saint an he has change if she knew this whole time.

      This story is fishy, an it’s a cover up. Its half truth. I read some where that someone was killed in their past, that’s gonna come up with ashwin murder. It could be Jhanvi killed someone an Maya covered it up or the other way around. But the story is getting more twisted.

    2. We can’t trust jhanvi..some time she is going back ashwin and some time she loves Maya because of both Maya suffering more in her love life too.

  20. Shalinisenthil

    After today’s episode one thing is conformed that arjun never gonna believe saanjh anymore and one thing he love maya more and more after this incident …..maya need love and after that arjun love became beyhadh form maya?

    1. Yes after yesterday episode Arjun loves Maya more…both are in love beyhadhly..but separation track will come after marriage..Arjun will arrest by ashwin murder,jhanvi said to police arjun kills ashwin…but saanjh shows Maya mental illness papers to police like she tried to prove Maya is the killer.she will harm any one.if Arjun saves Maya or not..Arjun will find who is real killer or not..let see

  21. Cant believe Maya can be that much mean to get Arjun. Maya lovers cant see that maya is hiding truth from Arjun and she is using arjun to save herself from ashwin.

    1. Ye story about Arjun Maya beyhadh love story…in their love relation odd problem’s will come.we loves Maya more always.for u guys she is using Arjun..but for us,she tried to come out from her parents tortures towards her love stay happy life with him.

  22. A nice slap for saanjh lovers really i mean really.i was just laughing saanjh didnt kill any one she was just protecting her friend but that’s ok you guys dont understand, you guys will be the same using abusive language form starting i an telling dont scold any actress but no you guys will do same thing.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree about her not killing anyone. I will still stick with what i keep saying maya has personality disorder. Shes giving to much to one person who shows her love. But when that person she loves start seeing her crazy side an decides to leave her. She will snap.

      But now they will be married , she will become even more obsess an crazy. What will they say next, she needs the love. Or will they blame arjun or say they wont watch the show. I honestly dont care if arya break apart. I just want saanj to not help arjun.

      Let that idiot solve his own problem.

  23. Good how can u feel maya is using arjun . This is most unexpected!!!!!!!! Confir it she is not using arjun she is just behadhly in love with arjun!!!!!
    and seeing her family she is just insecure about arjun. She loves him sooooimuch.
    her love may not be sacrifising but beyhadh junoonly love she can never leave arjun.
    She need love nd arjun is more than enough for her .

    And maya is not psyco just deppressed!!!!!

    Stefan i will surely watch it on u tube i want to see saanjh cry baby expresdions again and arjuns scolding for saanjh and love for maya !!!!!!!

  24. Saanjh didn’t do anything wrong by telling all this to Arjun…She is just protecting him..Every true friend does that..Nothing is wrong in it..And Maya is psycho…Everyone knows she killed pandit ki..In a way she is a murderer…

    1. That is not true! It was nevr shown dat maya killer panditji.its all u cant blame maya for smthin u dont knw

  25. I want saanjh to be happy,, leave that idiot arjun and maya… Before maya for him saanjh was important but now.. He didn’t believe his own bestieeee sanjh… I hate maya to the core…

  26. I think maya was sending all the mail and i think she wants to create a difference between saanjh and arjun , its just guess dont start saying you guys dont like maya etc etc

  27. indira chatterjee

    O M G, it’s true Saanjh really loves Arjun, She is just protecting Arjun. But I can’t understand Maya, may be she is innocent but her eyes tells different, Jenifer looking so sweet but also very suspectable,waiting for next episode.

  28. ashwin murder takes place on marriage day , jhanvi intentionally try to stop marriage , after police investigation started jhnavi suspects arjun as murder and police arrests arjun , saanjh comes into action and saves arjun but she says maya is culprit she had disorder she will do what ever she want in frustration and she proves it by evidances she collected from ashwin then u huge twist maya is actually not a disorder woman its a rumor she was actually a depressed girl by her father nature but ashwin join hands with jhanavi and made to appear her to treatments and apply medicines which effected her brain and made her a unusual woman ?? Will this truth be earthed ??? What will be maya and what is her fate and what is arjun fate will maya comeback and after that what is her thinking just stay tune
    This is just a source viewers thinking and belief is final thing so that’s the twist guys

    1. Shalinisenthil

      Marriage will happen or not???

  29. Arey yaar, I don’t want jhanvi to be villain, I love the show because of mother daughter relationship

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