Beyhadh 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vandana tries to open Maya’s secret door with her hair pain. Maya enters searching her mobile. She sees Vandana not on her place and shouts she told maa not to move. She picks her mobile and sees Vandana’s location on CCTV footage and loudly says maa I am coming. Arjun in his office cabin reminisces Vandana talking about Ayan and Maya dropping her mobile in water. Peon brings tea. Arjun scolds him and sends, then fumes if mom does mistake, Maya will punish them both.

Saanjh goes to meet Ayan and tells her whole plan and says there was no other go than sending Vandana aunty to Maya’s house to get evidence. Ayan says Maya can do anything and is pscho, what if she harms maa. Saanjh says she knows how mad Maya is and nothing will happen to Vandana.

Vandana tries to hide in whole house. Maya continues tracking her and calling her. Jahnvi presses beep repeatedly. Maya shouts why she is beeping, if she also wants to be punished. She then sees Vandana in room and opens door. Vandana hides behind door and once Maya moves aside. Vandana comes in front and tries to open door. Maya comes in front and closes door on her hand. Vandana shouts in pain and pleads to forgive her and open door. Her hands gets severely injured and bleeds profusely. Maya enjoys torturing her. Jahnvi looks at her in fear sitting on wheel chair. Maya asks if she is enjoying it. Vandana continues pleading to spare her. Maya continues her psycho behavior and sits when mistake is done, one has to face it. She then finally opens door and gets out Vandana holding her injured hand. Vandana writhes in pain. She continues pressing Vandana’s injured her and says she knows CCTV cameras are all around and she can watch everything, then why did she make this mistake. If she was searching something or was asked to. Vandana continues writhing in pain. Maya continues pressing her injury and insists to tell who sent her. She then cries why she wants to separate her and Arjun. She says she will get first-aid box and walks away. Vandana runs.

Saanjh reaches outside Maya’s house and thinks Vandana’s safety is more important than her plan. Maya picks first aid box and pierces knife in it and yells if mistake is done, punishment is fore sure. Vandana watches her and gets more afraid seeing knife. She runs and Maya loudly says she wants to play running, let us run. Vandana opens main door and sees Saanjh. Saanjh is shocked seeing her injured hand and fumes she will not spare Maya. Vandana pleads her to go and closes door. Maya comes and asks if she wants to break even her leg and sit on wheelchair playing buzzer like Jahnvi. She continues her torture and asks if someone is outside. Saanjh hears her standing near door. Maya opens door and grabs her hand, but Saanjh frees it and escapes.

Precap: Saanjh confronts Arjun why did he leave Vandana with Maya, Maya broke her hand. Arjun shouts why she is lying. Saanjh shows her bruised hand and says this is what Maya did.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The Dark Hunter

    That’s it I’m done with beyhadh
    They have made her irredeemable now I mean seriously to what level would they go?
    Couldn’t they have made her negative from the start, rather than show lighter shades and even white shades at times? Why make us bond with a character that would eventually be consumed by this level of darkness?
    What’s the point of trusting Indian tv to show the right things? They show a mentally ill person and show that she was happy at one point but in they end they can only fall? What bakwas I cannot believe the audacity of such writers? Making a show unique is not at the cost of running images of already marginalised people’s and making a beloved character our worst nightmare?

    Jennifer I ask you honestly, please tell us that maya is negative and can not redeem, at least we know what is in store for us, don’t keep giving us hope that maya can be redeemed, loved and happy and then act out all these scenes. I mean really, she even talked on-set she had no intention to hurt VM just scare her, and this was while filming the scene AFTER she injured VM? I mean what?!!

    I said I would stop early into the second season, but I held on as maya was still grey and was still respectable and worthy of love and betterment, but now…

    I can never hate maya or stop loving her, and it is for that reason I leave, before she becomes something even I cannot love no more. They have disgraced the entire show, all the work they’ve put into maya these past six months and have even disgraced the fandom, she was never this brutal with anybody, and especially for no reason or than insecurity/trust issues.

    If VM had injured herself, maya got supplies and then did that knife drama and angry interrogation that would have kept her grey and likeable, but this incarnation was something inhuman, and I cannot bear to see her fall any further. She has only ever got. Pain and betrayal, and the brief love she had was all a waste showing this now, I HATE the CVs with a passion for this insult, I could empathise and see myself and my childhood through maya and now I can barely see her true self anymore beneath this person, I just can’t

    I thank JW for her amazing work till now, she captured maya so well and captured the hearts of so many, but I fear now this is the start of Maya’s decline till no goodness/chances ever remain. She was denied her one chance, and now its all but dust, hats off to CVs for their outstanding incompetence.

    Sorry guys and gals

    Maya always ❤❤??

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Ruining images sorry autocorrect.

  2. Dragging dragging..when this track will end..waiting for samaya story&maya past ..&poor vandana,she came to search in Maya room and caught red Maya will not like cheaters.&finally Arjun understands maya..Today Arjun dialogue is..”maa jabtak ap maya k sath achhese rahogi wo apka kuch nehi karegi,lekin agar ap kuch galat karenhi tho maya apko nehi chodegi”(maa when you will be good with Maya,she will not harm you,but if you did something wrong with her ,she will not leave u).??? u Maya ? waiting for next episode ?

    1. The Dark Hunter

      So true, that’s the only quality I still love deeply about her. Give her goodness she will take you to the stars. Give her suffering and she will drag you down to hell ???
      I just hope such a quality goes out of hand and destroys her, I want her goodness to return so bad ??

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Such a quality DOESN’T get out of hand, apologies for my controversial statement.

    2. The Dark Hunter

      Btw Ks just by your comment alone I’ve rebuked my decision to leave beyhadh lol.??
      Thanks for your positivity it keeps a lot of us going through such times.
      I will no longer justify her actions but will support her and love her for who she was and hopefully who she becomes, I will continue to see maya lose for once and hopefully she is able to turn around and fight Ashwin within her and WIN, that’s the only true evil, not maya.

      Maya ❤❤❤

  3. wow

  4. Too much psychic behaviour is shown….This is not a good show for viewers…People watch such kind of serials and will try to imitate them in real life too…U r showing different means and ways of domestic violence,,,just stop all these and try something else….

  5. In this case too,u have seen a positive sign of mind;unrealistic. .ur love 4 maya is also beyhadh

  6. This is a horrible show showing all psycho I am sure there are better ideas.

  7. For the first time I felt literally bad for VM… Seriously it’s the point of no return now… I just watched this show thinking it’s a unique story where the heroine is breaking stereotypes​ bahu role and playing a grey role .. but eventually she’ll turn out to be a winner against all odds in the end….coz she’s the heroine after all… In season 2 I saw Arjun hating her n her obsessiveness yet I felt they’d last through it all finally learn to love each other as normal couples…. but now wen i already know that we just have Maya and her violence and negativity in store, for wat reason should we actually watch the show.. wat excitement is left in it now…..Should I just watch it to learn different methods of voilence and torture? I used to always say that in the end I’m sure all good things will win over evil… I felt it was arjuns love and patience n persecution and his faith on his love that would win over the greyness in Maya… But guess I was wrong after all….

  8. I plan to watch this psycho show .utter crap .

  9. Stop watching ,gosh watching this have lost my mind too .


    This sensible post gave me hope despite the worst track in beyhadh history!
    Anyone can redeem themselves if they just realise they are wrong and then start on the road to seeking forgiveness from those they wronged. They better give maya that chance, a mentally ill abused women like her deserves a chance to be accepted, to be guided to swing her moral compass the right way, and thus redeem. When she was good, VM never gave her a chance despite her asking for forgiveness and a chance anew, so she lost faith in goodness and returned to negativity. Only by people guiding and giving her a chance can she redeem, that and something if not self realisation will have to happen to show that she’s wrong (Arjun leaving her), only then can the pieces be picked up again and hopefully she returns Ganesh in her life and becomes the season 1 maya who regrets, not the season 2 maya who forgets. Only through remorse can she return, and I want her to do so and live a happy life in the end conquering Ashwinand her demons forever
    The past is linked below my comment

    Maya forevermore ❤❤❤❤


      The thing is whether in real or fiction a person can always redeem them selves. I think it’s wrong to say that if you have done bad things you will never be forgiven. To be forgiven, to redeem themselves are sometimes the biggest motivation people have to be better, to do good and to ask for forgiveness. She right now can not be forgiven because she doesn’t regret her actions, she doesn’t want to be better. Maybe she doesn’t even understand that she is doing something wrong. When she tried to be good, one person didn’t think she could change and treated her like crap. When she couldn’t tolerate it anymore she back to her old ways. Maybe she would be a better person if her mother in law gave her a chance.
      I’m not saying you should blindly trust a person who has done alot of bad stuff, but you should forgive if they ask for forgiveness and give them a chance to redeem them selves. Same goes for Maya. If she truly regrets, truly asks for forgiveness and tries to be good then she can be redeemed. But only people she has wronged can forgive her.

  11. just luv ur acting jenny n wat arjun said today was 110% correct if sum1 vl come to my home n do such things vch vandana did for sure evn i vl behav d same if i m not wrong but maya had done wrong so her behaviour is extremely out of level bcz she knows she can be caught if cm get d proofs n ppl who do crime behave in such way so its normal yes but v dint c maya this side so v r getting affected but i think der is some reason behind it for her madness so let c n hope for d best n it is just a show so take it as entertainment i love thrills so i m enjoying ppl who r soft hearted n take it as real better dnt watch bcz dn u vl go mad if u folow d same in real luv u maya always n forever?❤

  12. Stupid serial….psycho Maya…chi ….idhellam oru serial…

  13. Do any of u remember this movie anjaam and darr, in that shahrukh Khan was the obsessed lover n he even kills n does worse kind of things… He was an anti hero and a negative main lead, yet we watched the movie and praised srk for being so versatile as an actor. But in those movies his character was straight on our face without any skepticism.. we knew wat to expect from him. Here wat has gone wrong is that CVS have created a delusion, which they shouldn’t have coz it’s gonna back fire on them only. they’ve put two shades into Maya’s character black and grey. But wat they don realize is that most of the viewers were happy with the grey character itself and not even handful must have thought she’d turn out black. So now the show is gonna loose it’s fan base who supported they grey character.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      I think they lost the plot halfway on.
      That or they always intended her to turn this way but didn anticipate the emapthy and love people had for her grey aspect, but foolishly still went with it any way. If there is no redemption for maya later on, the fan vase will show the CVs the consequences I’m sure!

      Maya ❤❤❤

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Fan base lol

    2. True but the movie ended soon..hope this nonsense what Maya did to VM n Ayan ends soon..there should be something positive shown in the end ..otherwise people are going to imitate bad things soon..Maya should be treated properly by a doctor in the show..n whatever bad she has done should be reversed by her only


        Jennifer keeps saying maya is not negative just extreme. She is not even extreme now just negative. Jennifer pre-leap IV said she wanted to have maya in her life, did she have any idea what the CVs were going to the character they made us love over 6 months? If she confirms even now that there is hope for maya in season 3 then we can rest easy, otherwise CVs made a big mistake creating this Grey character that so many loved and empathised with and eveloped emotional connections too, only to destroy that now. She better get help and redeem, thats her only justice and justice to us fans who saw her goodness among her darkness ad want her to remove all of Ashwin’s darkness from her and live happily in the end, with or without love i dont care anymore, i just want maya to be goeven the chance to show that mentally ill people can heal and live normal lives as well, not only be shunned, hated or destroyed!

        Love maya always ❤️❤️❤️

        Ps i will tweet on FB for them to brong the greyness back to maya’s character sooner than later, else there is no hope and most of the fanbase will be in outrage im sure if maya goes down into darkness and Ashwin wins. Good always wins over evil, the battle is between good maya and Ashwin within her, she needs to win in life not death, thats too easy and unfair otherwise.

  14. “Maya opens door and grabs her hand, but Saanjh frees it and escapes”….wen did diz happen??like i watched tdayz epi as well as on d net but i think d epi ended on maya’s face right aftr she opened d door???Is it M.A(the epi updaters imagination or wat????)

  15. they have crossed all limits today! that’s it i m done with this show! trp s are going to go down a big time

  16. I m not supporting maya … What she did is wrong okay….. Vandana did the same thing to maya in season 1 ….after all vandana is a very normal person … But maya is psycho …. What can ve expect from her ….

  17. Saanjh plan is yours … And u should face the consequences … Y complaining to arjun …. Arjun told you to take vandana home … But u both genius planed…bakwas plan… Now complaning to arjun … U need to meet arjun … Pagal wife … Wow saanjh … If ur mother or brother be like this u ll say the same thing…

  18. I request serial producers not to spread so much negativity just to maintain trp
    There is already too much negativity and hatred in this world for our future generations.You people should use the social media to spread happiness and peace.

    1. Resonance1290

      Negativity especially for a show late at night is dangerous for brain activity even science has shown that! Eother make it earlier in the day or show some positivity, that will be best!

      In shows persoective people show show that a mentally ill person can improve and get better, it gives the right message.

      If they have plans to make Maya negative to no return, and end in death/asylum, what does that show? What does that say about ill people? If anything it will increase our animosity and negligence of such people by propogating a mentality such to a large audience in which mentally ill are already shunned, its disgusting if thats their intention, i hope they have sense to prove me wrong!

      1. Ur comment is simply superb. I totally agree to every word of URS. Seems like Uve penned my thoughts word to word….

  19. Loved the way Maya tortured vandhana.. Vandhana hurted maya once and now hot in return..

    Just want saanjh to go through mental stress. I don’t want Maya to hurt saanjh but I want Maya to torture others in front of saanjh that saanjh should tremble in fear even on listening name of Maya.

    Wish vandhana slaps Maya , so that Maya holds hair of vandhana and threaten vandhana to slap herself. Want saanjh to watch this with fear of death..

      1. The Dark Hunter


        I love maya but never would I want that! I want her to get better not worse!

        People say my love for maya is beyhadh, they’re wrong.
        @Maya My Love you’re love is beyhadh lol.

    1. Ayesha22

      u really hate saanjh and vandy to the edge.

    2. Relax girls… I think her point is to convey.. saanjh should experience wat Maya had experienced in childhood… Thats wen she’ll know wat mental abuse is all about.. n she’ll think a million times to call anyone paagal again…@mayamylove I hope that was ur point..

  20. Ayesha22

    well vandana deserved it.maya payed back all her MIL’s hatred to her which she gifted her when my maya was trying to be good.yes she should not have injured her hand but what can you expect from a mentally disturbed person when she catches you conspiring against her that too in her own home.sorry to say vandy but look what you have done to my Maya she was not like this drove her to the edge and made her what she is today.i m not justifying her actions but if u think without personal hatred and bias for her you will know that whatever maya is today is the result of whatever the world made her into.I still love Maya and want her to be back to her old self and i have tweeted my thoughts to jennifer requesting her to return us the original maya we loved.hopefully our request would be answered.LOVE U Maya but baby that was really wrong u did with that vandy (though she deserved it)but still i think u went a bit overboard.

    1. The Dark Hunter

      This is what people still refuse to see.
      Maya was not always like this. The pandits murder is speculated, but otherwise Ashwin’s murder and Jhanvi’s condition have been largely hinted in IVs and the like to be someone surprising, and maya is the least surprising suspect.
      Moreover, how can people forget her painful tearful moments, her fears and pains, her truthful remorseful prayers to Ganesha, her kindness towards Arjun and Ayan and uniting his family, her happiness in the rituals, mauritius and the genuine love and care she showed post-marriage for a long time. Burning her hands for saanjh and having a miscarriage that she still reminisces even now.

      Yes ive omitted many of the side manipulations and deeds she did alongside these, but the combination made her a GREY character.

      Theyve too suddenly taken it to psychopathy from sociopathy which was her original character and it is nonsensical. I had my fears when they showed her writing Arjun’s name in blood in the 1st episode, fear that they have made her completely against everything she was before, but i was calmed by scenes like her horror and pain at the rape scandal etc. However, by making those scenes which should have been real a master plan of hers, they are changing the very nature of her character and that so suddenly its unrealistic. Yes its a 3 year leap but its still too rushed. We need to see much more FB’s/episode during the leap so we can at least understand why maya is like this now, as she definitely wasnt like this from the start, she was a remorseful, scared girl who only had her mother in her life, whereas now they show her indifferent to her mother despite her jumping off a bridge for her mother just after acquiring Arjun in her life. They need to show why all this is happening, else its incomplete and completley destructive to maya and her character.

      Only by seeing her pain and the reasons for her character being as it is may people even empathise or gain sympathy for her again, else they are painting the worst picture from the start by forcing a abused child to lose everything, gain little happiness only to be betrayed and hurt countless times making her venegful and irredeemable, that is just not on!

      Ayesha well done for posting this to jennifer, i and many others will ask for this, not for them to completely change the track but that maya when exposed realises the consequences of her actions and is broken but redeemable, not that she gets crazier and can never heal. The maya we know is the maya who sacrifices her life for her mother,Arjun and family, the maya who saved Arjun and showed her love and anguish, the maya who manipulated manly for jhstifiable/the right reasons, the maya who loved Arjun so much she was willing to LEAVE him immediately after fulfilling her dream of marrying him, the maya who had compassion and remorse despite her anger and madness.

      We need THAT maya back, FAST.

      Maya always ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Hey u cments made me RoFL!! So hilarious.. yeah on a serious note poor vandy. Maya wouldn’t have got this wild if vandy hadnt betrayed her trust that too when the ghaayal lioness has given this bewakoof bison sharan in her own den, then it takes too much guts to betray her..So obviously she has to bear the brunt. Lioness has finally pounced on her… All said n done Maya actions are barbaric though, not justifiable…

      1. Btw this comment was @ayesha22

  21. indira chatterjee

    After all controversy it is true that Jennifer is superb for her negative role. Now I am eagerly watch ‘beyhad’ only for her performance. Saanjh also too good, but Maya main attraction of beyhad, let’s see what next?

  22. Angelk1

    Verbally abuse is different from physical abuse. Maya is going to far, I always said from the start grey shaded character can turn evil. And since this is a thriller, something Like this bound to happen. Theirs no harm in thriller, nothing will happen to people watching it.

    Im glad tv is not being close minded and actually showing things that can, and will happen to some people abuse, hurt or with illness. everyone had hope for this Maya character that’s why their upset, but they never said this was a road to redemption.

    Maya is a manipulative psycho, saanj is an over emotional lawyer, vandana is just an overprotective idiotic mama bear, and arjun is just an idiot. Maya behavior is not because of vandana, her psycho nature was bound to come out. Matter fact it was coming out even before stage 2.

    Remember the stabbing knife on ashwin, the proposal scene on the air balloon, putting samYa in the trunk, making policeman beat him up, hitting her self on the plane just so the plane can turn around, stalking arjun at the club, falling down on the stairs, and more.

    Their we’re many hints showing Maya psychotic behavior, but some overlooked it. But at least we all got to see her transition from a compose boss to a psycho.
    So directors keep going with your script, the show must go on.

    1. All that is fine.. but have the CVS thought about the future of this character.. how long can it hold the attention span of audience.. how long will it glue us all to this show, if they show us that Maya’s character is indeed evil and black then wat is left to watch.. there is no thrill n there can’t be a thriller made without suspense in it.. but here the suspense is already disclosed​ . It’s Maya who is the villan. Ok so now wat? Should we just watch her antiques and how she makes people’s lives miserable? Wouldn’t that be monotonous. People watch if suspense is disclosed in end which usually happens in movies. in serials they have to extend them for years.. so a happy ending and a hope for happy ending formula works here

  23. Hahahha it is funny..firstly they say Maya is ill..she is mentally disturbed and at the same time she is smarter then rest of them. She is clever, intelligent wise and what of the cast is jst stupid, lazy and boring. How can Maya know everything where all of them act ao dumb.

    Its high time to change the character behavior and let thm stop acting stupid.

    Im done with this show for now..wil watch after couple of weeks

    Break from Maya

  24. What is this ? is Maya mad ?

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