Beyhadh 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya watches Vandana’s room’s live CCTV footage on her mobile. Vandana’s phone rings. Vandanda tries to get up, but could not as Maya has tied her. She sees CCTV camera and sleeps back. Maya zooms on Vandana’s mobile and sees Saanjh’s ID. Samay then calls her and she disconnects. He SMSes her to meet her tomorrow. He ironing his shirt thinks Maya has to meet her at any cost tomorrow and he will meet her wearing her favorite color shirt, blue.

Maya sees Arjun asleep and rests. Arjun silently gets up and walks till Vandana’s room, peeps in and sees her sound asleep. He then walks towards Jahnvi’s room hearing beep sound. Maya watches him hiding. She then enters Jahnvi’s room and frightens her with her schizoprehnic discussion. Arjun enters Jahnvi’s room and gives her water. He then holds her hand and says nobody is understanding her, not even mom or Saanjh, only she understands her as she is also in Maya’s 5-star jail like him. He did wrong by bringing maa here and she is not safe with Maya. Maya enters and asks what is he doing here, let maa sleep and takes him away.

Ayan’s fiance Simmi calls Saanjh and asks her to meet her right now, even Samay is with her. Saaanjh meets them. Simmi requests Saanjh to do something and bail out Ayan. Saanjh says soon Ayan will be out Maya’s puppet Samay gets curious and asks how will she do that. Saanjh reminisces speaking to Vandana and her secret plan. She tells Samay that she will restudy Ayan’s case carefully and give it to some other lawyer. Puppet Samay thinks he has to inform Maya that Saanjh is up to something.

In the morning, Maya serves breakfast to Arjun and Jahnvi. She gives soup to Vandana saying it is good for her heart. Vandana tastes it and says it is very bitter, Maya hates her and is punishing her this way, asks Maya herself to taste it. Maya pierces fork into Vandana’s chest and Vandana dies. Arjun shouts maa.. He realizes it was his imagination and tells Maya they will not eat with fork. Maya says if he is worried for his mother and snatches fork forcefully.

Vandana calls Saanjh from washroom and tells Maya is very cruel and roams around whole house like a ghost. Saanjh from washroom shouts why did not she delete her name in mobile, she should have changed at least to Savri, she cannot be helped. Vandana says only she knows how much she is in danger. Saanjh says Maya can be tackled only by gaining her trust, she should start gaining Maya’s trust. Maya knocks door. Vandana opens door and says she was in washroom. Maya asks her to come and have breakfast. Vandana holds her legs and requests to forgive her. Maya asks if she is fine. Vandana says she misunderstood her and did not see her goodness. Maya gets her up and says she will not believe her.

While having breakfast, Vandana tells Arjun that Maya is a good girl and she is perfect for him. She then says she is remembering Ayan a lot, if he does not remember him, he bought up Ayan. Arjun sees Maya’s image on table and scolds Vandana why she is trying to break his and Maya’s relationship, Ayan is a past story and he does not want upset Maya, nobody can separate him from Maya. Maya hears that and smiles.

Precap: Saanjh repeatedly calls Vandana. Maya asks if her phone is ringing. Vandana nervously says phone companies trouble a lot. Maya in lieu of mopping floor drops Vandana’s mobile in water.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love you MA ??
    Maya’s baseless talks
    Maya’s puppet Samay
    Written updates are fun to read because of you.

    1. Seriously. I’m also having a good laugh today ??

  2. Grrrr can’t get enough of Saanjh’s stupidity. Seriously why is she so dumb to call vandana when she clearly knows now that maya has cameras all over the house and watches her every move. So disappointing Saanjh is!

    1. ummm…how is she supposed to know what’s in Maya’s house???
      The bigger danger is that she is unknowingly trusting Samay.

      1. During the court case Saanjh had said that Maya has cctv cameras everywhere in the house and no security has access to them. And in today’s episode, vandana tells that to saanjh on the phone right before breakfast


        Lol I’m detecting some inconsistency in their writing…
        Just like a certain Ayan’s complete innocence despite them including his vulgar dialogues and his manhandling they made it that she framed him and he did nothing…

        A lot of emotions between people confused and jumbled, worst of all Arjun who cannot decide who to side with or why.

        Samay has taken backstage…

        Maya is not being so intelligent, she is almost giving people around her more reasons for her truth to be exposed and to hate her, and giving VM the means to do it too, has she shown Arjun the secret room too? I doubt it…

        There are many others but there is no point going through it all. These are the most recent. phase 1 was a lot better constructed, its plot was more intriguing and it flowed more consistently/actually moved the story forward most of the time. Phase 2 is unnecessarily slow, especially as so many mysteries have yet to be revealed, they better not leave gaping holes unsolved.


        Plus it had an actually good villain, Ashwin added dynamics and realism/negativity, and Maya could be empathised with and understood, plus she was a lot more grey than she is now, which is disappointing.

    2. hello everyone, this just a soap. it’s very very interesting and what ever is happening in this soap is what makes it so good to watch.

  3. The Dark Hunter

    I will always love maya, but today and maybe a few days hence i have nothing to comment. they have taken it too far in many ways and I don’t know how much she can fall before the secret is out, I want it out soon so she can lose and then hopefully start to rebuild and get better. She was amazing in phase 1 and so kuch of her good side was shown, I don’t know what they are trying to do with this much negativity but I hope she comes to a balance or better yet a similarity/revelation that can help her become that selfless lover again, who would jump off a bridge for Jhanvi, willingly go to jail and even leave Arjun for his happiness and try to change for the better. That maya was the best and despite it being a thriller I still want her to return, as it is what I loved about her the most, her inner light being so strong despite the darkness surrounding her and her future. I wish to see that light of hope give her a chance to love and give others happiness like she tried to do for so long, but I want her to heal her mentality first as afterwards only her actions can bring trust and goodness again.

    No episode analysis or further comment from me today, I’ll just repost my request from yesterday.

    Love maya ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. The Dark Hunter

    Hey all maya lovers and the like!

    I was going to make a compilation of all of Maya’s good moments in Beyhadh, but first i wanted to ask a question to you guys…

    What is YOUR favourite moment in Beyhadh?

    if you want please reply to this comment and i will be delighted to hear from you guys.

    Many thanks
    Love maya always <3

    P.s. I'll keep reporting this regularly the next few days every day. Lets see how many different people give their responses. If you've already commented on this you need not comment again unless you really want to!

    Many thanks

    Maya ❤❤❤

    1. The Dark Hunter

      Just a repost of my response to this request
      Enjoy 🙂


      I have many favourites, but one in particular tugs at my heart in all the right places.

      When Arjun went to buy corn and danced with the kids in the rain, carefree and happy, do u remember maya and her expressions? They were just so incredible tears actually fell from my eyes, as I felt she almost mirrored how I look whenever I look at kids in the playground or kids with their parents happy and joyful.
      The little smile but with tinges of love and sadness; seeing Arjun happy go-lucky showed her a new flavour to life she had never seen, a side of joy and content within oneself and the world, free from all troubles and pains. Moreover, the way she was looking at the kids, I could almost envision myself in that look, seeing children that were happy and untainted by cruelty or deceit, children who had a happy, loving childhood, something that despite all her money, her status, her power, was the one thing she never had, nor could she ever bring back. Time can never be returned once lost, and many of us have lost more time than we could ever have wanted, we can only try to pick up the broken shards and start anew, its all we can do

      Childhood is gods gift, and when people take that right away it is against the beauty of nature and humanity itself nobody has that right, NOBODY!

      I like to walk in parks often for this reason, and sometimes people ask me why I like looking at the kids so much, but some even notice my expressions and ask what is wrong, but alas I yet have the courage to say anything. I’m still on the pills, but i have my G.parents now they mean the world to me. hopefully time will give me a chance to get over everything. God has given me pain, but it was only a test, it has made me stronger, and I thank him everyday for it. This mantra I’ve kept for myself, it’s one of few I hope you agree:

      “A golden future can only be achieved if one never looks back with regret”

      I wish that this show eventually shows this message among others, for all of us who have lost, but also for those who have given up hope, show them there’s always another way, and we ALWAYS have a choice.

      Thank you for your comments OSTT, anyone else who wishes to comment about their favourite BEYHADH moment I will appreciate it greatly.

      Love maya always ❤?

      1. Yeah TDH, that’s also a beautiful moment.

      2. Only saying the truth

        @TDH , unfortunately i have missed that episode no doubt that was the best moment just reading what you’ve wrote n imagining the whole scene has made me teary ??? .
        I fully understand your plight as I to have been through those emotional moments the feeling of incompleteness 🙁 .
        Do u knw what episode number that scene was in ?

        “A golden future can only be achieved if one never looks back with regret” agreed 100%!!

    2. All moments were great when Maya was an independent woman and never needed anybody.
      Then came Arjun. Obsession has taken the name of dependence.

    3. The Dark Hunter

      Just as there was SMS confusion before…

      I’m asking for your favourite moment in ALL of beyhadh. Whichever character or scene you like irrelevant, I’m not only asking about Maya scenes, it can be absolutely anything. He’ll it can be Ayan/VM bonding I don’t mind what 🙂

      1. The Dark Hunter

        Some* confusion… Wow autocorrect is weird sometimes ???

    4. I missed season one… but i have one scene in particular of season.. the way arjun takes care of jhanvi n feeds her soup.. saas bahu bonding is common.. but saas jamai bonding is a rare jem…. i don like arjun but i dont entirley hate him for this one reason… hope they chisel his character n put in some effort in him too like how theyve done so much hard work on mayas character.. after all hes the male lead.. cant waste him like this..

    5. Hi TDH, that’s a good question.

      My favourite moment is when Maya risked her life to rescue Arjun when he was marooned on that island in Mauritius and then after she blasted Arjun for being so careless about his life Arjun walked on her footprints on the sand on the way back to the boat.
      That scene is really so poignant and realization dawned on Arjun then and there that he too loves Maya.

      There are numerous of such lovely moments in Beyhadh.

  5. Amazing episode! But every time I see Arjun acting fake.. My heart pains because AyYa’s marriage ship has literally hit rock bottom now. Please Maya. Let saanjh win this time or else you’ll lose Arjun forever. Glad that Saanjh didnt tell Samay about her plans. That gives me a little bit hope that she will win this time.

    And I cant wait for SaMaya’s past to reveal. I think its dark and it would be interesting to know!

  6. My all time favorite moment is the Mauritius boat scene after Maya saves Arjun and falls asleep in his lap. The way Arjun looks at her was so cute and adorable! And Maya also looked so beautiful, so innocent, so naïve.
    Arjun had begun generating feelings for Maya and that moment, my heart was bursting with bubbles of happiness, literally.

    Love you Maya always ❤???

  7. Ayesha22

    Mine was maya saying jhanvi that if arjun knew her truth he will run away.she looked so innocent and vulnerable just like a baby during that scene.i love that scene.
    Coming to today’s episode it was quite funny how vandy behaved,i mean come on u do not stand a chance in front of maya when u get scared and become phattu all of a sudden in front of maya. how will ur plan succeed if u will behave like a chicken?u want the secret of a lioness then u will have to be strong,fatty vandy.
    Love u maya janu,please come back please.i really really really miss u.please for us maya lovers’ sake,please see who u really are.

  8. hey i came across a video on youtube.. it seems vm starts liking maya… hope its for real……


      No bro its all a ruse to expose maya and remove Arjun from her forever and save Ayan, she hates maya with a passion even when maya was genuinely being loving and caring to her family, so how is it she can like maya when she metaphorically jailed one of her sons and literally imprisoned another? Less than 1% chance in my eyes but thereis always hope that someone else finally sees the broken child within maya and symaothises with her it would be nice to see 🙂

      Thanks for your comment bro love your support of maya and her fans.

      Maya ❤️❤️❤️

      1. im no bro… im sis 🙂


      Every time I’ve called somebody bro on this forum they fe always told me they’re a girl!
      I swear am I the only maya lover/maya appreciator who is a guy here?
      Wow it’s so nice to see so many women supporting maya as it enforces that maya lovers support maya and her character, not just jennifer as a good looking actress that so many people like to bash us about!

      Thanks sis appreciate it

      Maya ❤❤❤

  9. The Dark Hunter

    Walking the foosteps on the sand…
    The sands of time…

    Was this a symbolism of their relation? That no matter how far they grow apart Maya and Arjun’s destinies and love are forever intertwined?
    That among other such symbolisma make me have hope for Arya still, providing they are referencing such things still and havent just brushed them off as a spur-of-the-moment idea, that would be really disappointing if thats the case.

    Arjun is the ONLY one who can help her i feel. If he just stands and fights rather than tries to run away, im sure a lot could have been prevented then and now. She is doing all this as her moral compass is limited to protecting and loving Arjun no matter what, so she cant see her wrongs in her actions as her greater intention is safeguarding his naivety from the world, she feels she is showing him the right way, and only through him accepting this reality and then trying to prove to her that she is truly hurting him, running away and shouting at her will only enforce her thoughts of his immaturity and make her more possessive, he has to face the problem head-on and reveal the truth. Maybe even getting himslef arrested or something emotionally stirring will make her want to leave him again and show her selfless side again, i dont know.

    Truthfully i wish they had done it so that she released Ayan with a warning never to come near her house or Arjun again. Arjun may have even loved her more but still hate Ayan, a win-win situation. Plus VM and Saanjh would have no reason to infiltrate and expose her ‘truth’, it would have been a clever way to hide it, speculations indeed :p

    Regardless all i will ever want from this show is Maya halpy and healed, no matter with whom or alone irrelevant, i just want her happy and free from her darkness forever.

    Maya always ❤️❤️❤️


    A much needed post from @TheUnique on IF forums. Good to see there are still many neutral viewers who are also rational people and see the character based on the serial overall rather than current events alone. Being so superficial in judgement is unhealthy and does injustice into what Maya is as a character, i will post recent developments from Jennifer and co. concerning her in a separate post. Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

    Love maya forevermore ❤❤❤❤❤❤


    Normally looking at matters it does seem Maya is so creepy.. she’s always stalking everyone… torturing the innocent people. These days she’s really going overboard. Her actions cannot be justified.
    But when I see from Maya’s POV then I feel her actions can be completely justified. How can Maya trust anyone cuz I see she has only seen betrayals! The mom she loves or loved once used to throw herself at the person who had physically abused both her and her daughter at every opportunity. Twice we saw this so called mom of hers nearly got killed by this man but yet she betrays her daughter everytime. Once in a while her motherly instincts rise and she’s all Maya baby Maya baby but the next moment she’s yearning to get back with her abusive ex husband

    Next Arjun… who you yourself think is actually in love with Saanjh…Now .
    this guy suddenly is showering his undying love for Maya only to take a U turn from time to time and play ILu ILu game with his bestie whenevs he feels suffocated in this relationship.
    Did Maya ask him to propose her at gunpoint that he suddenly decided to add colour in her life…propose her underwater and promise to fill her life with happiness!! We all know he was more in love with her power money and having a beautiful wife was his dream. So you cannot say he loves her truly. You cannot make an excuse of his stupidity and say he’s not bad just stupid… Same way we can also say Maya isn’t bad she’s just mental as people who surround her made her that way.

    Saanjh never actually was a friend of Maya’s. Both Saanjh and Ayaan actually tolerated Maya cuz of Arjun. If arjun hated Maya it wouldn’t take a sec for these people to drop maya like a hot potato. They will not bother to introspect what went wrong in that marriage but will believe Arjun blindly. Did any of them ever say Arjun to get help for Maya.. Saanjh says teri biwi pagal hai like mental illness is some kinda disease.

    Vandy always treated her like untouchable. So no expectation from her.

    Tell me one person who has actually loved Maya genuinely and despite that Maya betrayed him/her?

    Jhanvi even once blamed Maya that cuz of her birth she cannot be with Ashwin… but did we ever see Ashwin actually craving for her? The guy despised her.. but yet she wanted him! And what mother would blame her daughter for being born? That’s not a mother at all she doesn’t deserve the title!

    If a girl since childhood grew up without love care and only with hatred and betrayals from each and everyone how do you expect her to behave rationally? Of course she will never trust anyone.. Her own mom betrays her at every chance! She will obviously spy on people to see whether they are betraying her or not… what game are they playing behind her back and over the years this has taken its toll on her personality.

    Even now no one besides that psycho Samay is with her. Even that Samay had given her dhoka once… that’s what she had told him when they met …so a girl who only got dhokas in life you hate her and want her dead but the guy Arjun who is loved by all in abundance but still landed in such a situation… who sleeps with a woman who he hates when there is no need actually.. and mouths cheesy lines to comfort her …does not trust a brother enough who he grew up with but decides to trust the woman who he knows is a manipulater …but yet has hallucinations of her killing people …no sorry I have no sympathies for such a man! I can only blame this man for the position he is in.


      I would go to disagree in Ayan’s case at least though. He genuinely did care for his Bhabi and Maya truly cared for him too, as he was the only one she openly expressed her regret for separating in front of Ganesh, where she only ever spoke honestly.

      His dialogues and rough handling recently however cannot be ignored, and he was drunk so that adds to his guilt in the matter, but the CVs are making him innocent which is completely baseless they better not totally screw with consistency otherwise its unbecoming and wrong in their approach.

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