Beyhadh 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh falls asleep on sofa after waiting for Maya for 5 hours. Maya comes out and coughs. Saanjh wakes up and says she is waiting for her since 5 hours. Maya says by sleeping on couch and says her working hours are finished, but since she made presentation, she will meet her and asks to come to her cabin. Saanjh follows and gives her presentation and says she worked on it whole night and Arjun forcefed her so much tea while she worked. Maya looking at file asks if she and Arjun are friends. Saanjh says they are best friends and 2 bodies, one soul. Arjun takes her help in everything, his brother calls her if he needs money form Arjun, his mom calls her if he does not return home, etc… Maya says she did not ask her history and just asked if she and Arjun are friends. She tears presentation papers and says when she met first them, she thought she has potential, but she wasted her potential in frienship. She continues insulting Saanjh, Saanjh leaves from there.

Maya goes home and makes Arjun’s painting. Saanjh cries sitting on terrace. Arjun enters there and asks why her nose is red, if she is having cold. He sneezes and says people tell they should stay away if people have cold, but does not hold good for friends. Saanjh says Maya is khadoos/arrogant as he says. He says she is arrogant, but she has to as she runs such a big business empire. Saanjh tries to speak, but he repeatedly stops her and continues praising Maya. Saanjh says he is right, she cannot understand Maya’s high class nature and happy as commoner. He calls him duffer, then Arjun and leaves storming. Ayan enters and she clashes with her and leaves without wishing. Arjun asks what happened to her Ayan asks if she did not tell him what happened to her and describes what Maya did with her. Arjun fumes.

Saanjh goes to her house fuming. Suman asks what happened to her. She does not reply. Suman says she prepared hair conditioner for her. Saanjh says no. Suman forces her and asks what happened. She tells Arjun has changed from duffer to Arjun since he joined Maya’s job. Suman says a monkey tried a lot to become human, but could not, same with Arjun, he is incomplete without Saanjh. She comes out of Saanjh’s room and sees Prem sitting on dining chair and asks how is Saanjh. Suman asks why is he so tensed. Prem asks her to take care of her child, else she will shatter.

Arjun fumes in anger after hearing what Maya did to Saanjh. He calls Maya, but she while drawing Arjun’s painting tries to pick phone and it gets switched off. Arjun fumes that she cannot ignore him like this. Maya tries to connect her charger, but does not find one. She angrily throws her mobile. In the morning, Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and angrily confronts her that she may be boss of a big company, but she cannot misbehave with his best friend. Saanjh always came first in maths and she cannot make any mistake, how can she tear Saanjh’s presentation and ignore her.

Precap: Maya’s fumes in jealousy reminiscing Saanjh describing Arjun and her friendship and Arjun confronting her for Saanjh.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. 3veni

    not a grtt episode full of saanjh…..waitinggg for d proposal of jenny….love proposal in d middle of skyyy…woww..high class thingss…

  2. .i’m the first one to read,YIPEE
    Superb Epi.

  3. So sad for Maya…she was very happy that time but after hearing arjun words she become sad…I won’t like it…arjun u r such a duffer..

    1. Ya Maya smile fades because of Arjun anger?..some persons thought Saanjh is Arjun best friend..but why they didn’t saw other side Saanjh is in love silently with’s not friend ship it’s love only Arjun thought is Saanjh is best friend.Saanjh office mey her work time she talked about Arjun and her relationship.any one will get jealous.if Maya hurts Saanjh only like Arjun friend it’s wrong..but Saanjh is in love with Arjun her feelings are clearly showed..maya felt insecure and jealous.Maya is good heart person like Arjun praised her.there is no need to prove Maya is good.

      1. Saanjh love is hidden love with mask of best friend from many years..she have to confess her feelings but she cant, y because Arjun thought is Saanjh is only his best friend. Maya loves Arjun she feels insecure if Saanjh is around Arjun.maya thought is right with out known.their families also tried to get marry them but Arjun is not interested.he fought already on this matter with her mother.

      2. Shalini Senthil

        I agree with u ks ur point is right…i love arya jodi only ..i love saanjh and arjun frdship only

  4. Finally Arjun understands Maya’s behaviour..nice to see when Arjun praised Maya..?? ya today totally Saanjh scenes felt bored to see. waiting for tomorrow episode ?

  5. AarthiNayanaSTL

    i know that almost everyone is looking forward for arjun and maya…but to be very honest i want Saanjh to propose him…and looking forward for their union…i love arjun Saanjh than arjun maya…i love when arjun scolds maya for Saanjh…i love the beautiful bond shared b/w Saanjh and arjun….

    1. IME

      me tooo i ike arjun and saanjh than arjun and maya 🙂

  6. Angelk1

    I’m glad, arjun consider both of them his friend . well some way he consider maya his friend why else did he speak so fondly of her. But arjun should have listen to saanj luckily ayan came to the rescue. Maya once again blinded by jealousy and mixing it with business.

    She will fall if she continues that. The only person in their sense right now is saanj and arjun. Hopefully when arjun reject her proposal she doesnt harm saanj or arjun family

    1. Im agree with u Angelk1 arjun sanjh bond is beautiful.
      One day maya will try to kill sanjh then some blind fans will say everything is fair in love and war.reallyyy
      And guyz who thinks whats sanjhs feeling towords arjun its love not frndship then there is a answer guyz because sanjhs love is pureits not harmful for anyone she will accept arjuns decision but maya not .
      Mayas love is dangerous for herself and others tooo .
      And another thing guyz dnt be in any wrong imformation that the story is about mayas lovestory but the story is about mayas obession only.

      1. Angelk1

        I absolutely agree, when maya starts stalking and hurting arjun family, what will they say ” maya just want arjun to love her ” ” i wobt watch this show or ” writers please make arjun love maya back” ” writers the rating going down unite arjun and maya their the only ones that make the show go on” thats funny.

        I’m hoping viewers watching the show will realize the show is not about pairs but obsession. And also the theme is dark and will not have a happy ending. Two people might look good together, but that doesnt mean they will end up. Its reality. If anyone justify a stalker their just -_-

      2. Yes angelk1 im agree with ur points

      3. Yeah I agree with both of you. Just imagine the way her mother turn out when she looks angrily in yesterday’s episode.

      4. Angelk1

        Preedap maya dont want to be like her mom, but the way things are going she will

  7. Super episode

  8. He initially will reject her proposal but later on she will do drama by committing suicide after which he will accept her proposal

  9. Boring today’s episode only saanjh scenes..looking forward to the hot air proposal

  10. I loved it . Behaad rocks

  11. I like saanjh she is best heroin it prove that his best serial nisha aur uske cousine u did not put saanjh as second character i want arjun saanjh story not maha

  12. Silent reader

    Arjun proved that whatever happens Arjun will be Arjun…..loved the way he supported his bestie….he z such a darling……Whatever Maya did was wrong…A part of her character reminds me Shivaaye of IB….lyk I hv money and I can do anything….btw there was no need for Saanjh to explain so much abt Arjun..she knew it that she came for office work and she knew Maya’s arrogant nature

    1. Angelk1

      Lol i agree, but you know saanj character. Shes bubbly girl. She will talk for ever about one thing shes pationet about

      1. Silent reader

        Yup….N Maya’s gonna trouble her more for this

  13. Saanj arjun suits better

  14. Sky May proposs normally hai…..i have super idea to proposs arjun… to proposs….i have a small story….its really nice…….

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