Beyhadh 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya is Shocked Seeing her Signatures on Divorce Papers

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Beyhadh 21st August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh requests judge to give rigorous punishment to Maya as she is proved guilty and criminal. Judge pronounces that Maya is a threat to society and should be punished as a lesson, she should be hanged till death. He adjourns court for the day and leaves. Police handcuffs Maya and take her along. Maya looks at Arjun and leaves. Arjun hugs Saanjh and thinks Maya got punished for her sins and he got freedom. Reporters throng Maya while she is taken near police jeep. Arjun stops inspector. He hugs Maya and thanks her for freeing him from her bond. Maya says he should not misunderstand her imprisonment as his freedom. He says she is mistaken and showing divorce papers thanks him for signing them. Maya says when did she sign. Her lawyer comes in front and says she told she realized truth after fighting Arjun’s case, she promised Maya that she will be with her till her end, this is Maya’s end. Arjun says Maya’s end and his new life with Dusky, good bye Maya, see you never ever. Maya says if he cannot be hers, she will not let him be anyone else’s, it is not over yet. Police takes her in jeep.

Arjun gives divorce papers to Saanjh and says Maya is out of his life forever, at least now Saanjh can love him. Saanjh says no as they are not children now, love is not a game, he wants her to be part of his life as he is heartbroken with Maya’s separation. Arjun says can’t she understand how much he loves her. Saanjh says it is their friendship love and not couple love, she realized it long ago and even he should. She walks away.

Lady constables drag Maya to jail. Lady inspector asks her name. Maya does not speak. Inspector scolds. Maya says Maya Sharma and tries to sit. Inspector kicks chair and asks if she asked her to sit. Maya stares at her. Inspector warns her to lower her vision, she heard about her misdeeds from inspector Ranveer, she is not a case but a case study, she will study her well. She drag Maya to jail room. Camera focuses on Maya Sharma written on file.

Arjun returns home and sadly looks at Vandana’s photo. He reminisces her love for him. Ayan says he is missing maa. Arjun says mom’s devoid will be always there, but he is sure wherever maa is she will be happy. Ayan says maa will be more happy if he succeeds in life. Arjun hugs him emotionally. Suman enters with Jahnvi and jokes they burnt ravan today and they are crying instead of being happy. Jahnvi says they remembered maa and she is here, she brought them kheer. Suman says today end of evil, it calls for celebration. Arjun says he can have kheer, but does not want to remember evil. Jahnvi says she will be their mother from today, though cannot fulfill Vandana’s devoid. Arjun says he cannot move ahead in life soon and walks away.

Inspector scolds Maya to change her dress and come out from room. Maya comes out weaing white dress. Inspector scolds her and orders constable to click her pic holding slate. Maya stands bending her face. Inspector forces her to lift face up and clicks pics.

Arjun on his bed looking at Saanjh’s pic says he should be happy today that Maya evil is out of his life forever, but he is world’s unlucky boy that he did not value true love, he prays ganapti bappa that dusky brought him near bappa, now it is bappa’s duty to make dusky realize her love for him. Saanjh reminisces Arjun proposing him and thinks she did a mistake by thinking friendship as love, even Arjun is doing same mistake. Arjun determines to make Saanjh realize her love for him. Maya in jail thinks Saanjh sent her to jail, but she will not let Saanjh enter Arjun’s love, she has not lost battle yet. Maya looks at alarm clock and thinks she has to make Arjun realize their friendship. Maya thinnnks Arjun is only hers and she will not let anyone near him.

Maya promotes show’s new timings from 22nd August at 8:30 p.m.

Precap: Maya is taken to jail. Inmates comment Maya is gone forever. Another inmate acts as falling ill and insist she will not go to dispensary without Maya. Police takes her to dispensary with Maya. Maya acts as collapsing and thinks she is going back into Arjun’s life.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Tania-the fairy

    Fed up with maya s evilness.when will she die?

  2. Wow the great saanj understanding now that their relationship was friendship foot.she made ek half paagal ko ful pagaal and murderer.if she stay away from Arjun after his marriage and advise him to give proper care and treatment to Maya I don’t think Maya would have done all this murders because Arjun understands Maya’s pagalpan before marriage.please don’t say that saanj stayed away for some time.she went only after creating lots of issues.
    Yes suman it’s called for celebration because you all got what you wish.disgusting mother ever .she got company in the name of Vandana and jaanvi.
    The makers know that if they show sajun love the real people who believes in marriage will spit on them.thats why saanj is saying no but she will say Yes don’t worry.

    1. Neha,saanj is like that’ she love loves Arjun like anything,but as a friend’.his life is important than her’s but he’s her friend.she can even die for him,and can join with the person who killed her father…….but ARJUN IS HER FRIEND??? she already revealed that in court drama and now also..that almost kiss scene created question about their so called friendship and maya separated them(now it’s revealed her insecurity about them was not wrong)and maya problems are created behind that incident.after creating problems,the great lawyer saanj solved the problems by eliminating Maya from arjun’s life??.but anyway,saanj won a case for the first time?but she doesn’t know noone can put Maya like this.let’s wait for a day,Maya will be back☺

  3. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Super maya is back with another plan

    1. Yesss ????? I want her to plot against Saanjh and that Arjun again lmaoooo I just love her

      1. Mona146

        completely shocked. how can u be so insane?

  4. Awesome episode.

  5. Maya will be back soon ..saanjh now you r realized its just friendship love then y don’t you stay away from Arjun earlier could have saved Arjun Maya relationship..immature Saanjh was d reason for Arjun life..hope Maya will kill both Saanjh Arjun tat would be their destiny…arjun loser useless guy can’t even think of his own always puppet to Maya or saanjh

  6. From day 1 Arjun did nothing than showing his chest less cleavage. No improvement what so ever in style statement, Acting or expressions. From day 1 Saanjh’s character is cheap, irritating and annoying. Can only shout on top of her voice . N pretend and act as a “SAINT” . FROM DAY 1 , MAYA WAS SHOWN STRONG,SHARP, INTELLIGENT , SLY, PASSIONATE, LOYAL, SMART, POISE , PLAYFUL WITH GREAT STYLE QUOTIENT. SO MANY ADJECTIVES WERE THERE TO DESCRIBE HER CHARACTER . But this f***(makers) ruined …

    1. I totally agree

  7. what kind of a mother is that jhanvi?, who can be happy enough to celebrate after putting her own daughter into misery ,she should rather kill herself for not being able to give maya a proper upbringing . despite of the fact that mayas father constantly abused maya that janvi still loved that man . its sad but she is a terrible mother. second is that arjun who is so desperate that he just wants someone in his life . first he marries maya for money and now he wants sanjh. if he considered sanjh as hi…….if these kind of people around us then automatically we too start behave like maya only… maya justified her character..useless saanjh plz end d serial soon don’t want loosers romance..kill both sanjh Arjun

  8. People are feeling insecure for maya because of sanjh…. they think that sanjh will be the heroine of this serial and to stop themselves from accepting this fact, they are continuously blaming sanjh for everything…. poor maya, useless character

    1. If Maya is useless then whole show is utter waste…do u think show survive without Maya character she shows immense talent in acting not just overacting like Saanjh..anyone can replace Saanjh character but Maya it will always be Jenifer only…don’t know y people cursing Maya its all happened becoz of Saanjh entering Arjun Maya life …she still loves someone’s husband is it call love no its just wrong affair tats it…i hope serial will end like gone girl way otherwise total serial waste…

      1. SO again……. maya lovers justifying maya’s deeds. I think maya haters we shud not waste time arguing wid such kind of people i agree that u all r blaming saanjh becoz u guys r not able to accept the fact that maya is helpless nd u r saying dont know y people cursing maya give me the answer why maya tried to kill her mother socond time ????
        Now here its not saanjh fault her father died is it her fault??? did she said to arjun come arjun i need sympathy from u he himself came to her to console her….. if frnds cant support u in ur bad times then they r not frnds

        Tell me y maya killed her mother 1st time just becoz jhanvi was going to tell her truth to whole world ???? No mother wud support her child’s bad deeds my dear i agree she didn’t support maya when she was child but later she fully supported maya even she gave money to ashwin to keep him away from maya

        Of course every mother like jhanvi who has daughter like maya vl be very happy if her daughter is going to jail after doing unlimited crimes
        Nd is it so easy to escape from jail if it is then half of the criminals wud escape daily nd easily
        Directors showing bullshit everyday

      2. Evilmaya, do you still think they are friends after all this drama of saying I love you….. first saanj to arju now Arjun to saanj.they were never,just one side love relation.

    2. mohammed bin noor

      hatemaya or lovemaya you have to admit Maya is the reason why beyhadh is different from other Indian TV serials and Maya isn’t useless arjuns and sanjhs characters are pretty confusing nothing else

  9. I’m new here so here’s my thought. So Saanjh finally realised that Arjun is only her friend. she realised it after ruining a marriage. She always behaved like female Devdas crying and pining after Arjun and suddenly usko akal agai
    Aur Arjun Saanjh se koi pyaar vyaar nai karta she’s just a rebound for him. It’s like Maya nahi toh Saanjh hi sahi and Jahnavi proved that she loved Ashwin more than Maya aur use do bete free mein mil gaye ( aaj se mai tumhari maa Hun) my foot .
    Do you know why I like Maya cause she isn’t downright mad or psychopath as everyone think. She’s cunning, calculating, manipulative with brilliant acting skills and a true mastermind she reminds me of Jim Moriarity from Sherlock

  10. mohammed bin noor

    guys you made me cry so many logical fans ???? I wish writers have some sense and don’t end it giving us sajun

  11. Why Arjun is sooo curious to get another love??he always like kabhi saanj kabhi Maya.if he had really loved Maya,he would have some sadness about his love,some angry for maya,some guilt for her condition…… (he would have many feelings).but no,his present mind only thinks about saanj saanj may change in come it’s possible yaar!!!!he also forgot that his and his so called maa’s relationship was formed by Maya itself.leave him as we know that Arjun is a ******….but this jhanvi,,ohh though Maya tried to kill jhanvi, she cried to see jhanvi’s she injected herself.when Ashwin tried to kill jhanvi,Maya saved her by jumping into water(she even doesn’t know swimming).at the time Maya saved jhanvi without worrying about her life.noone came here to say something.but when they knew she tried to kill her,all came suddenly to give lecture.??.this witch even cried for ashwin’s death.dhuk hona this choro yaar.usne khushi ke maare kheer bana Dhala.??even after all,she didn’t done anything to Ashwin(didn’t give divorce,went to die for him,haven’t complained to police……)woh hamesha Ashwin Ashwin karthi rahti.even she saved arjun too in Mauritius without thinking about her life.and saanj,the foolish witch has’nt understood the difference between dosti and pyar and destroyed everything.
    maya ko koi Sacha pyar karne wala Mila hi nahi.yeh sab dekhne ke baad I’ll definitely say maya is 100% 2 days drama is over.’come back maya baby’??

  12. Love sannjh and Arjun… Plz don’t oppose saanjh…. She is at her best…. Beyhadh getting interesting day by day…. Hate u Maya.. But love Jennifer (Maya) acting…

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