Beyhadh 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Beyhadh 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saanjh tells Arjun that she cannot take chief legal advisor job, he does not know what Maya is up to. Maya enters and tells Saanjh that she had informed Malkani that she will deal with only Saanjh hereon and reminds her, says she is smart and intelligent and deserves this job. Saanjh repeats again she cannot accept this job. Maya says it is her wish, but she should rethink and says Arjun she has some work with him. Walk says Saanjh that she is mad and walks behind Maya. Saanjh comes out and tells Maya that she was right, she will accept this position. Arjun says thank god Dusky got her senses back and hugs her. Saanjh feels jealous, but then smiles and congratulates Saanjh. Arjun says she calls him duffer, but in her case, if a lost person returns home, he/she is called Saanjh, now they both cannot escape from uncle Arjun. Maya says if uncle Arjun does not get back to work, he should get back to work. He murmurs in Saanjh’s ears that they will go for lunch away from boss.

After returning to her cabin, Saanjh reminisces seeing an e-mail if she wants to save Arjun, then she should accept this job. She opens e-mail and reads if she wants to save Arjun from Maya, she should know Maya’s past. If she does not trust, she can check this Maya’s school termination letter and requests again to accept job. Saanjh replies who is she, what danger Arjun has. Mail does not go and tries to check who is sending this mail, but gets an error, thinks of finding who is his unknown sender.

Jahnvi over phone invites her relative for Maya and Arjun’s marriage. Door bell rings, she opens it and Vandana gets in. Jahnvi says she wanted to call her and asks to feel this house as hers. Vandana says Maya…Jahnvi says Maya is a very good girl. Vandana says she knows, but children took decision in a hurry, if she can permit, she wants to say something. Jahnvi says she has right to speak. Vandana gets out Arjun’s janam patri and says she wants to match it with Maya’s. Jahnvi says it is a good idea, but if she believes in all this even now. Vadana says yes and asks Maya’s janam patri to show it to panditji. Jahnvi asks her to call pandit here itself and goes in to bring janam patri.

Vandana calls pandit and asks him to reach her sent address. Ashwin enters and greets Vandana. She says she must be feeling weird in big house, anyways heart should be big and she has a big heart. He holds his face and asks Arjun is very strong, what does she feed him. Vandana reminisces Arjun beating Ashwin. Vandana says she came to show Maya and Arjun’s janam patri to panditji. Ashwin says it is good, everything happens according to janam patri. Vandana says she wants to find out marriage date. Ashwin says if her pandit is good, he will find out everything hidden in janam patri. Jahnvi is seen searching janam patri in Maya’s room.

Arjun enters Maya’s cabin and gets romantic with her. He tries to kiss, but she escapes and says only work in office. He tries again. Jahnvi calls her and asks where is her janam patri, says she found it. Maya panics.

Ashwin tells Vandana that Maya is not like she portrays herself, it is Maya is maya/magic. Jahnvi enters and says he is right, Maya is very good.

Maya panics and tells Arjun if panditji reads janam patri, Vandana and pandit may believe what is in it. Arjun asks what is written in it. Maya reminds him about Mauritius pandit’s words. Arjun says life cannot be decided with janam patri. Maya says what if wrong is written in janam patri, what will Vandana do. Arjun says mom will not do anything and takes her along. Saanjh hears their conversation hiding near door and thinks what is written in patri.

Maya with Arjun reaches home. Jahnvi praises that Arjun changed workaholic Maya, she came home from work so early today. Arjun says without us how will they match patri and then tells Vandana that Maya gave chief legal advisor job to Saanjh. Vandana is shocked and asks if Saanjh accepted job. He says yes. Maya says what is the need of matching janam patri. Arjun says same with extended witty dialogue. Vandana says she wants to check if something is wrong. Pandit checks patri and gets very tensed and looks at Arjun and then Vandana. Vandana asks what is the issue, if there is any tension. Pandit says there is tension. Maya looks nervous.

Precap: Maya burns office floor and tells Arjun she wants to take oath they have to take during marriage right now, nobody should come between then and it is only him and her. Saanjh hears their conversation hiding near door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. devakhi&swasan

    plsssssss upload quickly

  2. Saanjh is so cheap …y she is trespassing Wat arya is doin..

  3. I didn’t get it who sent that threatening mail to saanjh? Was it Ashwin?
    Vandana is so superstitious why is she so hell bent on what panditji a mother can’t she be happy for her son..this woman is so hard to please just because Arjun is not marrying saanjh
    doesn’t mean she has to pout and be stubborn all the time! Everyone in the show is testing Maya’s patience..other than Ashwin I think she’ll end up killing saanjh,vandana and her own stupid mother also. Precap looks interesting but I think the twist will be that Arjun and Maya’s kundlis match unlike his and saanjh’s. the pandit is just exaggerating..Ashwin is smirking evilly so he must be thinking that Maya’s kundli is bad but I don’t think so

    1. NandhanaN

      Stefan ..Saanjh was not even ready to take up the job n being said dat Maya has set up the place for Saanjh come her mail is signed in before she started working ???would ve been able to believe if she had checked it in her mob .

    2. Esther

      Vandana did that in Saanjh-Arjun’s case also….Pandit gives marriage dates by looking at the Kundli….Everyone does that

      1. NandhanaN

        First time ever ,many people would ve wished dat kundli shouldn’t match

  4. i hate saanjh ?

    1. ? she is just acting hahaha

  5. O god this maya so disgusting

  6. ks why didn’t you comment yet?

    1. Hai PRNTSH..i delayed because of late update

  7. NandhanaN

    Everybody seems to hate Saanjh or Maya .Nobody bothers about Arjun .Let’s hate him for a change . He is so blind towards things .Neither he understood his dusky or his pyaar. All the while he fights with Saanjh,shuts his ears when she is trying to explaining and Suddenly he holds the strings in the relationship and protects Maya? such extremes ..Maya is handling a world of people and all he does is asking for kiss?

    Loved their scenes today .. A lawyer who accepts a job just by seeing the subject of the mail ..She din even bother to open it before she agrees .She is just searching for incidences or proofs dat can portray Maya Negatively ..Seems like Saanjh won’t work even In this office ..Someone tell her dat if she doesn’t interfere,Arjun is safe .Maya who risked her life to save Arjun can give her life for him
    Finally in the promo, which guy would reject when a hotness ki devi is asking to marry her ..Every precap has a twist and credits to the writers for dat. .applaudes☺
    Even if the horoscopes don’t match,they will definitely stay together and win against odds

    1. Esther

      hahaha….rite….we’ll hate Arjun for a change…U got registered…congrats…

      1. NandhanaN

        He is responsible for the whole choas ? thanks Esther ☺❤

    2. Nandhana : readng al f ua comments nd u anlyse soooso wel .keep it up !!

      1. NandhanaN

        Thanks Minu ☺ means a lot ☺

    3. yeah let’s hate Arjun to change the taste of our tongue.

      1. NandhanaN

        Actually he deserves to be hated for being such a duffer. .but I don’t think so he ll b this innocent forever cos when it comes to protecting Maya he does show his sensibility. .

  8. Wow what a episode..superb..and who is this unknown person,he given message to saanjh,that unknown person said accept job for saving Arjun..find out why School principal given TC to Maya and sent her away from school.what Maya will do in her 9 years age like it will show in her horoscope too,! And ha haha all blamed Maya for given job to saanjh for kept eye on her.but she didn’t did it.,it’s turned reverse now saanjh accepted job for keep eye on Maya( my maya is clever,why saanjh accepted again when she rejected first,this doubt maya showed in her eyes with out expression in her face).and ArYa scenes superb ??..and precap nice.Maya felt insecure ??asking promise from Arjun for not leaving her after know past truth.waiting for next episode

    1. NandhanaN

      Haahaa..Dat killer expression When Saanjh accepted the job ..end of the day it’s Maya, who will outsmart everybody ..
      I still can’t think this is Ashwin ‘s game .. would the makers reveal it so easily ..wouldn’t even be surprised if Maya herself did this ..She does things beyond imagination and gives a perfect ending .The way she connected her first meeting with Saanjh to legal advisor was ultimate ..
      If not for keeping up promises,Arjun would def say Yes for getting a kiss ..Poor guy..When his lady love is fighting against the whole world , he is romancing all the way

      1. Ya nandhana,May be ashwin did?,before too he taken lala Ji help to frame Arjun as thief.and I felt its not maya because why she will encourage saanjh to know about her past when she tried to hide it with fear of lose’s some one else.don’t know who is that unknown person.&my Maya is girl&she loves Arjun truly and wants Arjun support to fight with ashwin and with world for justice.her doings is different not like normal people,so they will not like it.i love my Maya more.??

    2. NandhanaN

      Hey Ks,i like the way how she maintains her bold and dynamic nature and breaks down in front of Arjun n her Ma ..She is actually strong enough to fight her own battles. Yet she needs Arjun to fight for her ..wt kind of secret is dat ??? Expelled from school, dark past, fearing her birth chart,ashwin ‘s broken leg …omg ..better the twist be interesting .

      Even I felt it has to be someone else .. Can’t Ashwin directly show Arjun the proofs ??? Y to use Saanjh ..Even if it’s Someone else ..Y can’t they send the mail to Arjun …just like involving Saanjh in ArYa’s romance , now into Maya’s life history ..

      1. Don’t know dear what Maya did..we will see child Maya scenes soon…&i felt in this serial pandiths are villains..because they didn’t said good about Maya,Arjun,saanjh futures’ pandith said saanjh and Arjun marriage horoscope didn’t matched,if this both married they will not stay happy with out match.&.another pandith said Arjun maya marriage will happen early but after problem’s will come.let’s see

  9. Feared Maya. Responsible idiot Saanjh. Come on Saanjh, let the Arjun to suffer for his choice.. Leave him and enjoy your life with another (ayan also preferable). And for Arjun, ur bad time is started from now on.

  10. Shalini Senthil

    Love arya scences….love maya

  11. Esther

    hehe why is Saanjh always behind the door….the update is soo confusing yaar…Maya burnt the office floor???

    1. NandhanaN

      She lit fire on the office floor just like the priests do for marriages so dat she n Arjun can take marriage vows unofficially before they do it in front of the whole world ☺

      1. Esther

        haha OMG…I thought that she burnt the whole office…updater always leaves me confused…..thanx Nandhana 😀

      2. Nandhana..I read some where Maya Arjun marriage will happen like differently which is not shown before like they showed different love proposals( hot air balloon and underwater love proposal)? .

    2. NandhanaN

      I was actually drooling over her hairstyle n dress ..wouldn’t mind even if she was trying to burn Arjun????

      1. Esther

        omg?? cruel u ??? waise can’t blame u…Jenni is too damn gorgeous ???

    3. NandhanaN

      Hey Ks,I am not able to reply to ur comment directly ..dunno y ? even I read dat article this morning. .it’s was surprising dat they marriage would actually happen cos if it happens what role will Saanjh play here after ?? I don’t think so she ll stop spying ..

      And Yea??? if it happens , v can definitely visualize a grandeur wedding and a super super gorgeous bride ..Our Maya in lehenga *drool drool* .. underwater and air over ..wt else is left ? *thinking* .. destination wedding ??

  12. Angelk1

    This update was confusing. But yea maya did give saanj the job to watch her, but now something else happen that caused saanj to accept the job. If i was in her position i would be worried too after sseeing that email.

    Shes not cheap, if anything shes behaving normally. Maya wants arjun to take married oath now as a precaution just incase vandana came to know about her fate. Shes rushing things for a reason, afraid of something. I wonder what this dark secret is.

    If maya did do something to someone when she was young, it could be that person thats warning saanj. But we wont know until the story progress. Anyway, once again arjun is just going along with things , his not using his head or asking question what an idiot.

    He deserve whats coming. If maya is his lucky charm than shes also his bad luck. I cant wait to see what he will do after.

  13. what is this happeniing.wwwheree the storyyyy going?

  14. How psycho maya she wants to snatch everything which is related to arjun is it love?? Today i really want to scold saanjh , why she doesnt understand , why she wants to save arjun when he only wants to die with his love .

    1. Angelk1

      Because she’s a good human being pari, but Maya fear is clouding her judgment. She’s so scared that she wants to rush things. The promo is a good example of that. An I bet arjun will blindly agree after Maya uses revers Psychology on him. I wouldn’t be surprise if he took her to a temple an they got married after Maya emotional breakdown.

      But I really want to know bout her secret.

    2. Actually there is no worry because arjun horoscope also not good about future,If Maya is there r not, he will stay alone life till his end.but if he wants to change his fate from single to married status.obviously he has to fight with some problems for his life.

  15. it will be a GREAT TWIST if the kunlis match.i just hope they do to give a 440 volts shock to everyone.

    1. NandhanaN

      If it’s matches,it can be Arjun’s trick ..did u notice Arjun purposely making the chart fall down n he hands over to the Pandit ☺ may be it’s was a normal scene..

  16. Antara

    I wonder actually wat is happening? who is that person that sended mail 2 saanjh so that unknown person knows that arjun is saanjh weakness very clever anyone notice one thing that maya is scared of that horoscope ashwin also know but jhanvi has no reaction on kundali why? afterall she is maya’s mom she should know first

  17. Y u commentng on saanjh,maya etc……wat director says they are doing dat only…..they gettng wat u gtng commntng on them….

    1. NandhanaN

      Juhi ..v comment and discuss here just for a time pass ..V support or hate the characters, let it be Saanjh or Maya, just cos v like the fictional characters .None of the comments may change things but there is nothing wrong when it’s done for entertainment purpose☺

      1. Right nandhana? ,you will see more comments on beyhadh episodes in youtube than here.

  18. i hate maya and really arjun is a fool….. how u r saying maya’s love is true…. she is a cheater…… in the first he tkn arjun pwd and shameless ly says our wishes are same…. and d next she trying to attract him using his feelings…. maya knows arjun likes rich class life so she uses it….. its not a love….. sure they will not be happy always….. i hate this

  19. AmCee

    Unable to find any good adjectives for Saanjh. Don’t like her at all. The makers of the show will always want good TRPs and so they will adapt the story to the liking of the majority. And the majority of the viewers want Maya and Arjun to be together.

  20. Majority of the biwers want arjun and saanjh.

    1. Its viewers

    2. AmCee

      No chemistry between them. And Saanjh is a cry baby.

    3. Angelk1

      Their bonding is good. Once the director starts showing them more their chemestry will be great. Saanj was looking very pretty durring the engagement announcement . her make up an dress was on point. I think blue fits her more then yellow.

  21. I hate maya?
    I really want saanj and Arjun 2be 2geda?

  22. So cute romantic scene between Arjun and Maya.

  23. Saanjh (sanj sawere) my husband is exacting this show just because of you, I pvr it so he can watch it on weekend . He loves you ?
    He loves your acting

  24. Angelk1

    The story is getting better an better. Maya is gonna kill her father an no one will know she did it. Arjun should have realize something up with her since the day she propose on the air balloon an tried to kill them both. But his an idiot, the promo is another example an yet his gonna be an idiot again.

    I thought his character would be smart an clever like earlier eps when he out smarted maya, but he couldnt even see that both girls liked him, he couldnt see signs an warning. His care free nature will get him some day.

    The two females outshine him.while his character just stays in one place.

    Anyway, if saanj takes up the murder case it could be maya plan to throw people off. Its possible, she made the media think she accepts her father, then she plans on killing him an act like she cared that he died, making her look innocent to the public. It would also mean no one would believe it if the clues led back to her.

    But we wont know till it airs, but whatever it is. Maya is one clever psycho. Vandana might see it as a bad oma before the wedding. But I cant wait to see how it all happen.

  25. Love you Maaaaaaaaaaayaaaaaaaaaa,,,love you Maya

  26. love u saanjh….u r amazing
    this kushal dsnt knw how to act….jenny nd aneri r jst mindblowing..

  27. Saanjh is sooo disgusting

    1. She is just acting , she is not disgusting , why don’t you go and act instead if her if you don’t like, or stop watching the show

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