Beyhadh 2 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya Lays Her Trap Around Rishi First

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Beyhadh 2 5th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya writes that she was getting in one’s life as love and another’s as challenge, she won challenge, let us see who will win and who will lose in love. Rishi’s friends insist him to accompany them for party. Rishi says he doesn’t party with children now as he parties with mature and beautiful woman. Friend seeing Maya’s DP with god’s idol says must be behanji. Rishi says she is very pretty and intelligent. Friends says if he is done, let us attend lecture. Rishi sees Maya in parking lot and says trying to get medicine, he is getting more pain, Maya why is he seeing her shadow. Maya hides and comes out when he leaves.

Rudra tries to calm down Ananya with candy. Ananya continues her anger. He says sorry. She says sorry won’t help. Ananya says he treats her like a doormat. Rudra says he knows he treats her wrongly and came to apologize and even got got her a gift. He lifts her and making her sit on table says he found Maya. Ananya excitedly asks Maya, psycho Maya, killer and savior Maya. Rudra says he can crack any deal and hugs her. She says I love you. Rudra says he doesn’t love her. She says he can’t stop her from loving him. He asks her to go out and find someone else. Ananya says who knows he may fall in her love hearing her proposal repeatedly, asks how did he do this. He says he sold himself to Maya for 3 days. She asks what will he do with Maya for 3 days. He says let us see who will survive after 3 days.

MJ ties rope and heavy ball on his employees’ legs and orders Amir to push them into pool. Amir does. Employees fall into deep water, one of them comes and out and pleads MJ to save other one as he is drowning. Amir jumps in and rescues employee. MJ reminiscing Rishi’s leg injury says when rope is tied tightly, it is done to kill the person intentionally, find out who wants to kill his son. Antara hearing that panics and searches her anxiety pills. Diya stops her and asks her to calm down, else MJ will kill her if she gives her anxiety pills. Antara pleads to save her. Diya locks door and gives her pills and asks her to relax as Rishi has both MJ and Rudra’s protection.

After sometimes, Rishi sees her outside canteen. Maya waits outside college till classes end. Rishi honks car horn and asking Maya if she is searching him, why don’t she get into car. Maya acts as nervous and says no.. but gets in on his insistence and gives psycho expression. Rishi takes her to same restaurant and when people look at her, she hides her face with menu book. Rishi asks why is she hiding her face. Maya says she is feeling weird as there is a huge difference between their age. Rishi says he remembers her 24 hours and by visiting his college, she proved evens he remembers him 24 hours. Waiter asks order while Maya hides her face seeing him. Rishi orders 2 coffee and pulling menu down says his dad says a person’s truth can be seen in his/her eyes. Maya says his dad is wrong as a person can betray.

Diya calms down Antara and makes her sleep. MJ asks how is she. Diya says she is better now. MJ gets a call and walks away asking Diya to be with Antara till she gets well totally. Daadi taunts that Antara can’t be well until Diya is around and taunts Antara that MJ has found her replacement, pointing at Diya.

Rishi holding Maya’s hand says he will not betray her. Maya reminisces someone torturing and betraying her, drops hot coffee on her hand and says she feels he touched her when someone touches her, so Rishi should stay away from her, else his hands will be amputated. Rishi says don’t worry maam, he wouldn’t mind with amputated hands if she gives her heart to him, thinks this girl is fire. Returning home, Rishi plays karaoke with Rudra. Diya shows happy Rishi to Antara and asks her to relax. MJ tells Amir that seeing Rishi’s happiness looks like he is in love and someone came in his life. Amir says someone came in even Rudra’s life, an investor. MJ says nobody can come between him and his son and asks to find out who the investor is. He walks to Rudra and Rishi.

Maya returns home and washes her hand rubbing it with pumice repeatedly. Her mother walks to her and asks if she is going somewhere. Maya says she got a new job. Mother congratulates her and asks if she is getting mediclaim and other perks. Maya says yes. Mother says she will prepare tiffin for her tomorrow and hugging her says if Manas and papa would have been here they would have been very happy. Maya says it is okay. Once mother leaves, she chants a shloka and says to make truth win, one has to forget everything, only then a blood shed on the path of truth won’t smear their hands.

Precap: MJ hears Ananya telling Rishi that Rudra sold himself for 3 days. He sees Rudra’s changed behavior and asks Amir to find out who is controlling Rudra.

Update Credit to: MA

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