Beyhadh 2 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya’s Masterstroke

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Beyhadh 2 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya writes in her diary that today is Rudra’s haldi ceremony, happy environment in Roy family, but they don’t know that their son got Maya’s seal which will erase only after his death. Rudra looks at his chest scratch marks inflicted by Maya. Ananya walks in and he corrects his shirt trying to hide marks. Ananya makes him wear blazer and says he is wearing clothes as if she is seeing him for the first time, asks why didn’t he pick her call last night, she thought he is busy in bachelor’s party, but then thought he doesn’t have any friends and she has to give him bachelor’s party. Rudra reminisces Maya trying to seduce him. He tries to speak when Diya and Shalini walk in asking if they both are here and to get down for haldi rituals. Rudra sits for haldi and continues imagining Maya. Shalini says looks like he is not happy with this wedding. Sudhir says all boys look same, don’t she remember his face. Antara applies haldi to Rudra crying and says if Rishi was alive.. MJ say he would have been happy and hugs Antara and Rudra

Maya’s mother sees Maya happy while praying and says she is seeing happiness and not tears on her face after a long time. Maya says its peace and not happiness. Mother says she thought Rudra.. Maya says old wounds won’t heal easily. Mother sees air gushing in blowing off lamps and closes window. Maya says lamps won’t blow off today.

Antara and MJ dance on Gud Nal Ishq Meetha…song.. while Rudra reminisces Maya seducing him. On the other side, Maya mixes haldi and tells Rajiv that Rudra will come to her and she will apply haldi on him. Rajiv asks if she is sure he will come after what happened last night. She says he will. He says he will be insane then. She says there is insanity though. She calls Rudra, and he nervously disconnects call. She messages that at least he remembered her, but she is just his friend.

Sudhir pulls Rudra’s shirt says lets apply haldi on him. Ananya notices his scratch marks and covers it with haldi soon. In room, Ananya confronts hhim that she is sure its not fencing mark. Rudra nervously says last night Maya… Ananya warns him to stay away from Maya, she saved him family today and will not next, angrily walks away. Watchman calls Rudra and informs that black dress madam/Maya came to office and took away all her belongings. Rudra checks CCTV footage and shouts omg omg.. Ananya runs back and asks what happened. He says Maya took away her book and calls Maya. Maya lying next to swimming pool says if she is not part of his life, even her book is not and drops pages into swimming pool. Rudra repeats Maya took away her book. Ananya says let her take it as Ruan publications is MJ uncle’s company now and they don’t need funding. Rudra says he can’t let Maya go, then says can’t let her book as book is his identity. Ananya tries to stop him, but he walks away asking her to stay here and entertain guests, else guest will get suspicious.

Rudra reaches Maya’s house and seeing papers floating in water says she told she is drowning. Maya says her book is her soul. Rudra says until he is alive, he will not let her or her soul happen anything and gets into water picking papers. Maya continues dropping papers saying she trusted him and not his father, but he broke her trust. Rudra says she and her soul, this book, is very important to him and even without knowing to swim he entered into swimming pool. She continues dropping papers near depth. Rudra trying to pick papers fights for life and pleads Maya for help as he doesn’t know swimming. Maya sits silently emotionless and when he is about to drown, she lifts him and says he risked his life for her and defeated his fear, people do this for whom they love, love gives courage, then why don’t Rudra show his courage. Ananya enters and seeing Rudra and Maya closer shouts Rudra. Rudra gets conscious while Maya smirks.

Precap: Ananya informs family that wedding will be tomorrow without any sangeet or cocktail pary. MJ says as she wishes. Maya angrily breaks things shouting Rudra cannot divert from her carved path.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think now maya will take rudra to rishikesh. I m so excited for that sequence. I just love ruma’s chemistry 🥰🥰

  2. maya maya maya should i call you a cunning woman, justice fighter or someone blinded by hatred because you are crossing all limits of shameless.
    hands up !!!
    but i love justification you are giving to your role.

  3. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Rudra loves Maya not Ananya! Then, why he is not telling Ananya that’s he loves Maya and wanna marry Maya! Just for MJ’s happiness, Rudra is marrying Ananya! I knew, this time Behayad is a revenge story but still, I love the chemistry between Maya and Rudra and desperately waiting for Rudra and Maya’s wedding!

  4. This season i really like rudra’s character. He has a very honest and clear personality. Yes he is afraid and confused about love but he knows how to respect himself and others. He is marrying ananya not only becuase of mj but also because he promised ananya he would do so. He promised ananya that he would never leave her once the decision is made. And he respects his best friend enough to honor the promise and not leave her just like that. And he is also not one to fall for maya’s mind games. Maya told him she only wants a professional relationship and rudra respected that. He took her no for an answer and did not pursue her anymore, unlike so many of stalker stubborn heroes popular in indian shows. When maya pushed him out of her house he even stopped receiving her calls because he does not like maya’s passive aggressive behaviour. He loves maya a lot and does care for her. Maybe he will continue loving her but he wont run after her if first of all maya herself does not start becoming honest. I am curious to see how and why rudra marries maya now…
    I have nothing to say about maya. She is definitely nothing like the first season maya and in her own place she is justified. She is out for revenge and wants it at all cost. I so wish she and rudra would be a couple but i dont think maya can ever be honest with rudra. She killed rishi and she wants to destroy everyone in rudra’s family. There is no way they can be together happily but i so wish it would have been possible. The innocent maya we saw once would have been great with rudra but maya is so hurt that she would never be able to stop playing her games or loving a ‘roy’ with full trust.
    The rest are mostly all villains so it is normal to not like them. But the person i completely dislike is ananya. She is marrying rudra because it is her stupid childhood dream and she does not care whether rudra is happy in it or not. What kind of friend is she? Does she really want to marry a guy who might love someone else? She is hurrying for marriage for what? If wedding happens then she will bind rudra to her and get rid of maya? Hello, divorce and loveless marriages are a reality. But ananya has no other thoughts and no other considerations except to selfishly own rudra. She is one of the worst kind of friends. Entitled, possesive, selfish and not even respecting rudra’s wishes by always siding with mj when rudra was against him. But since she is a ‘good’ character, the writers will surely use her as a shield for roy family against maya. I am sick of her already. I like her mom although her father seems like a greater villajn than even mj
    Btw, where does maya’s mom always vanish when maya thew the bachelors party or rudra was drowning in the swimming pool? And i dont understand why she thinks maya needs a ‘job’. Maya is already ridiculously rich from her books. Maya’s mom just doesnt make sense most times

    1. Wow superb analysis Ananya!!👏👏👏 Totally agree with you!!!👍👍👍

  5. so cute couple yarr ananya get lost yarr maya kabi nai marage rudra ko tarpaaye gi but marage nahi yarr kon kon t.v par dekhte hai ya phone mai batao

  6. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    If Maya killed Rishi then MJ killed Myra! Score equal! Now waiting for MJ and Maya’s faceoff. Obviously, looking forward to Maya’s revenge story! But, apart from there revenge story, I really love Rudra and Maya’s chemistry and intensity. Egarly waiting for Rudra and Maya’s wedding. I think Maya’s mom is bit mad because Maya’s brother and father are missing maybe killed by MJ 10 years ago.

    1. Score not equal, Maya still has along way to go.

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