Beyhadh 2 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya Cuts Her Finger

Beyhadh 2 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maya cutting apple looks at her ring on finer and points knife at it. MJ walks to her and says if she cuts one finger, he will fix ring in another ring; she cannot run from her past and the more she run away, more near it comes; she mixed her past and present by marrying Rudra, her defeat and his win; weird situation where Rudra’s love will not let her remove ring and hatred for him will not let her throw it. Maya says she will forget her past and stabs knife into her finger. Blood splashes on MJ’s face, he wipes it and says even if she harms herself, she cannot remove ring. Maya acts and calls Rudra. Rudra rushes to her and seeing her injured finger wraps towel on it. Maya says she was cutting fruit for papa and cut her finger by mistake. He asks what are servants doing. Maya says she cannot remove ring as he gifted it. He takes her to room and nursing her wound says she will not use any knife from hereon, not even butter knife. Rajiv walks in followed by Aditya/Adi who clashes with Rajiv and apologizes. Gay Rajiv imagines romancing Adi. Adi then goes to Rudra and asks if they can go for a movie. Rajiv asks Maya what happened to her hand. Rudra says she cut her finger while cutting fruit and is not ready to remove her ring. Maya says he gifted it, so she can’t. Rudra goes to get pain killer. Adi asks Maya if she is fine, he feels she is not, who loves so much and not remove ring even in pain, she doesn’t look good. Maya smiles says she is not right, when its a question of Rudra, she is never right; she doesn’t understand extremes, neither love or hatred. Adi says he doesn’t want to be near her during her hatred phase. He walks towards door and seeing Rudra and Rishi’s pic picks it and says if Rishi had got someone like her, he wouldn’t have died, he got a psycho whose name was similar Ma ma. Rajiv says Myra. Adi says she was real pscho and dropped hot coffee on her hand when Rishi touched it; anyways Rishi was not lucky. Maya sits fuming while he leaves.

Antara picks her anxiety pill bottle when MJ snatches it, gets all pills, stuffs them in her mouth, and says why don’t she die at once; when can forgo Diya, he can forgo even her. Antara tries to resist. Nandini walks in. MJ acts as stopping her from consuming pills and scolds her not to do that again. Nandini asks Antara if she is fine and gets her water.

Maya calls Rajiv and asks him to find out Adi’s details as Rishi has told him a lot about her. Rajiv morphing his and Adi’s intimate pics says he is working on it. MJ pulls her aside and says he was checking her finger, if things trouble they should dump them away like he dumped her; trying to touch her says she should take care of herself. Maya says even he should and reminds that she evicted one of his team member and he will be the last one. MJ laughs and says he will enjoy playing with her and will wait for her next move. Antara getrs ready for gym, someone enters her room, she senses it but leaves. Nandini exchanges her pills and thinks she has to do at least his for Maya’s happiness. Rudra sees Maya and MJ together. MJ says he waas checking Maya’s wound as she cut her finger for him. He says what he means. Maya says she was cutting fruit for papa. Rudra says let us go to office as its getting late. Maya stops MJ and says she is going to office after marriage for the first time and needs elder’s blessing. She bends till his knees, then says he likes shaking hand, shakes hand and says she will win anyways. Rudra says dad will not understand her words like him. Maya says dad understands her each word.

Rudra with Maya enters office. Ananya asks peon to get a chair for Maya. Rudra gives his chair to her and pulls it for her. She sits on it and says thank you. Ananya says Maya liked only black color. Maya says Rudra’s love changed her decision. Ananya unveils Beyhadh book’s cover page. Maya asks to change it and says her book is her soul and she wants it according to her choice. Ananya tells Rudra that it should be their decision and not writer. Rudra says he knows, but without writer’s approval, they can’t. Ananya asks writer or wife. Maya asks if a partner or friend is speaking; if it was wife’s decision, writer wouldn’t have spoken. She colors page and says Maya without colors of love is incomplete, without golden rays of light is incomplete. She changes her name as Maya Rudra Roy and says until Maya doesn’t have Rudra with her, she is incomplete.

Precap: Aditya says if wound was deep, people would hide it.
Rudra blindfolds Maya and takes her to Rishi’s room. Maya gets tensed hearing Rishi’s voice.

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  1. I hope it’s just rishi’s voice but it’s full of suspense. Did rudra get to know something about maya n rishi???
    Why is it going off air ??on tv. Sony liv doesn’t work on YouTube in USA. It needs subscription (huge money)

    Can anybody plz tell me a website to watch Sony liv shows for free in USA???


    2. currently has the episodes but I m not sure once it goes off air, they would come or not. Thanks a lot though ?

    3. You can try MX player for beyhadh 2

    4. Thanks. I’ll try that ?

    5. Me too in UK won’t be able to get just like you .So upset .The rubbish saas bahu never stop and good ones goes off air .

    6. @Neha exactly, I found websites to watch all serials but not sure about the digital ones
      All stupid serials (saas bahu) which only include jumping from cliffs n getting kidnapped are continuing since 5 or more years n still in the top. N the reason they gave to stop airing beyhadh on tv is the low trp bcoz people don’t like such drama ??
      Maybe we could try
      It has all web series n online shows, including Sony liv shows. I checked yesterday ?

    7. Tried voot ,beyhad .org and MX player .Not working here .I hope someone uploads on utube if possible how they do it now .?

    8. Neha

  2. Silvan Desouza

    Ya seems they are hurrying the serial to end on Sony. You can try voot app donno if it works in US.

    1. I’ll try voot. Thanks a lot for the help ?

  3. Farnaz spears

    Is rishi coming back I can’t wait

  4. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Interesting episode! Maya’s first day in office.

  5. Sanjay Kumar Bhattacharya

    Why Behayad is going off air! It’s have interesting twist and turn, A different beautiful love story and also have revenge full hate story. The show is really iconic. Have a international level. A rare blend of love and haterated.

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